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Hoarders: Marlene & Jeff

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Dr. Melva Green says of tonight's episode: I hope you'll be watching the new episodes of #Hoarders starting tonight. I've loved them all; but this one REALLY catapulted me into the next level of Light.

Hint Hint: #Breathing


 I'm not exactly sure what that means, even with the hint hint, but maybe by the episode I'll have figured it out. 

Matt Paxton is not on this episode, but here he is during his break dancing days! He's always been amazing.  

Merlene is a former international supermodel. She lives in Topanga, California.

David Leer, of Leer jet lineage, is her husband. They had palpable vibrations. After they dated for a few weeks David proposed. She felt they had stepped onto a magic carpet for a few years. Then things started to go sour. Their daughter Celeste was born and they grew distant, which was probably because he was cheating on her.

Her husband was dating other women and she wanted a divorce. She was unhappy and suicidal, but tried to hold it together for Celeste.  She turned to shopping and collecting. 

She shops at a store called Hidden Treasures. I think that's what Hoarders would like to rename the show Hoarders. Do you think hoarders get jealous of other hoarder's hoard? 

Celeste started throwing out Merlene's hoard. Merlene went ballistic and left a note telling her daughter she wasn't welcome in the house anymore. She would rather live with stuff.

Her hoard has made its way into the yard and now the city is involved. They are threatening to send the health department. 

Dorothy Breninger...I think this is the episode where she spends the night! Cory told us about this. You know how A&E was being all sexist and only having the male cleaning experts spend the night. Dorothy is every bit as tough as the boys.

Dorothy and Merlene go out dumpster diving. Someone threw a banana in the recycle bin and that has Merlene VERY upset. She spends her evenings sorting other people's trash. She is very upset about it. And she is now watering a plant. She's out there cleaning the entire planet except her own house. 

Dorothy is cooking them up some eggs. You see, this is some BS. Matt and Cory don't have to cook their own meals! There's paper and plastic everywhere. It had never occurred to Merlene that things could catch on fire. 

Dr. Melva Green is here to take us all on a spirit quest.

Celeste is a cleaning machine and it's sending her mom into a tizzy. She wants to see every item before its thrown away. Dr. Green is asking Merlene to trust her daughter to know what's trash. Merlene is freaking out in this high child-like voice. 

"Don't swear on TV." Merlene trying to dole out advice to her daughter. 

Coat hanger freak out!! Celeste was kicked out of the house for coat hangers and tupperware. 

COAT HANGERS! COAT HANGERS! Dr. Green and Dorothy just need to take Celeste under their wise wings. She seems sort of like she could help other hoarders, not her mom, but others. 

Merlene got a make-over. She looks like a former supermodel again. "OH MY GOD IT LOOKS LIKE A HUMAN HOME!" She says about her home make-over. It's true! 

Since the clean-up Merlene has been struggling emotionally. She hasn't found an aftercare therapist and an organizer she's comfortable working with yet.

Jeff Chattanooga Tennessee
Jeff is a musician. 

Camilla is Jeff's friend. She met him on a music social networking site...myspace? These two need to be more than friends. 

ARE THEY USING JEFF'S MUSIC?! This is way so much better than the death metal. Hire Jeff! This is absolutely delightful.

Jeff relies on his "charm" to survive. Debra is one of Jeff's lady friends. His oldest and best friend. She makes him pancakes and lets him sleep, shower and (I'm guessing) a little bit more than that. 

Jeff's downward spiral began when his business had some legal issues. He was in the shoe repair business. He was making $100,000 a year. Repairing shoes!? I hot glued the sole of my shoe last week. I'm glad I didn't take it somewhere. God knows how much that would've cost me. Also I probably need new shoes.  He closed down the business so fast that he still has some people's shoes. Wasn't that a Seinfeld episode?

He left to Nashville to pursue music and he got a call that his house was on fire. So he returned to Chattanooga and dreams were broken.

Camilla has given Jeff an ultimatum. If he doesn't get things straightened out she's calling the city. 

Zasio is going to be charmed by Jeff. You know he has a way with ladies. The house doesn't smell like pee for a change! It smells like gasoline... Oh and I see he has a lawnmower inside his home. I haven't thought about keeping it there.

Jeff's bedroom is semi-okay as far as hoarders go. I feel like having a lawnmower in your house is semi-okay as far as hoarders go. 

Jeff is wanting to hold onto bullshit and garbage. 

Camilla and Debra are handling business. I love these two. Camilla won't be making anymore pancakes for Jeff. I could seriously watch these two dropping real talk all day. Can they get their own show? A&E? Do you hear me? Please! 

Uh oh. They uncovered an ex's jewelry box. This is going to bring up some jealousy.

Cory Chalmers is an extreme cleaner and he's here to extreme clean. 

Jeff's struggle is taking a toll on Camille. Debra is probably out somewhere shouting about the garbag. 

Jeff has been storing a gas tiller in his bedroom. Robin is trying to make him realize he probably won't be working in any garden anytime soon. 

Jeff gave the crew the go ahead to clean his place. He is going to be getting sooo many ladies in his new clean house. Jeff is so happy! I do love these legit clean houses. 

Debra is in tears. And that makes her say shit. Cory has doubts about Jeff moving forward. He has another full house. Zasio doesn't think he is going to be able to come up with a plan to move forward. He's going to have to lean on friends and aftercare therapy. 

Jeff is working with an organizer and seeing a therapist. He's also composing music again. Camilla came for a visit and stayed at his house for a week!


Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog in my quest for Hoarders recaps- love your recaps they are hilarious- my sisters thought I was sick because I love this show- but it's awesome!
Jade- SF, CA

Anonymous said...

Great recap of the episode. Merlene needs mega-therapy! There is no way someone who dumpster dives at night going through other people's garbage is going to stop doing this any time soon. I feel so bad for these people's families! I know what it's like to try to reason with a hoarder and it is so frustrating. Most of them just don't "get it" as to just how their hoarding affects others.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I love the show, too. Sometimes it gives me the urge to start cleaning or throwing away stuff. I think the show has that effect on a lot of viewers. I also love Cory!

Reverend Awesome said...
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Cheryl in Wisconsin said...
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