Monday, January 30, 2012

Hoarders: Joanne and Kristy

Joanne, New York
2 Days earlier and she was sitting on her chair, resting her feet on her laundry basket ottoman and rubbing a wooden pig. Those were the days.

God dammit another diaper pile.

In 2002 her mother died she moved into her parents house. She didn't remove any of their stuff, just moved all their stuff in. 75% of the house belongs to people that have passed away.

Her granddaughter is creeped out by the house. Her grandpa died in there, some guy hung himself in the basement. Bring in Ghost Adventurers! They will get all cagey and confrontational with the ghosts. They'll threaten them and ask them to show themselves and then record some creepy EVPs. What do you think the ghosts have to say about this mess?

Her husband died in the house in 2005. He was a drunk, he brought his girlfriends home at night. They'd vomit and Joanne would have to clean it up. That's when she started her hoard.

Robayn is her daughter. She has PTSD from growing up in the hoard. She calls it a lifestyle of secrets. Her husband has freaking HAD IT! They've tried to help her clean 7 times, Joanne dug stuff out of the trashcan and brought it back in the house.

This new music they've been using is just TOO MUCH. Unnecessary. There's enough drama without the death metal.

Zasio has uncovered the truth, this is revenge hoard. She started the hoard to get back at her husband for the girlfriends and being an alcoholic. That'll show him!

Joanne told Zasio she's suicidal. She needs to go somewhere and get help. Chamlers tells her they are slowing down the clean-up.

After a couple minutes of sorting Joanne gets uncomfortable. There are unopened items at the bottom of bags.

Her family is seeing her house and her diaper pile for the first time. Oh gosh this is too sad.

They are all hugging Joanne! Another touching Hoarders moment. Her husband told her that her kids hated her and they'd disown her. So she built the hoard around herself. They've all seen the diaper pile and they're hugging her. That is love.

CHAMLERS doesn't care if he has to play with poopy diapers all day long. He should, but he doesn't. That's why he does what he does.

Joanne is refusing access to her storage shed. What's in the storage shed!? (In my Brad Pitt at the end of Se7en voice.)

Shed contents=a huge letdown
I'm not sure what I was expecting, but that didn't live up to it.
Her daughter is going to have to pull herself together. For the love of god.

"If I an't make up my mind in 3 or 4 seconds, then more than likely it's not needed." Joanne post

Now she's telling off her husband. She's not being as nasty as she should be, but rage will come with time. It hugs with a hug from Zasio.

They took 9,000 lbs of trash from the house. Joanne isn't going to go downstairs to hang herself anymore! Now she's just going down there to do laundry. She's still working on clean-up and plans on moving back into her home after her leg. She's using aftercare funds for a therapist and cleaner.

Kristy, Washington
She runs a daycare and used to be a good mother. (Her description, not mine. Don't get mad at me about it.)

2 years ago her son Dylan was removed from her home. He's been living with his older sister. Kristy is addressing her hoarding to try to get her son back.

20 years ago Kristy was raped in her home while he daughters slept in the next room. She had teeth knocked out, facial injury. The cops told her it was 1 in a million that it would happen to her again. 9 months later it happened again.

State workers showed up to inspect her day care. At first the just inspected the rooms that were being used, then the inspected all the rooms. Her daycare was shut down. And that's when the entire house became hoarded.

Mark Pffefffer points out the ironic wall decal: The best things in life are not things. 
He thinks she put that on the wall as a reminder to herself. I've seen similar wall decals in homes of people not behaving according to their inspiration wall decal. From now on I'm pulling a Pffefffer, I'm calling them out.

She bought a hoarding book and lost the hoarding book. As she says, that's what Hoarders do. This hoarder seems way too aware...

Dorothy Breininger and her sass have arrived at the scene.

"Do you think that would work better than that one thing we have?" Hoarder logic.

Kristy doesn't want to get rid of anything. Not her stuffed animals, not her preschool books, not her generic lite bright, not dog toys for the dog she doesn't own. NOTHING. When is Dorothy going to have to unleash the sass? You know it's coming.

And now the big question. Would Dylan want to come back if the house were clean? He said he'd start out with weekends and see how that goes.

Dorothy got her cleaning one bag at a time. The house is legit clean. That's the power of Dorothy! It all seemed to happen so fast. That's the power of TV.

Kristy is working with a therapist and organizer, but she's still having trouble letting things go. Her son is still living with his sister, Tawnya. 


George and Maureen Johnson said...

Nobody has been aware how many of these people there really are. George was amazed. When I worked for the psychological agency, I was amazed how many there were, I never knew.
It's not until you step into their homes, and lives can you get the true nature of this disease. It overwhelms you and your senses. I stood in one of these house in complete silence (and any one that knows me, that in itself is amazing). This great feeling of grief, and sadness came over me, can't explain it.
If the Ghost Hunters went in there even they would wonder why a ghost chose to stay in that home. Certainly not an after life I would choose. No matter what ghost was in that house, it could not compete with scaring you as much as the environment....

Sarah said...

It just occurred to me this week was, strangely, Paxtonless. I'm sure he's been absent from other episodes and I haven't noticed, but this time it seemed really profound...

But I totally read his book (on my iPad, thereby reducing needless clutter...which kind of describes the book).

Reverend Awesome said...

I have his book on my iPad too! I think I may be an e-hoarder.

Anonymous said...
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