Monday, November 14, 2011

Hoarders: Eileen and Judy

3 million people are compulsive hoarders. They tell us that every week. How many do you think are American?

Eileen, California. 
She has 6 boys, 4 living there with her in the hoard. 

Ron is Eileen's husband and he is pretty sure they are living in a trash heap. He's a fireman. He is mandated to report his house. "You're supposed to take action, but you just don't wanna take action." 

Eileen isn't worried about them taking her kids away. Why? Well because it would be a good lesson for them to learn...What? Why do your kids need to learn the lesson of being taken away from their home? That's not a valuable life lesson.  

Ron blames himself. Her son is blaming himself for being born. I'm sure Eileen is perfectly fine with the two of them taking on that blame. This sure as hell isn't her fault. 

Eileen didn't "initiate the help" herself. No, your son had to because you think all of this is totally fine!

Zasio is on the case and she's dressed to the nines! For some reason Eileen thinks she's fooling, not only Zasio, but all of us into believing everyone else is the hoarder.  

Her son lives in a chair and sleeps in a box. Whatever, it's fine. This is just another one of those life lessons. 

Zasio needs to slap some sense into Eileen. The look on her face tells me that she just might! 
Eileen seems to think this is a "poor mom" situation vs. a "poor kids" situation. Eileen is very wrong.

"Ron, our heroic firefighter, actually said, 'This is a death trap.' Ron! Get a voice!" Damn right. Dorothy Breininger. As you can see in the photo below, Dorothy has had it.

Eileen's son Steven is the only one that challenges Eileen. His Dad and brothers seem fine with this set up because it keeps them from being yelled at. The rest of the family just lets her go nuts cuz they don't want to deal with her and her rage-aholisism. 

Eileen has been yelling at everyone so much she's getting all phlegmy. Bitch wants to keep her boxes pretty bad.

Eileen gives Ron permission to deal with the electronics. After granting him permission she immediately starts screaming at him. 

Ron THINKS his wife has some psychological issues. Yeah? You think?! 

Eileen doesn't want anyone to make this about her having an obsession with boxes. It's not that. It's just...well Eileen is crazy and she has an obsession with boxes. 

They got it clean, but somehow I still don't think that's a safe home to live in. Not with Eileen. She hasn't accepted aftercare therapy BECAUSE NOTHING IS WRONG WITH HER!

Judy, a part-time radio personality in Heber City, Utah
Judy's husband Nile sounds like he's had his voice distorted, like he's in the witness protection program. It's really weird to hear someone sound like that, but see their face clearly. 

"The drinks are outside because, of course, they need to be cold. I have a cooler outside so I put things in the cooler. Except my milk, that's in a snow bank right now." Judy's fridge is the lawn.

Judy lost a previous husband, her father, mother and her two best friends to cancer. Nile's father and mother also died recently. So, this was all a big time hoarding trigger. 

Judy and Nile inherited 32 arces of land when Nile's parents passed away. They sold that for a million dollars, blew a bunch of it on trailers, now they have about $20,000 left. But don't worry about Judy! Amongst her hoard is $30,000 in uncashed checks. 

This just in via facebook: Matt Paxton i love my job.

"I've been missing the check for $20,000 for about 8 months." How in the hell? 

Judy is the charming sort of hoader. You know the type (Glen). 

"Judy has a storehouse of feelings and emotions that need to be tapped into. The doors need to be opened." This is some deep thoughts on hoarding by our very own Dr. Chabaud. Matt Paxton has set the bar pretty high. We've come to expect hoarding insight every episode.

It's been decided, the western stuff stays. Whew. 
Oh shit. Judy's gone through a box that was set for the trash. FULL OF WESTERN COLLECTIONS! I mean, some obvious western stuff. Pillows with horses on them. How could you ever say that's not western? What else would it be?

We've uncovered the kitchen! Matt Paxton immediately checks the expiration date on the cheese. That's like when a doctor looks down your throat. You learn things that way.

"Spoiling to me is like going out and buying a new Porsche, not buying a house full of shit." Judy's brother dropping some knowledge on all our asses. That's his example of the different between spoiled and irresponsible. 

Judy lives in a small town and she doesn't want everyone knowing all her business. That's why she hasn't deposited $25,000 in checks. And now, she's quoting a commercial to her brother when he suggests she doesn't go buy more hoard. "It's my money and I need it now."
I sort of get what Judy is saying. In small towns everyone does know all your business. It would stress me out too, Judy. I mean, I'd still deposit $25,000 checks, but I get it. 

Her husband Nile has been in pain for 20 years and he's been hiding all that pain in his moustache. Strong men do cry and that's what is happening now. Dr. Chabaud calls a family meeting. Everyone loves each other and it's all very sweet. The air is clear and the house cleaning is going swimmingly.

Side note: Hey America, why is the movie New Year's Eve a thing? Way to go. This wouldn't have happened if you wouldn't have gone to Valentine's Day. Stop making cinema terrible. I'm sick of it. 

They removed 9 tons of hoard from the house. Nile is so happy he said something. Judy is happy. Oh my goodness this is one of the happy cases. I love those. She's accepted therapy and they are doing well. YAY! 

Matt Paxton One-Liner Hoarder
"We didn't poop on them between there and here. They're still clean."
"She's totally cool with it. She does not care that she's the messy lady on the street."
"I think his survival is just to hang out."
"Colby (cheese) doesn't stand the test of time I guess."
"This is frustrating, man. You've been living in a bunch of shit for 10, 20 years."

P.S. Matt Paxton has a podcast. Find out more about it on his blog


Anonymous said...

Eileen is a stupid selfish bitch

Erin from Boston said...

Finally an episode full of Paxton. Colby sure doesn't stand the test of time. Not when it's colby from 2006. Dr. Chabaud summed this one up perfectly, "I wish I had $30,000 lying around the house."

As for Eileen, Zasio and Breninger totally should have tag teamed her and beat some sense into her. Dorothy was not taking her shit and rightfully so. Eileen has more issues than Time magazine. Take the after care.

Kasey Baker-VerMulm said...

Eileen was just such an awful person, terrible mother. I know they cleaned up the house and everything, it all looked great, but I'm sure they are still suffering from her verbal and emotional abuse.
Her son that isn't afraid of her tried his hardest. If no one else is going to stand up to her there's only so much he can do. Guess that's why he had to call CPS.

Anonymous said...

I am not a hoarder but I can sympathize with Eileen. Before you start booing hear me out... You haven't seen the history of the family and she seems to yell constantly because you can only ask so many times nicely before you end up so pent up and frustrated. Instead of communicating (since it seems to fall on deaf ears anyway) she hoards and gains some sort of control over the family that way. I really feel for her as you can see the pain of a broken woman in her. I can sympathize since every time my husband doesn't listen it usually costs us thousands. (well not anymore since he knows where the door is if he does it one more time!). If she could feel like a part of the family who is heard and respected, I bet she would quit yelling and hoarding. Just my two cents.

Angelyne said...

Anon, projecting much?

I saw no signs of a woman that wasn't heard or respected. Rather it was her family that wasn't heard. She had only one mode of expression : yelling. Her family just let her do whatever she wanted, just so they wouldn't have to put up her constant anger.She blames her kids for the mess, yet does not allow anything to be thrown away. Even half rotten yams. How are they suppose to tidy up where there is no place to put anything. Why would they even want to try ? So they just shut her out. Self-preservation. I felt so sorry for her kids, especially the youngest who somehow blamed himself for being born. You don't think he is going to carry scars from that ?

This woman was insane, but sadly for her and her family, in the self-destructive and impossible to help way that many mentally ill people are. You cannot help someone who does not think they have a problem. And there is no drug that helps. The only positive thing that came out of this episode is that her husband finally realized she is crazy. The way everyone was blaming themselves tells me she had managed to half convince her family that they were the problem. I think the show blew that particular delusion wide open. The other positive thing is that CPS was involved. Between them and the older son, I doubt the situation will be allowed to deteriorate. Sadly there is only one solution here. He needs to kick her sorry ass to the curb. For the sake of his children if not himself.

Anonymous said...

Love to read your blog after every episode.

Kasey Baker-VerMulm said...

@Anonymous 1
It does seem like most hoarding is about trying to get some control. So she scares everyone into submission.

@Anonymous 2 Thank you!

Ms. Crawford said...

I am so glad that you created this blog. I didn't see the end of the Eileen episode. She was crazy. Do they ever show long term updates.

Anonymous said...

I wish ron could see how damaging this is for his children.they are the only real victims and he needs to do his job as a father and a fire fighter and rescue his sons from Eileen.her condition is not going to get better and its obvious they all enable her to avoid conflict. It its heartbreaking to see the children look at the mess and that woman with real issues.

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