Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bubble Making Blood Bath

I had these grand bubble plans today. (When these plans are completed I'll let you know what they are.) So, I went to Target to get some bubble stuff. I usually have some around the house, but right now I'm out. Well, guess what Target has done to me? Stopped stocking bubble stuff as if there is no bubble blowing in the fall. That is a bunch of bullshit if you ask me. I would've stopped somewhere else, but I found something I THOUGHT would do. Crayola washable colored bubbles.

Okay, what the hell. Who thought this was a good idea? This is the mess I, as a grown ass woman, made of myself with this bubble stuff. What would your children look like? I had to ride the elevator looking like I was just returning home from a murder.

Bubble color just isn't a big part of bubble enjoyment for me. In fact, it hindered my enjoyment. I don't even think this is legit bubble stuff. The number of bubbles per blow sucked. 
I had bubble spatter all up my arm and everything. I'll stop by Michael's and get myself some reasonable bubble stuff tomorrow. 

While this is all super exciting, this isn't the only thing I did this weekend. Saturday Mom and Dad came over and we had snacks and drinks and watched Louie. There was one episode in particular I HAD TO show my Dad. Louie is taking his daughters to visit their aunt and along the way The Who comes on the radio. Louie sings along, air drums along, "who are YOU!?" (points to his daughters on the "you"). When Scott and I watched this episode I freaked out. This is exactly what my Dad did! Right down to the point, this is what my Dad did. I didn't tell my Dad what he was about to see. I wanted to see if he would recognize his own behavior. The answer is, yes. He did. Louie has a couple new fans in my parents. 

This wasn't the only song my Dad rocked out to, but it was surely a memorable one. That and Back in the USSR were his big time sing along, point-to-me-during-the-chorus, car songs. I asked Scott if his Dad did that too. I thought maybe it was just a dad thing. He didn't. Did yours? Or any dad stories you feel like sharing? Share away!


miss.e.motional said...

Omg as soon as I saw you say Crayola "washable" bubbles I started laughing and shaking my head. Those things are beyond awful. I do love the image of you standing in your elevator like a shifty murderer who sucks at cleaning up.

PS - am excited to hear about your project :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

well, shoot! blowing colored bubbles off the 15th floor might have resulted in red spatter on people down below, TRES AMUSING! as far as tunes, I don't know about sing along with dad, but DEFINATELY when I was a teenage wasteland, listening to the Who singing ...about teenage wasteland, sure was appropriate, you know?

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Oh my God, Zombie Bubbles now....isn't there enough gore, blood, and gruesome stuff on TV and the movies, also video games...that stuff looks ghastly. A great way to reak terror with our neighbors, could prove interesting and fun! hahahhaha!
Oh Keith Moon, Keith Moon, my idol. One hell of a kick azz drummer, need a nap after drumming along with him....whew! Notice how he duct tapes his headphones on...I am gonna do that from now on...hahahahha!
Oh my Dad was a Football Player, and a Baseball Player, all around athlete. Actually he was a total bore, a ladies man (to keep it clean), and a critical No way, Art, No way. Just tons of selfish, narcissism of how to adore his perfectionism, BLAUGH, POOEY. The sad truth was he could do anything, win anything, everyone adored him that wasn't married to him, or one of his offspring...ignored us totally, we were not good enough for his royal anus...hahhahahhaha! :)

Decoupage Creations by Emily said...

My Dad used to play Prince records and dance around the house (circa 1983 or 84ish). The song that I most remember him rocking out to was "Delirious". I was like 4, and remember feeling so embarrassed for him. No one can dance to that song and not look like a total dork. I almost never hear "Delirious"- which is fine because it brings back the whole dad thing. Ok, now I am just going to HAVE to listen to it.

Reverend Awesome said...

That made me have to listen to delirious. I was trying to imagine my Dad rocking the F out over it! And I just can't! I applaud your Dad. That's bold.

Another Dad story. One day I was in my room, yelling for my Mom. She was ignoring me. Oh and then in walks my Dad with someone in his shirt to make it look like he had boobs. "Yes, what do you need?" he asked in a high voice. I said, "I need Mom!" He told me, "I am Mom!" It freaked me out! I thought he really thought he was Mom. I kept insisting he wasn't Mom. It just wasn't sinking in.

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