Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Billy!

Billy Short and Sireono Sheley (photo by Scott)
Today is Billy Short's birthday. You're probably asking yourself, (You're not. You don't care.) "Why does Kasey keep writing posts about Billy Short. It's nothing but Billy Short and Hoarders up in here."

Listen, what I do here is my business, but here's the deal…

My friend posted about the images that appear in a google image search of himself. I google image searched myself and he was there. Then I searched him I was there in his search. (I'd like to point out that this is all my blogs fault.) Guess who else was pictured in my google image search? That's right, Billy Short. Guess who doesn't appear in a google image search of "Billy Short"? Billy Short. It's just an endless stream of boots.

So that's my new goal. I want a picture of Billy to appear in an image search for Billy.

This post is more than just me being a weirdo. I copied and pasted some of my favorite, recent Billy tweets. (If you're on twitter FOLLOW HIM/@wondertaint)


Comics using the word "faggot": Maybe include something funny or not throw around derogatory terms, eh? What defense is there otherwise?

The Science Center has handles on their urinals. I expected a laser to evicerate all waste from my body... or at least auto-flush sensors.

I knew this guy from the Netherlands, who once asked to see MY Nether-regions; saying, "we can do this my way or we can do this Norway."

People fearing a "gay" virus should be more worried about the scientifically verified to exist, "scoliosis." It's made kids not straight.

Time to get reacquainted with the local open mic schedule... 2012 seems like a good year to "quit" comedy again.

Moral of Young Adult: Some day, a hot lady might just be crazy enough to have drunk sex with me.

Was Jim Morrison ever in a hair metal band called, the Pompadoors? No, because he died.

If we gave Congress a 200% pay raise, maybe they wouldn't need money so much and could actually be effective again?

I don't trust "pure" Florida orange juice. I've been to Florida. There is nothing "pure" in Florida.
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