Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hoarders: Jackie and Richard

I'm only watching one episode of Hoarders tonight. It has been pre-determined! I think watching 2 episodes in one night is one of the 5 decisions that leads to shitting in a bucket that Matt Paxton warned us about. Not me! Not today! Today I use toilets! ...and tomorrow I'll watch the 2nd episode.

Matt and the gang have been really encouraging us to watch on facebook. The Golden Globes are on tonight. Shameless starts tonight. The RHOA is on tonight. There's a lot going on, but Matt says if we all just record it and watch it by Wednesday everything will be fine, ratings-wise.

Jackie, San Leandro, California
Psychologist: Mark Pfeffer
Cleanup Crew and Psychological Support: Standolyn Robinson and 800-Got Junk

CUDDLY CUDDLY CUDDLY! Jackie love love loves teddy bears! She could work 16-18 hours a day (that is entirely too long to be working) and she could come home and hug and cry into her teddy bears.

"Just dolls and bears. It's over a million dollars." -Her son.
And Jackie just told us the most she's ever spent on a teddy bear is $5,000! Sometimes you just have to pay top quality prices for top quality bears. You know what...there's a situation with someone I know. They've got a Cabbage Patch Kid situation. The situation being, they have a hoard of Cabbage Patch Kids. I think I'm really going to learn a lot this episode. I hope. Paxton I know someone that needs you!

Jackie used to have a high paying job as a computer programmer, but after her son Gerald was seriously injured she stopped working. Her son was building explosives in his room. It exploded in his right hand. And she has kidney cancer. The caption said she stopped going to work because of her son, but do we think maybe the kidney cancer may have also played a role? For Christ's sake.

Her job gave her a million dollar severance package! Then she just blew it all on bears. Ebay got her. I can't even deal with ebay at this point in my life. The bidding is too stressful. I'll only use ebay if there's a "buy it now" option. I don't need that bidding stress.

Pfeffer is here! He's really grown on me. The man in black.

Jackie believes there's someone inside her house stealing her stuff so she carries around all of her most valuable thing at all times. Jackie has booby trapped her doors! What fun! I love her. "I'm dealing with a psychopath that has a vendetta against me and that's one of the worst things that can happen to anyone." Jackie explains to us. 

Jackie is being really positive about the clean-up. So that means a meltdown is about to occur.

Here's the meltdown. The bears. Jackie is convinced that strangers have been stealing her bears. She has a Pac Man arcade game in her garage!

Jackie needs all the hoard out so strangers can't hide behind it.

Mark Pfeffer thinks it's time they lay the delusions on the table. Her kids think they should focus on cleaning the house itself and maybe not bring up the fact that strangers aren't actually in her house. I agree with the family. This seems like a lot for her to take in.

We've got the leading expert on collectible bears here! He says Jackie was a very sophisticated collector.

The Teddy Bear expert has really stepped up to the plate here. He came for the teddy bears. He's staying for the emotional support.

Jackie apologized for acting out the previous day. Today she's all about it. She's ready to auction all of her bears!

Jackie wants it all gone. She's ready to start a new life! They had 3 truck loads of teddy bears and dolls sent off to auction.

Jackie's house is super cool! I LOVE IT!

Why is her friend trying take Jackie's credit away and give it to God? That was Jackie! Jackie did it.

She's determined to take back control in her life.

OH SHIT! Jackie changed her mind. She made them bring back the 3 truck loads of bears. Will her friend blame God? She accepted aftercare therapy, but doesn't except that she has paranoia.

Richard, Cotuit, Massachusetts
Psychologist: David Tolin
Cleanup Crew and Psychological Support: Matt Paxton aka Mad Pax and the ServiceMASTER Restore Crew

"I am a very loving man and I collect rubblish." -How Richard describes himself.

His house is a self proclaimed, "complete, slobby mess".

Judy is Richard's ex-wife. She's sad he's changed and is now a "shell of a man".

Richard's hoarding was triggered by a series of losses, one of them being the death of his daughter. She died when she was 3 months old. Richard said he felt very "uptight" about it.

Why does it say "previously recorded"? Why does it say live TV? OH! Is this that weird 1st episode from Lifetime? I REMEMBER NOW! This is so strange.

Paxton said on facebook he spent 2 weeks with this family.

I guess I don't understand why Harold is asking where he goes to the bathroom. He goes in the toilet. And we all know this because Harold lifts up his toilet lid with his cane to see with his own eyes. Where does this guy go to the bathroom!?

"It's more than I can handle Harold. I'm sorry. I'm a loser." This guy talks about himself like Donald Trump talks about everyone but himself.

A&E is doing a MUCH better job showing Richard's story than Lifetime did.

Richard was going great, but then the rusted tools came out and reminded him of his past as a plumber. He can't let them go.

Paxton and Richard fist bumped.

Richard wants to drink whiskey because its his prerogative, his choice and its what he's going to do. So now Tolin is suggested maybe an alcohol intervention.

The clean-up crew found the whiskey Richard was looking for. Tolin is stepping in for an intervention. Richard says he drinks about every 20 minutes. And no, drinking is NOT a problem for him.

Tolin let him know he's going to call Elder Protective Services on him. Richard isn't in the mood for it.

 Paxton has to explain it to the family how bad the house is. It's filled with mold. The house is destroyed. The county declares the house inhabitable.

Matt and Tolin found Richard mental health help and talked to the family to figure out who would let him stay with them.

Today Paxton stopped cleaning. He's never done that before.

He now lives in an assisted living facility.

We learned a lot tonight, guys. See you tomorrow.


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