Monday, October 22, 2012

Hoarders: America, Manuel & Carla

Tonight is a STRESSFUL night of TV. Yes, this is what I'm currently stressed out about, television. I swear I have actual life things that I worry about. Who wants to read about that? None of you. I do have a quote from this weekend to share with you. "I can't afford real velvet." It's one of the best things I've ever heard anyone say.

For any of you interested these are my television watching plans for the evening...I'm watching the debate. I can't wait and watch it later or just see the clips. I have to watch the debate. So it's the debate, then DVRed Hoarders after that. And then, if I can stand it, I'll watch DVR'd Colbert Report. Tomorrow I'll have to catch up on Drag Race All Stars. Wow. I'm going to be busy. I remind you, I have actual life things I do.

Okay, debate time...
Done! That was thrilling! Now onto Hoarders.

Manuel from San Antonio, Texas. 

From the outside the place looks really nice. See, people are truly sneaky hoarders. Not everyone is throwing buckets of poop into their front yard.

He calls himself Mannie and he likes to collect things he can recycle. He also seems like a nice guy. 

John is Manuel's son and Janellen is his wife. They let Mannie watch their kids in the hoard. They had no other choice.

Neighbors complained about the illegal parking of cars, when the cops got to the door they saw inside and spotted the "clutter". Cops arrived awhile later with CPS. They searched the home for 3 hours and called Janellen. They tried calling John, but he was sleeping because he worked overnight. CPS took their children into custody and the people charged all 3 of them with child endangerment. That's a bummer, man. The 9 year old kid told Manny, "Grandpa, your mess is getting us taken away from mommy and daddy." The younger kids aren't old enough to know to blame him.

John says, "I'm not a type of person that has a messy house. I have to have a house clean."  Behold, his clean house.

Yes, that is a bed under the hoard. He claims the CPS lady just took close-ups of the negative stuff. Janellen agrees. They were just looking at the negative stuff, like they are living in a hoard. I hope during this episode they admit this isn't all Manny's fault. They have to take some responsibility for themselves and their children.

Zasio is on the case so you know it's really serious hoard.

Manny is being really polite to Zasio. I don't think he's doing it to suck up. I think he actually has good manners. She has to break it to him that there are roaches crawing around in the freezer. 

John shows up to the hoard from his court date. Zasio wonders how he felt about leaving his kids there. He feels "bad" and that's about it.

Manny is crying. John is crying, Janellen is crying. I'm not crying.

Zasio is finally seeing John and Janellen's house and she sees that it's a hoard. Janelle now understands why she lost her kids and she says she's fixing the problems.

CORY CHALMERS! It's all-star night. They were trying to compete with the debate. I would accuse them of being un-American, but Hoarders is about as American as it gets.

Manuel's ex-wife Denise shows up and sees the hoard. She "can't believe my grandkids was in that". John tells her to stop saying she can't believe things and generally just not being pleased with seeing the hoard. Zasio tells John to stop. John isn't stopping. Now Denise is talking crap about Manuel's ladyfriend, Liz. Says she's not keeping up the house. Looks like someone still has eyes for Manny.

John has a tattoo of his own name on his arm. That's...well that's something.

Liz is suicidal. She's wanted to die for years. Zasio has to call the cops. Liz took 40 pain relievers. So much tragedy. That opened Mannie's eyes. He cleans the hoard!

Manny looks like he's smiling when he's crying. That makes it hard for me to gauge how things are going sometimes.

The crew made rooms for the kids in John and Janellen's house. Something that was lacking before.
 Now we're at Manny's for the big reveal.

The house looks great, Manny is so happy he's crying. Liz survived her suicide attempt and is receiving therapy. Manuel is also in therapy. The charges agains the family are still pending and their kids are in foster care.

Carla from Oklahoma
Carla is a secretary at a small bank. She collects worthless stuff. She buys...well basically everything. She's listing it all, but just name something and she collects it.

Dead rat on the stove, record scratch noises and guitar play while we zoom in on it. A&E, this music has got to stop. TONE IT DOWN! You do not need a small town Korn tribute band as your soundtrack. You are better than this!

Carla has had 3 bad marriages with bad people. Now she's in a relationship with another bad person. It reminds me of the trailer for the movie "The Perks of Being A Wallflower." They say something about accepting the love you think you deserve. I'm going to quote movie trailers to make points more often. That seemed to work well.

Once the filth started she couldn't get people in the house due to the hoard. That's how it happens. You build a hoard, something breaks and you're too ashamed to bring someone into fix it. Then more things break and pretty soon you're crapping in a bucket. (Carla does not crap in a bucket as far as I know.)

You know what Carla hasn't had enough of? Tragedy. Let's here about more tragedy...Her mom found out she had cancer, it broke her Dad's heart. He died, then 6 months later her mom died.

Rick is Carla's boyfriend. He hasn't seen her house. Does he at least know she's a hoarder? He has to know about it now, there's a camera crew talking to him about it.

Carla hides stuff in Rick's house. I don't think as a fun hide and seek sort of game. Rick gets mad about this and has, what he calls, "mood swings". Her sister says he's verbally abusive, he admits to being an alcoholic. Carla's hands are tied because she doesn't have anywhere else to live right now and it's hard. This is all just so sad. Tragedy after tragedy.


Now Matt is spending the night. "DEAL WITH IT!" I tell myself. Slumber parties forever.

Dr. Melva Green shows up and she's all sweaty and still so pretty.
"Hating yourself is not going to help you."

Her boyfriend is seeing the hoard for the first time. They've been together for 5 years and he hadn't seen the place until now. 

Paxton opens the fridge to reveal a decades worth of maggots. And now, now reality is setting in for Carla. Maggot fridge does that for a person!

This is Dr. Green just letting Carla know that she's let too much garbage into her life. And Matt Pax, the silent hero, saying everything he needs to say with his body language.

Carla is really helping with the clean-up a lot. There is still a major obstacle, the rats. The rats have eaten the wires and could have burnt the house down. They didn't, but they could have. So that will need to be fixed before Carla can move back in.

Rick and Carla are telling each other that the other one needs help. Carla agrees, Rick doesn't. He's as good as he's gonna get.

"A bad relationship is better than no relationship." is Carla's motto. It's a terrible motto and I don't think Dr. Green is going to let that motto stand. The new soundtrack has gone totally out of control at this scene. Just really distracting. Oh and now we're at commercials.

She brings Rick over to confront him. He has no idea that Carla views the cleanup as a way to leave him. Carla broke up with Rick and told him he was abusive. He denied it and her nieces backed her up. I bet that was a great moment for Carla, seeing she had people on her side.

35,000 pounds of trash were removed from the house. Matt says that Carla made it easy on him. Well, I'd say removing 35,000 of trash is never really "easy", but this is Matt Paxton and he considers that easy.

Carla seems like such a nice lady. She worked so hard to hide all of this. That must be a relief for her.

She's working with a therapist, social worker and an aftercare organizer.

Matt Paxton's One-Liner Hoard
It's all rat shit.
Something has definitely died in this house.
That's a big fucking rat.
That's fresh urine.
That's a hoarder. It's this constant waiting on bad things to happen and because you're waiting on bad things to happen even worse things happen.
This is an interesting house. Rat urine.

Oh and don't forgot to buy yourself a golden poop ornament and listen to Matt's podcast, 5 Decisions Away. Happy organizing!


k.a. barnes said...

You are right. "I can't afford real velvet" is easily the best thing I have ever heard. Ever.

Jae said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I missed that episode. You are really good at painting pictures with words, I feel I didn't miss anything now.

Anonymous said...

So awesome, almost as good as actually having someone to watch with :(... :)

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