Monday, October 31, 2011

Hoarders: John & Vivian

Cape May, New Jersey
He's a retired corrections sargeant. He's lost count of his cats.

George is John's friend. I feel so weird for people that are friends with hoarders.
George says the floor is packed with feces and urine. If you continue to be friends with someone through that you a very patient person. I applaud you.

Charlie is John's other friend we're being introduced to for I don't know what reason. A friend from college. Is this a parade of ex-lovers? I do believe it is.

John's best friend was his mom. They went on cat hunting expeditions with her. You know those moments we all share with our mom, collecting cats from the neighborhood.

His mom died in 2008. At that time he was down to 12 cats. John was doing pretty okay for himself. As okay as 12 cats in a house is...he was borderline okay. Then his mom died and the cat collecting spiraled out of control. Tale as old as time.

"They weren't in my shoes. I was." Profound thought by John.

John uses kid sized swimming pools for his cats. They are filled to the brim with feces. Deal with that, America.

The cats at John's place are mainly living in the ceilings and the walls. The doctor tells us they are quiet, too quiet. That means they are sick. There's a cat under the counter in the kitchen, hardly mobile. John shrugs off the suggestion that his cats are sick. He doesn't just shrug it off though. He shrugs and sort of stares off into space.

Matt Paxton and company will help John with his elusive, sick cats.

First dead kitten found. Followed by man more flattened, dead cats. And someone just took a picture of the dead cat pile. Are they keeping that as evidence? This program is evidence enough.

"How does one get to the point where they don't know how many dead kittens are in their home." We'd all like to know the answer to that question, Dr. You tell us.

Okay, Molly is the main cat that A&E has us pulling for. So let's all hold out ope for Molly. END HOPE! We've already lost Molly. That was quick, even in television programming time. And to that John says, "Dammit. She was a real sweetheart." Oh no! Now Chiefie is in terrible shape. The animal episodes are hard. The horror never seems to end. Maybe A&E did this special for Halloween?
This pet crew lady looks like Watts from Some Kind of Wonderful.

"All we're finding in this room are dead kittens." Paxton. There was one room that John couldn't get to, that's where all his feral cats had kittens. And now we've found out that Chiefie might die.

"Hey John, you've got a bunch of old pictures but they're soaked in urine." Matt to John. John was okay with throwing them out! He had zero problems with that. It shouldn't be strange that someone wants to throw away pictures that are soaked in urine, but it's become strange.

Chiefie survived. He was allowed to keep him, but there was a lifetime ban on any additional cats.

Vivian, California
Her family is her life.

Scott is Vivian's son. Sylvester with a European accent is her husband. He starts things off by giving us the purpose of a garage. And then we find out he bought himself a house in Detroit. He owns a business there and stays there to escape the hoarding, Vivian, their children and everything else.

Vivian's fifth child suffered a serious medical emergency. She saved him from crib death. He ended up being visually impaired, physically handicapped and mentally delayed. Stanley's 21, but he's on a 7 year old level. :( Then she started shopping for everything she could see.

Oh jeez. Another tragedy has struck! 2 years ago, her oldest son John was throwing up blood...and now a funeral. I'm not sure what was wrong, but that made her start hoarding harder.

She has a memorial to John that includes a Shakira cd and a junk shrine.

Dorothy Breininger has immediately and totally eased Stanley's mind about the clean-up. It's probably been ages since he heard someone say something so reasonable.

And Stanley has to sit right between his parents while they fight. Poor guy.

"Those are pieces of shit." Vivian's daughter about her mom's hoarder. Moments later. "Good job, Mom! I'm so stoked on you right now." Hoarders is emotionally super charged! You just feel so many emotions, many different emotions within the same minute.

Sylvester is fed up. I think his accent is making him seem meaner than he actually is, but he does seem kinda mean. The accent just amplifies it. He's expecting to be able to entertain clients at his home. He just wants to be able to entertain clients and not vomit. Which isn't too much to ask. It's not, but his wife has some mental things she's dealing with right now and the anti-vomit declarations need to be made gently. He's just not that gentle.

The house is clean! Everyone is so happy. Now Sylvester may not have to go to Detroit so often. Except he probably does because that's how he handles his life, escapes to another city.

Vivian is getting after care and continues to meet with Dorothy. Good for her on that choice. 


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Oh GOSH! Btw, did you see your nieces and nephews on the weekend? They always seem to make Halloween so much fun for you....

Erin from Boston said...

Last night was a Paxton episode that was almost Paxton-free! Not happy about that. Dear Hoarders, Don't waste Paxton!!! You need him for big time serious clutter, not cats!

Speaking of cats, my God all those dead kittens were horrible to look at. It bothers me when people say they love their cats so much but are oblivious to the fact that they're all in horrible shape.

Kasey Baker-VerMulm said...

You don't really love your cats if you are letting them disintegrate into flat cat. I think Paxton is supposed to be on tonight's episode. Zasio said she was working with Matt this week on facebook, but I don't know if she meant real life or on the TV. I hope she meant TV AND real life.

Anonymous said...

That John guy seems like a psycho with no emotion. I was pretty much tearing up the whole episode until my father pointed out that the flat cats looked like cartoon characters, perhaps a Tom & Jerry accident. It's heartwrenching. He has no emotions, rather, he lists them off out loud. "I feel guilty. I feel pain. I feel tears." What a loony. He only got a slap on the wrist for all of his animal cruelty accounts (a $1600 fine). Being an animal rights activist, the episode really hit me hard and made me angry, but I think that's also because my mother is an addict/hooker herself. I'm glad that there are no more anemic kitties, dead cats, and flat kittens.

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