Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary to US!

As of yesterday Scott and I have been married one year. AN ENTIRE YEAR! The question everyone asks, "Can you believe it's been a year?" I guess I can. I mean, it has. That isn't to say that this year hasn't gone fast, it's gone fast, but I believe the calendar when it tells me that it's been a year. Scott is the most awesome-est husband EVER. That's all there is to it. So, that probably helped make this year fly by like it did. What else flew this year? Kites!
(wedding photos by Ryan Towe)
A year later and I think he's had to pick up less change from around the house. Maybe? I don't know. I feel like I've gotten better about that. (If you aren't aware me, my brothers and sister all seem to have a problem where we leave piles of change around the house. We don't know why.)

"How did you spend your anniversary weekend?" You didn't ask. Well let me tell you! We went to Waterfront for dinner on Saturday night and then to the Funny Bone afterwards (I won free tickets). Both venues ended up being rather interesting. Our waiter at Waterfront complained to the hostess that sat us in his section. "Yeah, I'll get to them when I'm done running around in circles." He was weirdly quiet up until 1/2 way through our meal when he became friendly. Maybe mid-meal is when he was able to stop running around in those previously mentioned circles.

Scott and I spent most of the dinner eavesdropping (Can you call it that when they're talking loud enough for the entire room to hear?) on the women seated behind us. They were discussing how awful everyone is but them. Oh and if you're good looking, to them that means you're a good person. One of them was talking about her husband being a teacher and cheating on her with a student. The student was declared by her to be: homely, fat and suffering from low self esteem. "At least he was good looking." Yes, that is a redeeming quality! Good for him.

The show at the Funny Bone wasn't great, but I've come to expect that when I "win" free tickets for a weekend show. Scott tried to order a beer twice. Both times the waitress failed to bring him a beer. So, he didn't have booze to help him through. Poor guy, but don't worry. He made it through. I got my customary drink-that-includes-a-glass and also something called, Jamaican Me Crazy. Obviously I chose that one because of the name. The drink ordering had its highs and lows.

The couple seated next to me were really enjoying each other's company. There was some strange, erotic stomach rubbing going on. They appeared to have had zero troubles ordering beers. The people next to Scott all ordered desserts. I wanted cake, but I was too nervous to ask the waitress for cake because we didn't have a dessert section on our table menu thing. I know it should be enough confirmation that the people seated next to us had it, but I wasn't going to take any chances and have someone tell me, "No, you can't have any cake." That is just too embarrassing of a sentence to have to hear. And I would have to live and wonder why they could have cake and I couldn't. I wasn't going to take any chances on that. (Don't worry though, readers. We now have cake and we're about to eat it.)

All in all an interesting Saturday.

We had a nice day yesterday, actual anniversary day. We ate lunch at Popeye's chicken, went to the pet store, went to an art show, watched Dexter, ate spaghetti, hung out at the apartment being awesome. The perfect way to spend an anniversary.

And next week is the big anniversary get away. We are road tripping west and staying in Deadwood, SD. We're both pretty pumped. Scott has never been and I haven't been for forever. Probably a couple decades. (Oh gosh, the oldness! I'm old!) We're staying at a haunted hotel, as seen on Unsolved Mysteries back in the day. Of course, I'll let you know how it goes.

And here is our friend Adam. He wrote this pretty song and he sang it at our wedding, which was a year ago yesterday. Yay for an awesome 1st year!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats! LET THEM EAT CAKE dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liz said...

wow! it hardly seems like a year already! congrats Kasey and Scott!

miss.e.motional said...

Love it!!! Congrats to a lovely couple :):) xoxo

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Wow, that year went fast. Glad you two are having fun, and oh can't wait to hear about the haunted that is cool get away. Adventure, that is wonderful.
Congratulations to you you both dearly, always. Love the shallow conversations over heard in the restaurant. I love to do that too. We had a great friend who used to ad-lib those conversations and we laughed our azz's off. The people never heard him, they were so wrapped up in themselves. hahhahhaha! Have a great and happy time....

Reverend Awesome said...

It did go by really fast. Thank you for all the nice comments, everybody!

I'll let you know if we see a ghost. I was told he was going to be told of our arrival.

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