Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rumpole, Winnie, Gary & Maude

Regular blog readers will already know of my pals Gary and Maude. They live in Ithaca where they specialize in being great and spreading joy all over the planet. I mean it, Gary ships pottery internationally. That means he's officially conquered the planet with joy. Well they recently conquered our apartment with joy by sending a happy times package. There was stolen hotel stationary, pig stickers, cat drawings, a nice note AND a little heart to hang on our wall! 
That's Rumple and Winnie. They are exchanging Valentines. Awww. I love it! Thanks, guys! 

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to encourage you to give someone a Valentine. You don't have to officially be a person's Valentine to take part in the giving of happiness. Making someone happy will make you happy. I promise. Don't be anti-V Day. Get the anti-love sentiments out of your brain. Go buy some fun cards like you used to exchange at school. They cost like $2 a box. You know how much good will and smiles that two dollars will bring? Just do it. 

And here is Afeni. Every time I get a package from Gary she goes NUTS. She was rubbing her face on it, sniffing it, trying to fit her head inside and eventually she napped on the envelope. She loves Gary packages as much as everyone else! 
We are moving next week and doing some highly adult level shit. I'm kinda freaked out. Excited, but way nervous. If you have calm vibes to spare send them my way. My fingers and brain thank you in advance. 


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Afeni is like "I smell Spike, he is in here somewhere!". Thanks very much for the sweet tribute. I would steal stationary from a hotel for you any day! Quite a week and month for you guys, both birthdays, Valentine's, anniversary of your engagement 2 years ago and now moving and all!

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Oh my gosh, how sweet, and thanks to you for that marvelous calendar, so love it! Kasey I love our circle of artists, truly from my heart. I cherish my heart magnet from Gary and the darling little coin purse, and have all his postcard drawings. Love the Valentine idea, it is sweet. I should of done it, and Cheryl sent me for xmas this darling hand knit little lamb.
My problem is my whole life I am surrounded by Aspergers, George, and his genes passed down to our daughter, and granddaughter. For those not aware, sentiment is off the ticket, always, never even given a thought. lol lol :) Just doesn't enter into their minds. I have to my great chagrin become one of them. lol lol ) Sentiment is the same mind set as "small talk", "insignificant to survival", etc...I get none of that, and giving them such things you get this blank stare like "What is this for"! lol lol :) They feel extremely akward, unable to respond, and nervous. If you want to make them fall apart at the seams, make them totally uncomfortable, and run away just say something mushy, or sweet...oops, where did they go?
I have such great respect for Gary and his works, that if I gave him a simple little something I would feel like he thinks I am diminishing his greatness....and I do think he is marvelous, as well as your awesomeness. I am just grateful that you enjoy my stuff, and am so happy to have you and Gary as a near and dear. I had to become Xena, and get a thick crust to survive. GOSH I LOVE YOU GUYS!

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