Monday, January 11, 2016

Hoarders: Ruby & Mary

It seems like yesterday I was here blogging about Hoarders, because just yesterday I was here blogging about Hoarders. I hope next week they only show 1 episode a night. 2 hours is too much of a good thing.

Mama Ruby, Long Beach, California
Psychologist: Melva Green
Cleanup Crew and Psychological Support: Dorothy Breininger and 800-Got Junk

She thinks she's the worst kind of hoarder. We'll be the judge of that Ruby!

She keeps wigs hanging with her pots and pans! That's new. Life hack. Ruby goes shopping 3 times a week to keep her hoard growing.

Ruby bought a potted pant FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of throwing it on top of her hoard! She brings it into the house and casually throws it on the pile. I need that as a gif.

Teenagehood: When Ruby's son, Chris, stopped being a good kid.

Jeremy, her adopted great grandson describes the house as, "It's junky, dude." So he instead chooses to hang out by an overpass.

Dr. Melva Green is here! I LOVE HER!! She's going to fix some things. It's going to get emotional.

Dorothy Breninger! She recently got engaged! What a wonderful lady!

Stamps! Do you now how much stamps cost? Because Ruby does! She's not taking well to the clean up. At all.

Dorothy has about had it with Ruby.

Jeremy is handling business! He's taking control of his space.

"My mink coat stays." -Ruby

Bing! Bang! Boom! Breakthrough! Throw it all away!

The house looks so nice!! Great job to everyone!

 Ruby is seeing an aftercare therapist.

Mary, Napa, California
Psychologist: Michael Tompkins
Cleanup Crew and Psychological Support: Matt Paxton and ServiceMASTER Restore Crew

She has a husband and 2 children (Michael and Maria). The kids have a "little section of floor" in the living room they can play in. They all sleep in the same bed.

"I wish the house was clean. There's these big piles and I think there's monsters hiding in the piles and they just jump out and scare me." -Michael, immediately breaking the world's heart.

Her grandmother died and Mary inherited her historic house in Napa. That was the hoard trigger.

"I'm sad because our house is dirty." -Maria

Napa had a 6.0 earthquake and the hoard fell in on the family! They couldn't get out and they smelled gas. Yet Mary says she's never put her kids in danger. They are "very able bodied".

Dr. Michael Tompkins is laying it all on the line. If she doesn't get rid of her hoard he will have to call child protective services.

Michael, the little charmer, is handling business with Matt Paxton! This is the cutest thing we're ever going to see on Hoarders!!

There's one of those Elf on a Shelf just laying in the hoard! That has to be upsetting for the children. Don't kids think those things are alive? Not this one.

UPS boxes are Mary's heroin. That's how Mad Pax explains it.

The kids are loving donating toys! Mary isn't happy with it, but the kids love it! They donate 80% of their toys. Mary is now digging through their donate pile.

Her husband Mike finally got brave enough to stand up to her and tell her she has to throw things away. He's passive no more!

Mary gave Matt permission to throw things away1 All it took was Michael Tompkins telling her, again, she's going to lose her kids. 

The house looks amazing! Great work by all tonight!!

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