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Hoarders: Doug and Ruth

This is Cory Chalmers Facebook page and it's pretty much my favorite. I need to start using the term "gross filth" more often. Cory recently asked his hoard of Facebook fans what they thought of the hoarder home slumber parties, there were mixed feelings. I appreciate him asking. I like our cleaning experts. I worry about them. I don't need them to sleep in gross filth to prove a point and inhale terribleness. Did you see a hoarder home was recently quarantined with hantavirus? This is how Cory looked after spending the night in a hoard. That is the face of hantavirus!

We were told to grab some tissues before this episode. I don't have any so I will just have to grab a roll of toilet paper.
Doug from West Melbourne, Florida
In 1997 Doug was in an ATV accident. Doug was in a coma for 12 days. He died as he was air lifted from the site of his crash. The accident wiped out a chunk of his memory. That's when the hoarding started.

"My house right now looks like a cluttered up junk yard inside closed doors." Doug

Doug has no running water or electricity and if he doesn't get it fixed his house will be condemned. HELP HIM, CORY!

Doug was formerly known as Big Mac. He was a ladies man. Apparently a lot of women still reminisce about his "fun" days. That seems like a not nice thing to do. He still seems nice, can't there still be fun days?
In 2007 Doug's dad died of a drug overdose. The family suspects it was a suicide.

Doug's neighbor has an orange tongue. What do you think he ate pre-interview? My money is on Candy Corn Oreos.

Doug worked out an arrangement with the gas station. He takes out their trash and they let him dig through it. Which seems like a pretty crappy arrangement. He pulls out cans and lottery tickets. Cory is bonding with him, checking discarded tickets for winners with him.

Here we go, Cory is sleeping over. Get out of there now! There are monster sized spiders (which is basically any sized spider), roaches and lizards. Get the hell out! Cory is staying. The lizards and insects seem to be enjoying the company. He is thinking he may go roam the streets with Doug.

Dr. Suzanne Chabaud is here with Cory to help Doug. His neighbor Frank is over to help with the clean-up. The family isn't there to help yet. A few hours later Doug's sister Amy and his uncle Curtis arrive. The whole hoard clean-up has been on hold. Ohhhh looks like Amy is a secret hoarder herself.

Last time Curtis was there he could walk through the house. Sounds to me like Curtis hasn't visited for awhile.

Doug is brain damaged so he needs objects to trigger his memory. That's why he's been hoarding. Sadness overload.

Doug still hasn't accepted the pain of his father's death. He found him in the shed out back without a pulse. He doesn't want to deal with it.

Cory and Dr. Chabaud planned a special surprise for Doug. He's worried that they are sending him to an institution. It's a hair salon. Doug has a look he's cultivated. They are asking him to let that look go along with the gross filth. And he does it!

How does the clean-up crew even get the house like this!? "Oh yeah this is perfect!" Doug says about his home makeover. They even built him an art studio. A memory room. Oh gosh. This is the nicest post-hoard reveal I've ever seen. Pass me the toilet paper.

I do feel like the time sleeping in the hoard took away from the time we could have been talking with Doug.

Ruth from St. Louis, Missouri
She's retired and likes to shop. I find a lot of retired people like to shop.

Ruth's daughters issued a hoarding ultimatum. Clean it up or they're calling APS.

A series of tragedies led to the hoarding. A series of really super, tragic tragedies.
Her husband died. His pants are still in the same place that they were when he came home from the hospital 12 years ago.

3 years later her son Frankie died of a heart attack. Things got worse. Her youngest son Todd was traumatized by the deaths. 8 months after Frankie died Todd committed suicide. His mom and sister found him in the tub. He hung himself. His sister had to cut the cord down, but it was too late. After that Ruth closed the shower up and the tub became like a grave site. This is all too sad for me to deal with as a viewer so I can't imagine how they feel.
Robin Zasio is here to help our dear Ruthie. I hope she can because I don't think I can deal with a sad ending on this one. That would just be too much. Matt's here too so I have high hopes.

Ruth has disappeared. Matt is shouting through the hoard. Her daughters are checking the city parks.
Matt can't clean without permission. Ruth was spotted! She was walking the streets, collecting her thoughts.
Right now Ruth is making good decisions. She's being carried out of the house by the clean-up crew on her crushed velvet couch like she's Queen of the Hoard. Now she's kicking the couch. This is pretty fun. Matt calls it a "false progress" and it's dangerous. So let's just enjoy it while it lasts.

"It's going to get a lot harder tomorrow when she has to pick up her dead husband's pant that he put down 12 years ago." There's our boy Paxton.

"If you're not too old to hoard you're not too old to crawl over the pile." Zasio has been hanging around Matt too much.

Spoiler alert! Ruth removed the pants. After 12 years she moved her husband's pants.

"Ruth is at a place where she can pick up the pants, hold them and start to heal." Picking up the pieces is officially, from this day forth, picking up the pants. She's not only picking up the pants, she's throwing away the pants. Those pants and her husband will live on forever in her heart.

Her son Frankie broke mirrors because he didn't like what he saw. So they've left up a broken mirror. They now realize broken mirrors don't honor their son's life. They are clean-up champions!
Can anyone identify who is in the poster? It looks kind of like Bobby McFerrin. Which would be odd. It's in the pants room. It's an autographed poster.

I'm so glad they started doing these home makeovers.

Robin Zasio has a therapeutic surprise for Ruth. No, not a hair salon. She took her to the cemetary for a final healing process. They were all holding balloons and let them go. The higher the balloons went, the happier the family looked.

Ruth is so unbelievably thrilled about her home makeover.  She's crying, which is exactly how I'd react.

We ended on a happy note. Both of them are working with after care therapists and organizers. Nice work to everyone involved.


Anonymous said...

Doug lived a couple streets over and we had no idea what he was going through. I knew he had been in an accident and he would come by and ask to mow our yard or do odd jobs for extra money, he was always very sweet and nice. This just showed me that you have no idea what someone is going through be kind to everyone.

Reverend Awesome said...

I knew Doug was a nice guy! You could just tell. That's why it bothered me when they were mentioning his former fun days because he totally still seems capable of fun days.
Being kind to everyone is solid advice. Thanks for sharing your Doug story.

DanicaWP said...

First off, I love your recaps! They're the highlight of my Tuesday morning :). Second, did anyone else think Doug resembled Christian Bale in The Fighter? I dunno what it is, but I thought it was striking lol.

Reverend Awesome said...

Thank you!

Whoa. He does you're right. I didn't even notice it at the time.

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