Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hoarders: Roxann and Barbara and a Monkey

My friend recently cleaned up a hoard. He said it was really tiring and emotionally draining.
16 million people have hoarding disorder.

Roxann: Philadphia, Pennsyvania
Psychologist: Suzanne Chabaud
Cleanup Crew and Psychological Support: Standolyn Robinson and 800-Got Junk

Roxann is a former model, make-up artist and a mom. She's also a hoarder.

She has a baby, his name is Joaquin. He's the child of a hoarder.

"I'm not a hoarder. I just got a lot of stuff." 
She's an upcycler. I blame pinterest for this hoard.

Roxann has a boyfriend! His name is Richard. When he walked into the house he was a little bit shocked. He's a neat freak. They've been spending most of their time at his place.

"Yo dude. Chill. Just like, stop." Roxann's response to Richard cleaning.

Roxann actually asked for help! She called Hoarders on herself. This is a first. I think?

"When they objects go the emotions flow." -Chabaud


Let Roxann keep her table!  "My mom purchased this set in the 2000's, okay?!" I really don't think this relationship is going to work out. They're each using each other to torture themselves.

Roxann has a wall with a beach scene on it. And she's throwing a tantrum! She's left the house. So no one can clean for her.

The house is clean! Hopefully it stays that way. She is seeing an aftercare therapist and she's no longer seeing Richard. Well...surprise surprise.

"Barbara: Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
Psychologist: Mark Pfeffer
Cleanup Crew and Psychological Support: Matt Paxton and the ServiceMaster Crew

Mother of 10 children, a child hoarder. And she was a homemaker most of her life. Not this part of her life, but most of it. She finds herself to be a pack rat more so than a hoarder. She is obviously wrong.

One of her children accidentally burnt down their house. I bet he was in big trouble!

Barbara rejects love. She wants her kids to give up on her.

What's with the hanging monkey!? It's in the room she sleeps in.

Matt Paxon!! This house is a top 5 of hoard volume for Matt Paxton! I wonder if this is the house he posted a picture of himself in on facebook. I'll go look for it...

There's 2 people in that picture. Can you spot the camera man? Wonder if this is her house.

Paxton really gets through to these hoarders in a way that not anyone else can. He's calling it now, 15 dumpster job.

Do you think Barbara wears make-up everyday or is this because the cameras are on? Are her eye brows on fleek?

And now Barbara has stormed out of her house. She's crying. She's flipping out. They're throwing in the towel on the hoard and building paths. What the hell is the deal with these paths!?

Barbara is staying with her son for now. She still wants to move back in. She has an aftercare therapist but hasn't seen them yet.

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I'm so glad you're back to blogging about Hoarders!

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