Thursday, January 19, 2012


Here's what's going on in our household, that's right, science. That's light shining at me is going to convince my brain that it's all good times. My brain will think it's Summer and that I'm sitting by a waterfall just enjoying some negative ions and things. I think it's working!

I'm trying to pay more attention to my body and want to make it happy and all that.

Back to all the science. An important part of Science is keeping records. Everyone knows that. How will you prove your results without records and facts? YOU CAN'T! I've been keeping sleep records for a few weeks now. (15 nights to be exact.) The average amount of sleep I get a day, 7 hours and 46 min. I'd say that's pretty good! I love going to bed at a reasonable hour and waking up feeling like it's time to wake up.

I downloaded this app Sleep Cycle at Bob Jackson's recommendation. You know I trust everything he says. That's because Bob Jackson knows best.  I set my alarm for whatever time I wake up and there's a 20 min time span before that where it will wake me up if I am not in a deep sleep. So it keeps your dreams from being ruined and it doesn't volt me awake. It eases me awake. I lay my phone on the bed face down and it can feel when I'm deep asleep or just regular asleep. It uses the accelerometer in the phone and what feels like a little bit of magic.

Here's how I've been sleeping these past few days:

There you have it, science. 

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

there is a line from a song about as old as you are, by Thomas Dolby: "she blinded me with science, she hit me with technology...."

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