Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Ides of March

Scott told me I didn't take him to movies anymore. I have a very good reason why I haven't taken him to the movies, nothing has looked good in forever. I don't remember the last movie I was excited to go see. Everything is just whatever. I told him to pick a movie, I'd take him. (This was a couple weekends ago.) His pick, The Ides of March.

I had heard zero about this movie, which is fine. Sometimes that's for the best. I can't decide I hate something in advance. To the Ides of March we went.

My review: It felt like it wouldn't end nor did it ever really start. So boring it made me mad.

Scott's Review: Good acting, but nothing surprising. Underutilized. It could have been very good. They had all these great actors and a good idea, but they just kept it too small.

So there you have it. Don't let that affect your viewing decision. The rest of the internet seems to love it. Maybe you'll love it too. We're weirdos. Our opinions may not match that of non-weirdos...or even other weirdos.

The good news is we had some pop, nachos, Junior Mints and Sour Patch Kids. So it wasn't a total bust. We also saw a preview for a movie we're both excited to see (and hopefully not be disappointed by), J. Edgar.


We did watch a movie at home awhile back. That was pretty awesome. (Red State by Kevin Smith) I hope this is the future of movies, watching things at home. We always seem to have bad theater experiences. How do we always choose to sit right exactly where the most annoying person attending the movie chooses to position themselves? It's like a-holes seek us out. They spot us and try to sit as close as possible.  Or this world has too many a-holes and there is absolutely no escaping them! Whatever the reason, it's sickening.

Fingers crossed for J. Edgar.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

well at least there weren't any teenage vampires in it! We are going to a movie Friday evening. A French flick about SEX. Yaaaaay!

George and Maureen Johnson said...

I know what you mean about boring movies. Some of them are certainly uncreative, predictable, blogs of hype. I think that is funny about Gary's movie him and Maude are going to see....those International films usually make me go ???????????? My older sister Kathy adores them. She studied Art in Europe so she probably understands them more than I.
We just watched a movie called "Adam" but it was purely for documentary reasons, and educational. It is about living with Aspergers. It was sad in some parts, and funny in others. Not what you would call a entertaining movie, just realistic facts. We loved it but for personal reasons.

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