Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Not Thursday Yet

Recently I've been totally off about knowing what day it is. I've been thinking Tuesdays are Wednesdays, Wednesdays are Thursdays and so on. I've actually had to ask, "What day is today?" And not about the numerical date, but the actual day of the week. That doesn't seem normal to me. I hope this mental lapse ends soon.

What has happened since my last post. SO MUCH!

This past Friday I met my friend Missy! We were, what is called, "internet friends" before Friday. Now that we have met in person we're totally dropping the "internet" part of that title. We are friends that have met in real life. She was as funny and delightful in real life as she is on the internets. She even brought me a house warming gift she had made me.
We met at a karaoke bar. There were approximately 10 other people at the bar, so it was a very intimate karaoke scene. We got to peek into the lives of every other person at that bar.
There was the man and woman from a town of 500 that have clearly slept together many times, but they are calling themselves "friends". She wants to be more, but will settle for "friends". We witnessed their evening taking a turn for the crappy when he started hitting on a much older woman while singing. Then him and the older woman sang a song together. (He was singing with whoever would have him.) He sang a love song and his "friend" cried out "LIAR!" Then they left.

And our good friend Pat. He was there alone. He wanted us to go to a karaoke coffee shop with him. That's where all of his friends are and that's why he was at the bar by himself. He was VERY impressed with Missy's singing. So he just had to hang around for her second song.

It was a magical evening.


Saturday Scott and I had a mower situation which should probably be a post in and of itself, but you can't count on me to know the day of the week nor can you count on me to keep up with blog posting.

Let's talk mowers. We go to Lowe's with a coupon to get a lawn mower. All our neighbors had mowed and we were not going to be the last to mow like assholes. There were a couple electric mowers. Sure, let's get an electric one. That will be fun. We get it home, Scott destroys the box, he reads the manual. The mower has to be plugged in while you mow. WTF. How is this something that happens? You mow while being plugged into an electrical outlet? That sounds absurd and dangerous, but apparently it's a thing.

Scott called to see if we can return it. Sure we can! Just bring it back in with the box. The box that Scott had ripped to shreds...We put it together like a puzzle in the garage. It looks completely and totally ridiculous. We put it in the truck and head back to Lowe's filled with shame. On the way in Scott looks at me, takes a deep breath and says, "Just gotta suck it up." And we wheel this monstrousity to the return counter. The man asks, "Why are you returning it?" "We are idiots." "Is it broken?" And then we explain our idiocy. He got it. He said, "That would have to be a pretty long extension cord."

And we head back to get a mower that doesn't have to be plugged in. We get asked if we needed any help. How do you respond to that? We need SO MUCH help. The guy starts talking about mowers and he said, "The only difference with this one is that it doesn't come with the wheels on." And I thought that this mowers trick was that we'd get it home and it didn't have wheels. What kind of racket are they running here?! Turns out you just have to attach the wheels. I don't know why he even mentioned it as some sort of mower fact. He probably just did it to watch me freak out. We made another mower purchase. The second of the day.

Sunday Scott mowed the lawn. We have kept up with the neighborhood mowing trend.

Sunday my parents brought me over some fancy plants that will grow to look like this:
They are fern peonies and my Mom got them from my Grandma Margaret's house. So, these are 3rd generation fern peonies and I hope they live! I feel guilty when I can't keep plants alive. They deserve better than me, but I do try. 

And other things have been happening, but I'm sure you've all had enough. 


And it must be said, the best thing to come out of this blog has been the friends I have met. It's worth it to post my nonsense for all the world to see because I've met such amazing friends. Thanks for that, internet! 


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Oh yes, friends indeed :) WHAT good stories, about Missy and I love that flower, wow! Thing is probably tough and will love you and your new yard :)

miss.e.motional said...

Haahhahha, oh, Kasey. You're the best. I'm relieved you figured out the mower situation, I know that was weighing heavily on your mind :) XOXO

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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