Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hoarders: Judy and the Pants

This is pretty weird. I haven't blogged about Hoarders in...I don't know. I should have looked that up before I started writing this blog. A&E dropped Hoarders after making a mockery of Hoarders with death metal music and slumber parties. Lifetime saw that A&E made a big mistake, HUGE and brought our Hoarders back to us. They started it off strange, but then they went back to classic Hoarders. Hoarders was flaunting it's post-breakup bod and A&E came crawling back! Hopefully they've grown and learned from their past mistakes. I guess we'll see.

Judy-Vancouver, Washington
Psychologist: David Tolin
Cleanup Crew and Psychological Support: Cory Chalmers and the 800-GOT JUNK Crew  

She's a former food service worker because of course she is. She's also a germaphobe because why not!? She has something against people that use the bus. She calls these people "low lifes". Just setting the "Judy's got issues" groundwork.

Maxine is a long-time friend and neighbor of Judy's and just a very proper lady that I love.

Michelle is a friend of Judy's too! Judy actually has lots of friends. I guess neither of these women are one of the dreaded "low lifes".

Maxine says Judy "sanitizes things in the sun, regularly". Maxine is trying to put a nice spin on the crazy, acting like that is a standard form of sanitation.

It's so weird to me that some people choose to call comics "funnies".  Get over yourself.

Sherri is Judy's daughter and she used to try to clean the house growing up. Judy rejected it. Sherri had to come home and "disinfect" herself if she went anywhere growing up.

David Tolin says that there's so much mouse poop it looks like an army of mice have been through. OH! And we've spotted an adult diaper stockpile, followed by poopy diapers in the tub. "There's a tub that was filled with crap and it's very disturbing." -Sherri

Judy feeds her mouse infestation! She has all of these lists everywhere. She can throw things away even though they are covered in mouse crap and urine is that there could be a "dollar or a list" in there. Imagine being on the receiving end of one of those dollars.

I think we can all agree that the Hoarders cleaning crew are more than cleaning crews. They seem to provide so much of the emotional support. I mean, I'm sure David Tolin is great, but who is getting through to Judy? Chalmers.

Tolin is sweating like crazy! He's wearing a long sleeve denim shirt so that can't be helping the heat.

Is Judy in a trailer park? Why are they trying to clean up and restore a trailer?

At some point next year maybe there will be a tiny house hoarding program.

"Its got mouse poop on it." -Sherri
"I know it! Everything does!" Judy exclaims, acting as if that makes it not garbage.

Is this piss covered Tweety Bird blanket more important to Judy than her daughter? Yeah, I think it is! What draws people to Tweety Bird? There's a certain type of person that gravitates towards Tweety.

"Those are good pants!" -Judy
"I'm not fucking around with you! Your life is crushing down on you and you want to talk about pants?!" -Tolin
I'd like a better look at these pants.

Is Chalmers crying? I think he's crying and whipped (not wiped, it was aggressive) away a tear. Judy can't face her hoard. Chalmers is out of there. He's going in for some "harm reduction" and making paths through the house. 

Judy has plans to return bottles for deposit. Don't we all, Judy?

Tolin likes beating hoarding and he didn't get to beat hoarding today. He's calling adult protective services.

Judy disappointed herself. She's begun rehoarding. She has accepted aftercare.


sonsatlanta said...

Oh man, that was a bad one. I have watched the other new one yet, I have to calm down. Glad to see you are back to reviewing Hoarders kiddo, I love your site. That rat poop lady was hopeless....I actually did not think she was even going to allow those sweet people to make "paths" in her nasty house. Sad Sad Sad. I like it when they have a success, but it is good that they show failures as well, because most hoarders are impossible. Anyway Rev. Awesome, welcome back!!! Yahoooooo!

Suz in Atlanta

Reverend Awesome said...

You're right. It is good to see the failures. I just hate thinking of them staying in the home with these danger paths! But like Paxton said, "It's reality."

It really is overwhelming watching 2 in one night. I get it. A&E just wants us to dive back into the hoard, but it's not easy!

Thank you for the welcome back and kind words!

C is for Cookie....... said...

Yes, that whole episode was just crazy! Watching Judy tear apart the brown paper bags bit by bit and examine ever little crevice reminded me of my grandmother who had thousands of books and magazines. We couldn't toss them because she was afraid that another family member might have placed pictures or money in between the pages.
Also, I was shocked that one of Judy's neighbors had gone to some sort of training and was being paid to be a caretaker for Judy. How could she not have reported Judy's living conditions? The caretaker should have been a mandatory reporter.
When I see someone like Judy- I think they must have had an experience with an extremely overbearing parental figure as a child. Just the obsessiveness with list making and "right way" of sanitizing things in the midst of chaos makes me wonder if her own childhood was strictly controlled.

sonsatlanta said...

Yeah, I agree with you I think Judy's parents really messed her up, FOREVER. Just finished watching the second episode and yet again, they didn't clear up one of the hoards, and that poor old lady was bat-s##t crazy, if I had 10 kids I would be too. Lord Lord Lord. I actually cleaned my baseboards today after watching these shows, going to scrub my bathroom tile grout next. I tell ya, this show keeps you very very tidy! Barf. I love this show!

Suz in Atlanta

Reverend Awesome said...

I wish Hoarders made me feel like cleaning! Instead it makes me feel like, everything is fine and I'm doing fine.

sonsatlanta said...

I did a renovation a couple of years ago, and everything is new, and brother I am keeping it clean clean clean, because it is new new new, so this works for me. I hate cleaning but having a beautiful living space makes me so happy it's worth it. I've never been a hoarder, but I was a slob for many years, and had to change my ways, which is why this show helps me so much. I decorated in what I call 1950's "Zen" for this re-do and it changed my life. It really did. Just watched the Fuzzy and Fredd episode, which I had never watched before. GOOD GOD FROM ZION is all I can say....YIPES. Man, I am totally "fine" too. Ha!

Reverend Awesome said...

50's zen sounds great!
Fuzzy and Fred annoyed me so much!
Yeah, we're fine.

Susan Maricle said...

I was hoping they would have shown a reason why Judy was the way she was -- the traumatic event that usually happens in a person's life on Hoarders. This episode was very haunting.

lilo said...

THANK you from Sweden!!! You are back and so is Hoarders! I'm so lucky! It just wasn't the same without your recaps. I hope they bring Zasio soon. No one can wade through poop like Robin.

TinaB said...

It's so fun to see that you come back here! I enjoyed reading the new Hoarders posts; I occasionally go back to your archive when I'm jonesing for a rerun. This particular post is not dated (at the top) like all the others, so was this entry for January 4, 2016, as your subsequent comments suggest?

I hope we get more Hoarders and more Reverend Awesome madcap-recaps. Some of the new episodes are crazy good, like the recent religious woman - God's "chose one" for the impending armageddon this year - who owns many acres and communes (& has sex?) with two brainwashed lackeys. I look forward to THAT recap! That's what brought me here again.

sonsatlanta said...

yes yes yes, we want more blogs from rev. awesome about Hoarders, please please please, the last couple of episodes have been mind blowing, especially the largest hoard in their history, that Matt actually GAVE UP ON. We miss you, please come back....PLEASE!!! You have to see the episode on Linda!

Lynn Mayle said...

Judy was the worst I seen....

Unknown said...

Shanna was the worst

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