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Hoarders: BG & Lee and Chris

Chris lives in California. 
He has a full time job driving a tow truck.

Rochelle is Chris's neighbor. She knows a lot about Chris and his hoarding lifestyle. I don't know this much about my neighbors. Am I a bad neighbor? Should I go ask all the neighbors about their lifestyles? Maybe this Spring.

CHRIS HAS 8 STORAGE UNITS FULL OF FINDS! He spends $15-19,000 a year on storage units, so he's in some financial troubles.

Caitlin is his sister. She says her brother is a bit different than everyone else. He struggled meeting with people and interacting with people. Is that different than everyone else? It seems like me and everyone I know had/has this problem.

Gail is his sister. She says he's very smart, but there are some "swiss cheese holes" that he's got.
Gail says Chris pulled the plug on his fridge because it costs electricity.

He uses gym showers to keep clean. So he pays gym membership instead of his water bill. He's also experimenting with living on the streets. I guess it's good to prepare, but just clean up those storage units. I hope Matt talks with him and sorts this out. He needs either a Matt or Cory on the scene to help him through. 

Chris has a crush on Dr. Suzanna Chabaud. Who doesn't? He likes how she smiles at him and is really nice and is standing there in his hoard.

1-800-GOT JUNK is here. Which hero will emerge? Chalmers!

His sister, Gail, is not nice. The first thing she says to him is how she's worried about cleaning up his house after he dies and that she wants to strangle him. While those are both valid points, she needs to learn to ease into the nastiness. That can't be the first thing you say to him while he's being confronted by America for hoarding. And she just keeps berating him until he's shaking and crying. Someone better make her cry by the end of the episode. She needs to cry about how mean she is being.

"No Paxton. No poop. And no fun, really." -Scott

Chabaud gave me the tears I needed from Gail. She diffused the situation with Gail and Chris. Chris told Gail he doesn't want to disappoint her.
Chris is wearing a highly fashionable hat and throwing things away in a frenzy so Cory has to chill him out. Cory has a plan...his sisters can help him sort through his stuff. Great plan, Cory?

Chris wants to sort things with his sister's non-verbally. No one can get him to top sorting stuff. He's gone into a sorting frenzy!

Cory brought 3 storage units worth of stuff for Chris to see. Then he breaks it down in smart guy math talk for Chris. He tells him in the past decade he's spent $72,000 on these storage units and still has 5 more units to go.

Chris won't do what Cory wants him to do. Chris is getting mouthy! Maybe Gail can come over and yell at him again.

Dr. Chabaud pulls Chris aside for a last ditch effort to convince him to stop hoarding. She tells him she feels deeply he's worth more. As you recall Suzanne smiles and is nice. Chris is now laser-focused on cleaning up the house and winning Chabaud's heart.

He's now letting go of about 95% of his stuff. He's intoxicated on throwing things away.

Chris cleaned up his entire house and the 3 storage units.

He is soo happy! He jumped onto his bed with joy.

He's been working with an aftercare therapist and an organizer. He's working on clearing out his additional storage units and started having friends over to smile at him! As they damn well should.
BG and Lee live in California.
Their house is classic Victorian, the inside looks to be decorated in classic hoarder elegance.

I think if you have a Victorian house you're automatically susceptible to hoarding. You're buying an old house, you're going to want to collect old stuff to go into your old house and there's just so very much old stuff out there to collect!

Lee likes a good bargain and so does BG. They both like soup and talking or not talking. They could not talk or talk forever and still find things to not talk about.

Turns out BG and Lee are not as in love as I initially thought. They are separated, but not really because they both live in this hoarded doll house.

Lee has 99.9% control according to BG. Lee feels there has been a long history of disagreements. Lee blames BG for "touching things I didn't even touch" which is OBVIOUSLY A PROBLEM! You can't just go around having someone accusing you of touching things and you can't go around touching things. My brother used to tell me I was touching his side of the car when we were younger. You know what? He wasn't lying. I was touching his side of the car and I was only touching it to make him mad. This is BG and Lee. Their sole purpose in life seems to be to make each other mad.

Robin Zasio is here to change BG and Lee's lives! Can she do it? She always does it. I don't know how I feel about Zasio's lipstick, but I'm not a lipstick expert so who am I to say. I'm not a professional certified expert specializing in lipstick. Maybe someday.

Zasio thinks there's a possibility of WWIII if people touch their stuff. BG AND LEE HAVE NUKES! Do they have unicorn remains too?

Dorothy is here and she only got 15 minutes of work in before BG/LEE stopped her.
They've locked everyone out of their house, but they are letting people into the backyard.

"Concrete goes, steel stays." That's always been Lee's motto.

Lee is done with an old scooter, but BG isn't. There is nothing that moves how it moves so it's pretty hard to give something like that up. She really can't part with anything. Lee seems fine with the removal of non-steel items thus far. Now they are headed to the basement.

Dorothy will not stand idly by while Lee interrupts BG. She waits for him to interrupt her and then SHUTS HIM DOWN.

Dorothy and Zasio are planning an attack and it's just a wonderful moment to witness all this combined power.
Dorothy is trying an unconventional response to Lee's assy behavior, a yard sale. Lee agrees and then she tells him that at the end of the day they will tell him if his stuff is selling and if it's not he better check himself! Sounds like we have another case of swiss cheese head on our hands.

Lee has talked about, planned and hoarded for this yard sale for years. Dorothy is giving him his dream, pretty much. He's not even witnessing his dream! He's back and forth retrieving hoard treasures from the yard sale and putting them back in the yard. Dorothy comes in, makes Lee's dreams come true and he doesn't give a crap.

The sale lasted 7 hours and Zasio is asking if it's okay if they throw away the stuff that didn't sell. She explains to them how they were ready to get rid of it and that means they clearly don't need it. They demand to give the garbage a once over. Zasio gives them 5 minutes. Come to find out they are trying to garage sale all the stuff that BG has been looking for all these years. BG then attempts to steal paper and duct tape from the yard sale crew.

"I like it for the 3rd time and I want it." BG.

Lee won't let BG talk about the kids. Why? Because it will be on the internet forever. Smart man, he's hoarding some truth.

Nothing but weirdness has happened so far. The hoard isn't going anywhere.

7 hour yard sale, 93 customers, sold nothing. And this stuff isn't even covered in urine! Well, as far as I know.

BG is basically spending the day following Lee around and starting fights. BG is a hoarding tattletale. She keeps telling on Lee We just saw what BG is really like. She's like this:
AND NOW EXACTLY WHAT LEE TOLD HER WOULD HAPPEN IS HAPPENING! She's on the internet. She almost forgot the cameras were there and domestic violenced Lee.

"When I ask my mate for help he doesn't give it to me. When I really need it and want it, he doesn't give it to me." The opening line of BG's future Harlequin Romance Novel

Lee and BG should have gotten rid of 15 trucks of stuff, they got rid of 2.

The crew got the living room looking really nice. BG is sure she's going to have to move a few items into the living room because it looks "barren" and the hallway looks "lonely" so she'll have to move things there. Barren and loney...what are we really describing here? (That's certified professional psychologist talk!)

Lee and BG are the champions of bickering. They are seeing a therapist to deal with their relationship issues. They will maybe start working with an organizer when they have a better plan for the future aka never.

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