Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yes You CAN! (Buy a CAN-endar)

Did you guys know I was in a cult? I am! I've told you about it before. And again. Well, myself and some other cult members (including our cult leader) got together and made a calendar CAN-endar. Behold!
Oh wow. Isn't that wonderful? How did such a thing come to be? Santa was involved.
As was Billy Crystal. 
But what does it all mean? We already have calendars and they tell us the month and date. Where's the fun? Where's your inspiration? Where's the spot to write yourself some good time goals!? Regular calendars contain zero of that stuff. To hell with regular calendars!

This CAN-endar will change your life or at the very least change your wall. That's not all it will do! 100% of the profits are going to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Holy crap. What can't this CAN-endar do? 

The Immaculata is a proud supporter of Vanessa Ragland's quest to become woman of the year. Watch the video to find out more about her quest and be mesmerized by her eyebrows. Her eyebrows helped make this CAN-ender happen. Between her eyebrows and this CAN-endar, cancer is about to get its ass kicked. 

And we know that the year is about to begin and apologize you won't have it by New Year's, but think of how productive you'll be come mid-January! 

You totally want one now don't you? YAY! You're the best. Click HERE for purchasing information. 

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