Monday, November 21, 2011

Hoarders: Wilma and Nora

Wilma, Southern belle from Georgia and a collector. 
I just really love when people describe themselves as collectors. Especially when people can see that they are living in a home that should be condemned. The jig it up! You're a hoarder, you're even on a show called Hoarders. Maybe if they called it Collectors they could get more people to sign up.

The city has contacted Wilma about her home. And much like the honey badger, Wilma don't care.

Her kids felt hopeless and scared growing up. They played in collection tunnels.

Wilma chained her kids to the bed to punish them! She made her son pick out his own chain at the hardware store. But don't worry! He wasn't chained alone. He could get to the bathroom and his brother and sister were there. CPS removed the kids multiple times due to abuse and neglect. And probably because she chained her kids to the bed.

Wilma has hoarded out her mother's house and also ruined her children's memories of a wonderful place. So, she has that going for her.

Her son stated that Wilma can either accept help or die a lonely old lady. I feel like she's clearly chosen the route of lonely old lady.

Who needs walls when you have a perfectly good tarp? She sleeps on top of hoard. I imagine that's pretty hard on your back.

So her son is living there with her? The one she chained to the bed or another one? I don't even know at this point. Let's say it's not the kid that was chained to the bed because that is too messed up to even deal with.

The Possum from Hoarders has directed us to Dr. David Tolin's page. "Like" accordingly.

Cory Chalmers is on the Wilma case! She's pretty nutso, a great time for Cory to really shine.

Her son Dean is living with her, he calls his mother "Wilma", as you know, not calling your mom "mom" is a sure sign your Mom has totally ruined your life. 

She's calling her children awful people. She gave up what she wanted to do in her life to raise them and she resents them. What did she want to do pre-kids? Let's guess. I'll say be the first female president. Then she chained her kid to the bed and knew that dream was over.

"You're pissing me off and I'm not even related to ya." -Cory Chalmers

Dr. Tolin is trying to get Wilma to take some resonsiblity for herself. Her response? She should never have had children. She's pretty much awful. And bless her kids for trying, but they will be better off without her in their lives. How sad. I hope they take after-care funds and can move on to have amazing lives! 

Dean brought in a picture of his sister. Wilma told him to throw it away. She keeps topping herself in awfulness! Which is kind of amazing. 

They removed 3 dump trucks worth of trash, the house is still 70% full and the house is uninhabitable. 

Wilma would rather be homeless than live with her kids. Dean found temporary housing through CPS. Wilma's house is set to be bull-dozed and she's not answering CPS's calls.

Nora is a retired schoolteacher with an adorable voice. 

Who could get mad at her? She would never chain anyone to the bed.

Nora's got a raging book addiction. I think she might also have a container addiction.

Nora is blaming her kids for hoarding. So, that's pretty crappy of her. She has that adorable voice though! She sounds like Betty Boop.

Nora suffered some losses. She lost her grandmother, her daughter moved into an apartment and her husband died. Nora sure does lay on the guilt! She refers to her daughter getting an apartment as "losing her best friend". Well, she's still alive Nora. Let her fly your rubbermaid coop.

Nora left kids at school unattended to go shopping. During one of her shopping excursions a child got hurt. Schools frown on things like that so she is no longer a teacher. Now she can devote her entire day to shopping!

Dr. Zasio and her dream voice and Nora's chipmunk voice together! And Dorothy Breininger! Oh jeez. I just don't think I will be able to deal with it if they have to yell at little Nora. See, that's how she gets away with it! By being adorable and having a tiny voice.

Nora told the crew to throw away everything.

I could watch Dorothy boss people around all day.

Nora semi-freaked out on Dorothy and apologized for the freak out mid-freak out. And somehow she keeps finding ways to out cute herself. Now she's rifling through magazines, including Southern Lady magazine. I think they should advertise that. Up subscriptions. "#1 choice of hoarders that don't have poop buckets"

Nora gave herself a black eye? Oh dear.

There were 3,000 containers when they arrived. They could only remove: 15 boxes going to charity, 5 boxes of trash, 5 bags of trash. In the words of Dorothy, "That's it." Holy moly was this a depressing episode. Well, they all are, but this one was off the charts sad.

Nora is seeing a therapist to learn some coping tools before continuing to work with an organizer. Her and her daughter hae had little contact since the clean-up. Pull through for us, Nora! I wanna see a happy update.


Anonymous said...

What is Wilma's last name?? Her son is HOT!! I'm totally serious.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

this may ynot sound very nice of me, but if you chain your kids to the bed I think you deserve a nuke up the ass :)

George and Maureen Johnson said...

That is why I said to the Shrinks when I worked for them, "No Hoarders, oh no"! They are just too alien for me. I am not sure how one applies feelings to stuff over feelings for people, but they do. They suffer from extreme dissassociative disorder, sometimes at it's worst. Now food from their homes would be on my "Disturbing Food List"! hahahha

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why they didn't explain Nora's bruise any more than the casual mention. Wouldn't it be concerning that she injured herself?

Anonymous said...

I knew Wilma when she was young. Not much to look at then either but she was ambitious. She used to day dream about one day becoming the assistant to the Assistant Manager at her local Loaf N Jug. She may have done it too, if she hadn't met that no good Wilbur. He forced her to have those kids and the rest is a sad history.

Tara said...

It was very weird they just accepted Nora gave herself a black eye and moved on. She has a lovely voice...a young girl's voice.

Kasey Baker-VerMulm said...

They all just sort of tra la la-ed the black eye. Oh you gave yourself a black eye? Moving along...

Wilma got that ambition, baby. Look in her eyes. This week she mopping floors, next week on the fries.

really said...

why the heck did that shrink make that mother say she hated her kids right in front of the kids. i don't get the point of that. oh, by the way kids, your mom thinks you're all shit. um, thanks shrink. ratings stunt and heartless!

Kasey Baker-VerMulm said...

It was completely mean and unnecessary. Maybe somehow it will help her kids feel better about cutting her out of their lives. (I hope they do.)

sandra johnson said...

I just watched this episode last night and thought it was a new one.
I am curious as to what happened to Wilma and her kids.
I was so heart broken to hear the way Wilma was talking about her children and just can't believe how mean she was. Her kids should have walked away and never looked back.
I can only guess that the house was demolished and Wilma was left homeless. Anyone know?

Mustbe Aweful said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miki said...

Any updates on Wilma? I'm assuming her house was leveled by now. Anyone have an update on the kids?

Anonymous said...

They aired this episode again today and my heart broke all over again for sweet Ben. All in the world he wants from that terrible woman is the smallest approval. I just want to wrap my arms around him so badly. I feel terrible for all three of the kids but Ben just hurts my heart. Anyone have any updates?

Anonymous said...

We have family in that area who say Wilma died early last year. I dunno if it's true or not, just passing it along. Hopefully, another person can confirm.

Anonymous said...

Why do people praise women who sound like little girls? It's much more attractive when a woman has a WOMAN'S voice. Who can take baby-talkers seriously?

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