Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sep-TIMMMBER Update!

We're 8 days into Sep-TIMMMBER. What have I done with myself? Am I a better person? Let's discuss.

• I'm going to order items from menus that I wouldn't normally order all month long. It sounds like an idiotic goal, but it will be hard for me as people that read this blog regularly are well aware of. I'm a weirdo about trying new foods. I never do it. I forced myself to learn to like green vegetables in my 20's. The world is passing me by with all it's new foods and I don't want to have to worry when I go to a new restaurant that I won't find anything I want to eat on the menu.  I'm going to be food brave this month and hopefully that bravery will follow me to future months. 

We haven't been to a restaurant yet this month. BUT that has not stopped me from trying to be more food brave. We're doing some training at work and there was a lunch provided. One of those lunch items had mushrooms in it. You know what is scary to me? I'll tell you, most things, mushrooms being one of them. I put that mushroom dish on my plate and tried it! I put something else on my plate that I didn't know the name of. Ate it! Even went and got more of it. 

Also, Scott ordered Chinese food last night. I asked to try some! I know what you're thinking "She thinks this is an accomplishment? Chinese food?" Listen, I've tried Chinese food at an actual Chinese restaurant before. I didn't like it. That really distressed the waiter so I was swallowing the food whole to pacify him. It was a pretty traumatic experience for me. 

Trying some of Scott's went much better. I chewed it and tried it without the pressure of making anyone mad. Also, I got a fortune cookie! You know what that fortune cookie said? I'll show you. 
So there. I'm heading in the right direction. Kiss my ass. 

• Blog more. When I say, "I should blog about this." I am going to follow through and blog about it. (Look, I'm blogging about this!) My goal is more posts this month than last month. 
I'm disappointed in myself on this front. I hope to rectify this. I've had thoughts of "I should blog this." and then didn't because I soon after thought to myself, "No one wants to read that." But you know what? Why does anyone want to read anything? Maybe no one does want to read it, but maybe someone does. 

• Start meditating every night. Right now I'm inconsistent with it. Everyday for Sep-Timmber to get my mind right. 
I've been doing good with this.  

• Write in my journal/grown-person diary 2-3 times a week. 
Once is not 2-3 times. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER, ME!

• Make a conscience effort to worry less about being a social weirdo. I'm going to not be shy and immaculatize. If I say something idiotic no one will dwell on it as much as I dwell on it. (Reminder to myself.)
I've been doing okay. Still worrying, but I stockpiled conversation topics in my brain prior to socializing this weekend. That always seems to help. Still working on this. Will probably always be working on this.

• Download and listen to Jamie on this Potato Salad thing. That should be completed this evening, before Sep-TIMMBER even gets here!
Did it! Loved it. Jamie is a righteous dude.  

• Seek out more joy in life. On it, see above. 

• Reread RuPaul's Guide for life, Workin' It. (I think everyone should read it.)
I haven't started this yet. I've felt like rereading Bossy Pants. I'll reread Workin' It though. In due time. When I'm done rereading this other book. Maybe I should read a new book? Whatever. I do what I want! Kinda...

• And let's all reach nirvana together! SEP-TIMMMMBER!
Someone found my blog by searching Wild Irish Rose. So, we're on our way. 


miss.e.motional said...

Whatever you write, I wanna read it! So there.


the fact that you tried Chinese food, and your fortune..


trying new foods (I can't wait to hear more about your culinary adventures)


Keep on keeping on. High five!

Reverend Awesome said...

Awww. Thanks, Melissa!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

You are doing just beautifully :) the whole mushroom thing? Sheesh, I know, you wonder where THEY HaVE BEEN???????????
And like she says, i wanna read what you have to saaaaaay!

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