Monday, September 17, 2012

Tip for Starting a Cult

I'm not going to get into where I've been. Okay I probably will get into where I've been, but not right now. I think everyone knows where I've been, not here blogging. I've also been in New York for a week! And Milwaukee where I met the amazing Maureen and George. We were surrounded by pugs! It was heaven. I've visited Ft. Dodge and my sister. (It was not heaven. My sister is the only thing magical about Ft. Dodge. That city bums me out.) I've been everywhere! I've been everywhere but the internet. Somehow the internet has gotten along just fine without me to watch over it these past few months. I mean, Gary's house is no longer purple! So much has happened here.

I have my reasons for not posting so often. An important one being our computer died and that makes doing things on the computer rather difficult.

Other than that I've just been busy doing things I'd normally be blogging about. And I don't exactly know how to jump back into things here with I will do it sans grace!

I wanna talk about a trip to a spice store! Did you even know there are spice stores? I knew, but only because I said, "Can you believe there is a store that only sells spices?" when I first saw the spice store. Then I NEEDED the spice store. I was making some frosting and wanted to try it using an actual vanilla bean. That qualifies as a "need" right? So I went where I never thought I'd go, the store that only sells spices, Penzey Spices.

I had, what can only be called, an experience. I am a reluctant shopper. Stores stress me out and store employees REALLY stress me out. When I entered Penzeys a man asked if he could help me. I asked if he had vanilla beans. "We do! Two different kinds actually. We have Mexican and Madagascar." As he led me to the back of the store I did what I normally don't do, engaged in a conversation with a stranger. "What is the difference?" He showed me the difference by letting me smell the extracts and let me decide which one I liked. (I liked Madagascar.) He asked what I was using it for, I told him I was making some frosting. Then he asked if I knew what to do. I told him I watched a video on youtube. He had faith in me! He said, "Oh yeah, you got it then. It's really easy." Then he showed me how tiny the seeds are so that I would know things were going along okay.
The small black flecks are my Madagascar Vanilla seeds
He walked me to the register without trying to sell me anything else and asked if I had their catalog. I did not have their catalog, but I'd be damned if I wasn't going to sign up for it. I got one from the register to take home. Then he gave me some steak spice to try! And the woman running the register was nice and not pushy. It was all so weird and pleasant! (Weird only because it was so pleasant.)

I got into my car and sat down and was just happy. I got home and started reading their catalog and it is filled with joy! Their catalog reads how shopping in their store feels. I kept reading parts of it aloud to Scott. I said, "Oh they knew they got me when they handed me this catalog. That's why I got a free jar of spice! They knew I'd be sucked into this world of niceness." And I have told everyone how nice they were to me and now ungracefully jumping back into blogging telling you.

Their catalog encouraged watching The Princess Bride and just generally being nice to people.
Cooking is awesome; it is tasty food and so much more. Cooking starts a healing inside us that flows to those around us, spreads out into our communities, and ultimately shapes the world in a very positive way. For so many of us cooking really did start with valuing ourselves. Cooking gets compliments and compliments heal. With healing we can move past that beginning stage of cooking for compliments and take that next step to sharing what we have with those around us. There are many paths to that next step, but none more clear and easy to see the value in than finding someone you can love even more than you love yourself. True Love is at the heart of cooking.

Their niceness doesn't end there though! I wanted to know more about these people and if they were trying to get me to join some cult. (I'd totally join, BTW.) They are well-rounded in their niceness!

Read this. (If you want.)
And this.

So, be nice to people. Especially if you want them to join your cult. (They really should start a cult or maybe I should…)

I need to start getting interested in spices so I can do the American thing and show them my appreciation with money. Hope you're all doing well. I missed you and I hope you missed me because I am very needy!


miss.e.motional said...

I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! And I've never gone in the spice store but now I just can't wait! How did your frosting turn out?? It looks so pretty! XOXO

Reverend Awesome said...

It turned out good. I think. I liked it and other people said they liked it! It was vanilla and almond flavored. And pink just to be festive! (We had a bake sale to raise money for Bras for the Cause)
Thank you for missing me! I hope you hit up the spice store soon and have a time. A good one.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I have missed you hugely too, you are sooooo damn funny :)

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