Monday, January 23, 2012

Hoarders: James and Carrie

That is what Dr. Melva Green had to say about tonight's episode. I have not grabbed my tissues yet. The bathroom isn't far away. Okay, I don't have any tissues in the house other than toilet paper. We just don't keep them on hand. Everyone else probably does and that is just one more thing I'm not doing right as an adult.

We have a mountain of piss bottles to look forward to, let's get to it.

Carrie, Washington
Two days earlier she was picking up pebbles on a beach at sunset, now this.

"This house is a disaster. When I make a mess I don't fool around." That's what Carrie has to say about her hoard. She hasn't had heat or water for 3 years. You know what that means? NO PLUMBING! There's poop everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. The toilet is filled, obviously, but so is the tub.

Carrie was adopted at 5 days old. Her parents both had alcohol problems. In the 3rd grade she was attacked and raped. That set her up for a pattern of abuse in her life. She was raped 13 times starting when she was 7 years old. She had no sense of self or value. She's been fighting it with religion and therapy.

"I think I buried myself in garbage because I felt like I was discarded in my life. There's a bit of me that feels a bit like trash. Like Oscar in his can." Carrie. She's already figured out what brought on the hoard. Dr. Green will help her deal with it.

Fuck her friend telling her to get over it. "We all have trauma in our house get over it. Clean your fucking house." And how is this woman her friend? You don't talk that way about your friend. Her daughter gets it. She's been hurt by it, but she gets where it comes from. This woman is pukey.

Her daughter Trish was bullied in school because of her mom's hoard.

Here's Dr. Green! She is not wearing orange eye shadow to match her vest, but she is wearing gold and it looks stunning.

Why does she have to be urinating in apple juice bottles?! Don't buy apple juice if you're also pissing in bottles. That's just setting yourself up to accidentally take a chug of pee.

Carrie is a Buddhist.

Matt Paxton is here!

The smell has been described as fermented poop and Paxton is just standing there sans mask. "Matt Paxton only has 4 senses." -Scott

Trish calls the fermented poop and urine smell her Mom's perfume. It reminds her of growing up.
Matt and Dr. Green are bringing Carrie in to face her hoard. Matt's voice has raised a few octaves and he's making them face the pee bottles.

Trish is having a breakdown/breakthrough with Dr. Green. Dr. Green brings out these moments in people.

Paxton says this is the house he found his book in. Paxton's book doesn't guarantee you're going to stop being a hoarder. P.S. Paxton has a podcast, 5 Decisions Away.

Carrie ceremoniously threw out a cleat. Happy days! All in all she let go of 55,000 pounds of stuff. Now the inspector is here. I sort of feel like Carrie's friend wishes that it wouldn't have been so successful. She's that kind of friend.

They made over a room for Carrie! Her and her daughter are using it for chanting.

She's working with a therapist and is using her aftercare funds. She's in regular contact with her daughter.

James, retired policeman
Orland, California

Instead of going fishing he goes to yard sales and swap meets.

The city has been pressuring James since 2007 to clean up his property. Years of pressure aren't working.

James lives in America where you own property, you pay taxes, and you get your free rascal scooter from Medicare.

James has a crapload of bowling balls. This is his fun life and he'd like it if everyone could just back off.

Zasio is dressed nice. Too nice for a hoard.

James doesn't want to make any decisions. He just wants to sit around under the American flag in a hat.

HORSE SHIT! James is going to paint pictures in a rusted out pan. He's got a plan. Now he's yelling at Chamlers.

DETERIORATED CANTALOUPE INSIDE! We don't get to see inside though. Why don't we get to see inside? This isn't fair. This is America, James. Let us see inside of your house. ("This is America" is going to be my new argument for everything.)

James is whatever. He's using his aftercare funds to clean up and isn't seeing a therapist. 


Anonymous said...

You're a narcissistic freak.

Reverend Awesome said...

Well obviously, I have a blog. That's a prerequisite.

Thank you for the insightful anonymous comment! Please stop by again and feed my self absorption.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Carrie has had a positive ending. Hopefully she'll ditch the dirt bag friend, too!

Erin from Boston said...

Paxton explained why he goes sans mask at the hoards. He tweeted "I don't like to wear a mask around hoarders because I like to stay equal and present with the hoarder. a mask is another wall"

Oh Matt, you've won my heart yet again. Here I just thought you had an iron lung or something.

I had the same thought when I saw the urine in apple juice bottles. If you're really thirsty you think to yourself "oh great I have apple juice." Never grab for the apple juice when you're in that situation. Opt for cranberry juice which will probably help out the UTI you've contracted from urinating in bottles.

my boomerang gang said...

what was carrie chanting?? what is the name of it?

Reverend Awesome said...

I recognized it from the movie "What's Love Got to Do With It".
So, after a bit of internetting, it appears to be called"Daimoku" or "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo".

Random Visitor said...

Ugh my thoughts exactly on Carrie's friend. Yes she needs to find a healthy way of dealing with the trauma in her life, but you don't just ~get over it.~ Trauma doesn't fucking work that way. People who tell other people to "get over" major things like that piss me right the hell off.


I really hope Carrie and her daughter are doing well after the cleanup. James, too. He seemed like he was starting to come around right at the end.

Reverend Awesome said...

Yeah, she was no friend. I hope Carrie will see that once she gets some help and thinks better of herself. I imagine Carrie probably thinks she doesn't deserve a friend that's an actual friend at this point. Which is super sad.

I hope we see an update episode and Carrie tells us how she's no longer friends with that hateful woman.

Decoupage Creations by Emily said...

Kasey, PLEASE start a commentary on "Hoarding Buried Alive"! Seriously, you just really need to.

Reverend Awesome said...

I haven't watched it in awhile. I think since it first appeared. I'll have to check it out. I've heard there's less poop. That would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Less poop more bugs

Anonymous said...

Nobody seems to concider that Carrie might just be nucking futs and made the whole rape thing up.Being raped 13 times is like being shot 13 times. I'm not saying that rape isn't real, but I am saying that this is a hoarders and hoarding and other mental illness go hand in hand

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