Wednesday, March 4, 2015


As you can see this blog is mostly just out here, existing on the internet. It still gets comments and people still sometimes read it. Mostly after watching Hoarders or when they are trying to figure out why white pepper tastes/smells like manure.

I find a strange sort of comfort in the fact that all of this is just out here on the internet so I can't bring myself to delete it.

If any blog readers are out there thinking "I miss all this Kasey in my life." Well I have some news for you! I have a podcast now. It's called Nothing's Too Weird and it's a lot of fun and maybe you'd want to give it a listen!? Well if you would, here's a link

My friend Val and I started it last September and we've been having a great time!

We discuss things we think are normal and other people think are weird. Things other people think are normal and we find weird. It's us trying to navigate the world the best we can.

If you choose to listen, hope you enjoy it! Thanks for still visiting my blog!

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