Thursday, March 1, 2012


I've been gone for awhile. Kind of. I've still been getting my Hoarders blogging in because IT IS VERY IMPORTANT! Okay, I know it's not. There is something inside of me that forces me to make time for Hoarders blogging.

We now have a house! Holy crap. That is pretty crazy. I know it's a kind of normal thing. Lots of people have houses, but I just felt like I would be trapped in apartments for life. Because of that I keep thinking that someone is going to come over, ring our doorbell and tell us to go back to our apartment where we belong. So far the closest we've come to that is a neighbor coming over and kindly introducing herself. The fact that she was a kind-looking older lady carrying a plate covered in foil didn't stop me from freaking out, "SOMEONE'S AT THE DOOR!" Just a neighbor, bringing some treats.

I took the week we closed off from work. This was a wise move because I was behaving like a grade A lunatic. Every little thing sent me into a panic. Everything went fairly smoothly though.

I was reminded something I always think I'm going to remember. I've moved every couple years for a really long time. Every move I think it's going to be not so bad, but then it's SO BAD. Hire movers. Whatever they cost they are worth it. My brothers helped with the big stuff and that was super awesome. They got the truck loaded and unloaded in a couple hours. I was hell bent on getting most of the other stuff, the non-big stuff, to the house so they wouldn't have to deal with it. So I just kept loading up my car, unloading at the house and driving back and forth across town. I did it until I couldn't stand anymore. I was standing at the sink and my back wouldn't straighten. That's when I get told, "You need to sit down!" When I get into full blown crazy person mode I have to be told such things.

Oh, and big news! We have an actual bed now. Not just our mattresses on a frame, but a bed! I haven't had a legit bed since I moved out of my parents house. And a dresser! Oh gosh. I feel so classy and sophisticated. Only a sophisticated person would have a headboard. That's a fact!

I hope to have pictures of the house to share soon. I don't want to show pictures when we don't even have our pictures on the walls yet! That would be shameful. There are a few things on the walls. The picture Benji painted, the heart wall piece from Gary. Of course Glen is standing guard over my candy. The important things have been taken care of. 
I also got a hook for the bird feeder my Mom and Dad gave me today and filled that with the seed they got me. It says it's for song birds. I am looking forward to that, both for the birds and to see the cats go insane. 

Oh yeah, it was also my birthday Monday. I've been eating SO MUCH cake and treats and things. A glorious and gluttonous birthday it was. And today is my friend Maude's birthday. Happy birthday, Maude! 

Sorry if this was a boring back-to-blogging blog post. More soon! 


Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH KASEY and Scott, that is so flippin' awesome :) And you put up my little heart right away? Congrats on your birthday and the house, and GOSH, your brothers, in 2 hours with the big stuff? Good guys indeed! I know what you mean, our last move nearly killed me. My hands were curled into little claws and took days to relax and stop aching, along with the rest of me. Its what you have to do somethimes, though. I am so excited for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Congrats. DSM! DSM! DSM!

Reverend Awesome said...

Hell yeah, DSM!
Thank you. I've been thinking about those damn song birds today. I hope they found their food stash.

BSOB said...

Wow - AWESOME!! Congratulations on buyin a house! Big deal for sure.. Its gonna rule.. No more moving (unless you move into hotels for tropical vacations and then move back home when they are over).

JenB37 said...

Seriously? How awesome is your life? Pretty freaking awesome. You basically got a house for your birthday (never mind that you will be paying for it for many birthdays to come). Scott should have put a bow on the door.
Also, I have not had a head board for 13 years. So jealous.

kelly ahern said...

No headboards in this house. My bedroom furniture is now 35 years old. I got it when I was born. Just kidding, when I was 8. (I'm hope you're not good with math). Anyhow, still no headboard. Maybe someday, when I grow up.

So happy about your house and can't wait for more pics! It's the same style I love so I am pretty super excited for you and Scott.

Lastly, I am impressed you still find time to blog. I am wayyyy behind and am afraid when I do write, it's going to come out like a giant purge and not make any sense and then everyone will know how nuts I really am.


Reverend Awesome said...

Thanks, everybody!

I actually took some pictures the other day! So pictures coming super soon.

My blog isn't doing my case for not being nuts any favors. That's fine though. Hiding the crazy would be far too exhausting.

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