Monday, January 16, 2012

Hoarders: Mary and Annie

Mary—doesn't know how to  describe herself

North East, Maryland
We're starting it off with Paxton coming upon an unconscience Mary. Is this a flash forward? What is this all about, A&E?

She's a cat hoarder so this will be decidedly unpleasant.

Mary thinks her things are better than new things. They're better quality, they're covered in urine and they're hers.

Social Services got 3 steps inside Mary's door and refused to go any further. In Mary's words, "They came in and put the boom down." And that immediately endears me to Mary and they're going to find dead cats in her house.

When did the hoarding spiral out of control? When Mary lost her mother, father and grandmother. Her Mom was her best friend.

Mary's cousin John is the nicest. He came up with a plan to help Mary. When it came to it she wouldn't go through with it. Something about her roots being deeper the trees.

The floor isn't solid. It's spongey with garbage and feces. She's building a poop bounce house. Get the cats and the humans out of that freaking house! My god. How is our dear doctor walking around without a mask?

"I pee myself at night and I can't afford those pads." Mary just puts newspapers on top of her urine mattress, then the cats pee on it and she lays on it. This is one of those horror vomit episodes.

Somewhere in a pile of feces Mary has a super odor eater air freshener. Does that claim to cover the scent of a room full of human feces? That's some pretty heavy duty air freshener.

Okay, so that whole ambulance scene is happening now. What's the deal with that, A&E? Why did we see this before we saw this? Well, Mary was released from the hospital. She agreed to let Paxton clean and save the cats. The doctors said her living conditions contributed to her getting sick. Obviously.

MOST UNSTABLE HOME PAXTON'S BEEN IN! Matt is big on statements like that. He likes to sort experiences according to extremeness.

The house is unlivable. It's being held up by a 4x4 and zero nails.

Paxton is gathering up a foundation for Mary to rebuild her life. She can't stay in the house. There's no way. And now he's walking the housing inspector around and he's sitting on a urine mattress! MATT!
He's numb to it all.

Mary is moving out. She's safe. Her cousin John is so happy! She's losing her house, but her family is still there for her.

She's seeing a therapist and living in low-income housing. I'd also like to add that I didn't see any dead cats. They were not well, but they were alive.

Annie from Missouri, professional house cleaner (For real!)
Annie also "takes care" of her disabled husband.
Freddie is Annie's son. He looks like whoever sang that Runaway Train song. He takes naps for the majority of his life so he's not really worried about the hoarding.

When did Annie's hoarding spiral out of control? When she had kids and couldn't keep up with the housework.

There are roaches everywhere! You wouldn't be able to take a step without landing on a roach. It's like the walls are just moving. Some Temple of Doom shit.

Mark Pfeffer gets Annie. Do you think our doctors and clean-up crew argue about who had to deal with the grosset hoard? 

"She doesn't see the impact the roaches and the filth are having on her family." Mark Pfeffer

Poor Freddie has to deal with being 15 and living in a hoard. Being a teen is hard enough without this situation on top of it!

Annie can't make a decision. Freddie can't make a decision. No one is ever deciding anything in this house so everything is just everywhere. 

"The mother that he likes might not be the mother that he needs." Wise words from Mark. He's dropping a lot of knowledge this episode. 

Mark also says that Annie's only voice is her hoard. 

Annie says her wedding band is in the dumpster. So she's digging through the dumpster. She was sorting through hoard and the clean-up crew just started gathering it from around her and she got off and let them take it to the truck. Now she has to dig through the truck.

Dorothy is mad. She is just sickened about this ring business. She says they need to find the ring or this whole thing will just be a terrible experience for Annie. 

Dorothy pissed off her crew by making them dig through the dumpster looking for Annie's wedding ring. 
They found it! Those guys really through out her wedding ring, huh?! TRUST ENAGED! Dorothy knows what she's doing. If she tells you to dig through the dumpster you dig through the freaking dumpster!

The cleaning goes into overdrive. Family is there. Annie is on a cleaning spree!

Freddie is as thrilled as you'll ever see a 15 year old boy about their newly cleaned house. 

Annie hasn't scheduled an aftercare appointment. Her house is still clean, but it's still infested with roaches. 

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

I see that first photo, the cat and filth, and I cannot read any more, ugh. Makes me scrub my (clean already!) house some more, get some more junk off to the Salvation Army....

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