Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011: A Look Back

I'm a little late to the whole beginning of a new year, look back on the past year thing. This is my blog though so can decide that 8 days into 2012 is the perfect time to look back. So, here we go.

In January we got a new couch. It was kind of a big deal. We were couchless for a week. Why? Oh we thought it would be fun to just have space without furniture for awhile and figured that would be fun for about a week. We were wrong. That was fun for a day. Also, we ripped our couch to shreds. That also brought us great joy for a few hours before we realized we were idiots.

I also broke our computer and we had to get a new hard drive. Hero Bob Jackson helped us out there.

Then I had to block a relative from my life. My advice to you? If someone you know thinks Sarah Palin is a reasonable person don't give them the benefit of the doubt. It felt nice to get some people that were adding nothing positive to my life out of it.

February is my birthday month. We had a lovely lunch at the hospital. (FYI: The hospital cafeteria has gone downhill. Our favorite employees are gone, it's way less great.)
My bike, Danger, got a tune-up. There was a Bacon Rebellion.
Scott and I went and saw Marc Maron at the Mall of America. I was also sent my beloved Glen the Rat bowl from my friend Maureen. So, all in all February was pretty great.
We also had many adventures with Jesus the Unicorn.
And now March. Let me go see what was going on in March. (See how handy it is having a blog.)
March is my friend Gary's birthday and his lovely wife Maude! So, March has that going for it. 

Scott started a new podcast. Hopefully soon he will have the time to get going on that again because I love the No Segways podcast and all those involved in it. 

High Five Friday became a thing! 

In April I interviewed Scott! Sidenote: I should start doing more interviews for my blog. Other people are far more interesting than myself. 
April was kinda hard on me personally. I felt not that happy with myself just because I was spending too much time believing what other people thought of me. So, I gave myself a little pep talk. I also carved my friend My into a crayon. 
And then it was May. What happened then? Well Scott performed a set at the Beechwood Lounge. 
I got an iPhone! Now, that sounds totally silly to even bring up here on an end of the year recap, but it's pretty amazing and has brought so much joy into my life. For that reason I'm saying getting an iPhone is something worth noting. 
Now onto the big stuff. I TRIED SUSHI! What the hell!? I'm still blowing my own mind with this one. I'm a huge food coward, but I'm getting braver all the time. 
I was a semi-frequent guest on Scott's first podcasting venture, The Underground Pirate Ship.
May was also a huge month for me and kites.  

We've made it to the middle! June was the month that Scott and I got totally weirded out by getting a couple's massage. Those were the days. The days when planking was a popular meme. 
I wrote a post explaining how the internet is more than just a place for porn. Baby William started walking and the world hasn't been the same since. 

June is also the month that I decided I would take my braveness to a whole new level by wearing shorts to work! (I'm in the chucks and pink argyle socks.) I also tried to bring a little of a yard to our 15th floor apartment by setting up a faux garden

In July we took a trip to the Omaha Zoo. 
We also went camping in Dewitt and visited Scott's friend, Luke. 
We found out that my Grandma Nancy had cancer. I also did my yearly sparkler celebration of America.
 August was a crazy time. We made a movie! In 48 hours we made a movie. 
I also fulfilled my duty as an Iowan and went to the fair. I am going to resolve to not go to the fair this year. Lesson learned. The fair is not for us. 
One of the more exciting and joyous events of the year happened in August. My brother Kyle shot the last rocket of his Marine Corp career. 

September aka Sep-TIMMMMBER 
This is the month I wanted to blog more and I've been blogging less ever since. So, that sucks. 
I did start meditating this month. I think meditating is good for me. It helps get me out of my own head for awhile. 

My Grandma Nancy was not doing well. 

There was sooo much comedy stuff going on that it was kind of overwhelming. There were contests Scott was in and just all sorts of things. September brought on severe comedy burn out. We're still recovering. Scott has a show at the end of this month, hopefully that will be the aloe that this burn out has been needing. 

And now to October. It had its ups and downs. 
The up was that Scott and I have been married for a year! It has really been a great year. We planned an anniversary roadtrip to Deadwood to celebrate. 
Scott had more comedy goings on. A really fun show put on by our friend Dan Umthun. Our road trip was great. You don't realize how much you need to get away until you get away.

While we were on our trip my Grandma passed away. Before we left she was put into hospice. The last time I saw her she wasn't doing well at all. We did have one good, last laugh. So I'm grateful for that. I still feel so guilty that I wasn't at her funeral. My Grandpa has been doing good. 
October taught me that I'm not that great at talking about my feelings. Something to work on for 2012. 

I didn't go trick or treating with the nieces and nephew this year. That also had me super bummed out, but I brought some joy to Halloween by carving a Ron Swanson pumpkin. I made my own stencil and everything!
Onward and upward to November
I didn't start November off with my mind in a happy place. We had been working hard on our bra for Bras for the Cause and I should have been pumped, but I was just emotionally exhausted. 
The night of the Gala was super fun and our bra was auctioned for $875. The whole evening pumped some much needed life into me. 

Another thing I needed? Something silly and fun. Everything was starting to feel way too serious. Thankfully Missy had the brilliant idea that we should both order a Forever Lazy. Forever Lazies are forever fun. I'm so happy with our decision!
I also put up my tiny little Christmas tree on Thanksgiving. We don't really have room for a tree sized tree. It's okay. Our tiny tree oozed Christmas spirit. It got the job done. 
It put a huge smile on my face seeing the little skully ornament that my friend Gary made for me. 

And we made it. All the way to December
Scott and I got pre-approved for a loan and started getting serious about the whole home owning thing. Big time adult stuff. Scary and exciting. 

Christmas was GREAT! We ended the year on a high note. It was shaky there for awhile, but 2011 really pulled through. 

Baby William and I listened to Single Ladies sooo many times. Singing and dancing each time. It's his favorite song. As Will said, "He's listened to that song every day for a year." It's safe to say it's his favorite. Tori and Alyssa were their wild selves. Kyle had Tyson for the day and he thinks I'm hilarious. Mom made lasagna. Christmas was fantastic. Zero snow, but fantastic. 

And the whole house hunting thing came to an end because we found our house! 
It doesn't feel real yet. I don't think it will until we have the keys in our hand. For now we just have to keep gathering things to send to the bank. I hear there will be a lot of paper signing the day it finally becomes ours. So, that will be our big adventure for 2012. 

During December I also collaborated on a project I'm really proud of, the CAN-endar. Which you should totally buy! From HERE or from me personally. It's 1 dollar per month. (They are being shipped next week). All proceeds, 100%, will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 
I guess I'll wrap it up here.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my life. Cheers to an amazing 2012 for all of us! Let's all keep being great!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaay! Not to sound demanding, but your loyal readers, like me, are always happy to see your posts :) keep up the great work! The awesome work!

miss.e.motional said...

OMG YOU BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!! It's super adorable and unique (well as far as I can tell from the picture :)). I am super happy for you guys.

I'm glad you could end 2011 on an upswing. You deserve it. Now go put on your FL and celebrate.


Reverend Awesome said...

Of all the things people demand of me, wanting to hear more from me is a pretty a-okay demand in my book.

Thanks to you both for adding joy to my year!

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