Monday, February 13, 2012

Hoarders: Kathleen, Scott and Possums

I told the Possum I would hang out with the Posse this evening. So I'll be spending my night there and here. You should join the Posse. It's great fun. Especially if you view Hoarders as it airs. It's where our kind gathers.

Paxton said that it was hard for him to keep his cool during tonight's hoard. Now that's saying something. The Paxtonator can always keep his cool. He also said listen to his podcast. Oh and tweet at Kathy Griffin for him. He wants her on the podcast.

Kathleen, former teacher living in New Jersey. 
She has baby possums in jars and owls in the freezer. 50-80 cicada "husks". Did you know that they were called husks? I'm not hip to this hoarder's five.
And now she's hoarded out her daughters home. It's the creeping crawling hoard. Don't walk. Run!

The "specimen" she keeps in a jar? It's a freaking baby possum! Good god, woman. How dare they do this to our dear Possum.

When did the hoarding start? When her husband got hit by a train. That's when shit went off the rails. Now there are dead possums in jars being referred to as specimens. Nothing is okay anymore.
I just "liked" Lasagna of Filth on facebook. 

Dorothy is not going to stand for this shit. Not for one minute. I hope they give the specimens a proper burial. And that she stops calling them specimens. A dear friend of mine and the internet's is The Possum. I won't stand for this kind of possum treatment. Kasey for the Ethical Treatment of Possums. 

Does everyone in the universe call them "cicada husks" or is this a hoarder thing?

Dorothy got a hug. The house is starting to look like a house again. 

"Let's be clear. The only left in the refrigerator and freezer are frozen owls." 

Dr. Chabaud had to be the one to confront her about the frozen owls. Why does A&E have to be the ones to tell her how weird this is? BTW, she picked the owls up off the side of the road. 

Kathleen is calling ashtrays with cigarettes her "little treasures". She's letting them go. She's letting it all go. Let the owls go. Let the possums go. Stop using the word specimen. 

Dorothy built her a nature center. Dorothy is kind of amazing. Okay, she's super amazing. She's made of goodness. 

Scott the Collector
Cedar, Michigan
He's clearly going to be the likable hoarder this evening. You can't like someone that keeps dead possums in jars.

He's got a bad habit/hobby, storage auctions. You see the harm Storage Wars can do!?

He bought 42,000 lighters. He doesn't know why. He's as confused as the rest of us.

His son has presented him with liquidation opportunities. His Dad wants nothing to do with it. His kid is getting under his skin with his solutions and caring.

Scott is a collectioner! Too much cool stuff. He's taking Zasio for a ride in his golf cart. I've always wanted a golf cart...and a school bus...and THOUSANDS OF VCRS!

His son is DEFIANTLY throwing things away. Zasio had a father-son intervention. Things seem to be going better? This surely won't last.

SCOTT'S PARENTS SHOWED UP! Scott ratted Mom out on being a hoarder. It really is genetic. The parents are there TO STEAL THE HOARD! They aren't there to help. They're going to rob Scott of his hoard to add to their hoard. They're hoard hoarders.

Why We Love Scott
"If you get something real cheap it's exciting."
"I bought 300 VCRs the other day. Like a dumb ass."

500 properties? What? Somehow he owes millions in taxes. Scott has to give Corey power of attorney. OMFG! He's doing it!

We're calling this a success for him signing the papers.

Scott made $30,000 at auction. He's working with the IRS to pay his back taxes.

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K-Mo said...

Got a lock on possums, do yah? Let me know when they bail you out of a financial crisis, defy death and man the fort/take 80% of the heat when your sister-in-law gets breast cancer as a mom of two little kids.

You, friend, couldn't be more ill-informed if you tried.


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