Monday, March 19, 2012

Lessons Learned at The Walmart

My mom and I took a roadtrip to Ft. Dodge on Saturday to visit my sister. It was a girl's day. Tara made us lunch. We went to Hobby Lobby. We sat outside on Tara's party patio and girl chatted. We had ice cream at Dairette. Okay, before I get into our lesson for the day let me talk about Dairette. If you're ever in Ft. Dodge, aside from the prison, it's the #1 place you need to visit. My mom got a turtle sundae and there were toppings from the bottom to the top of the cup. Tara got a butterfinger...Whip? I think that's what it was called. It's the Diarette's version of a Blizzard. Butterfinger in every bite! They DO NOT skimp on toppings. I got some brownie thing and there were like 4 brownies in it. It was insane. No one could finish.

There's my brownie treat. Now you understand. Go to Dairette. 

In the midst of all these good times we had to go to Walmart. Normally my goal for everyday is, avoid Walmart. Well sometimes you just gotta go to Walmart! We went. It was fine...enough. Until we got to the check out. I was checking out ahead of Tara, mom was pushing Tara's cart and Tara was walking beside it. Well while I was finishing my transaction the cashier, an older woman with penciled on eyebrows and bleached out hair, told my mom and sister the proper way to place a shovel in a shopping cart. WE ARE AT THE GOD DAMN CHECK-OUT LINE! We made it! We don't need any tips about placing garden shovels in carts. We got it. What was this lesson for? "For next time."

Well, my mom and Tara start moving the shovel around. I told the cashier, "I don't think she's going to be coming in and buying any more shovels. So it's fine." You know what she told me? She told me, "You never know." But that is the thing! I do know. That's my sister and I know she won't be buying any more shovels at Walmart. If she needs another shovel she will obviously go to Menards where she does the majority of her shopping. 

So that was our big lesson for the day. How a shovel is supposed to be placed in a cart at Walmart. 

Which leads me to my big question. Why does everyone want to tell everyone else how to conduct their lives? This goes beyond shovels. I mean big picture. People deciding they know what's best for everyone else. Everyone just worry more about yourself. Make yourself better and we'll all be better off. 


Gary's third pottery blog said...

FUCH! What is it with the busybodies??? Why do other people have to bother other people? probably that lady would have asked you next if you have accepted Jesus as your savior and how many kids do you have and why not and what about that commie-pinko-Muslim in the White House???????? SHUT UP! Unless you see my fly is open or I am drooling or have spinach in my teeth... OK THEN :)

miss.e.motional said...

I love that your goal for every day is to "avoid Walmart". What a wonderful goal :):)
PS - how far is Ft. Dodge from Des Moines?? Because the Dairette looks like heaven on Earth.

JenB37 said...

"Make yourself better and we'll all be better off."
Why is that not on a t-shirt yet?
I would wear that shirt.

Reverend Awesome said...

I like to keep my goals to a reasonably attainable level.

Ft. Dodge is...I don't know. It's not that close.

If you were wearing that shirt and someone tried to give you shit over a shovel in a cart or whatever else people decide is their business...well, that means they're either illiterate or an asshole. Or both!

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Oh I fully understand Kasey. When I worked at Walmart for several weeks, I have enough material to do a stand-up routine for years. George said you should of said in a very monotone way, "I use it to bury the busybodies I kill", lol lol lol
Love the ice cream, when I was a kid we went to the "White Buffalo" in Chicago. Oh now that was living...

Reverend Awesome said...

That would have been the PERFECT comeback. I never think of the perfect thing to say when things are happening. After the fact I think of all the great things I could/should have said!

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