Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Scott listens (and now I listen) to a podcast, the Long Shot Podcast. He had sent in a story about a squirrel. One of the guys on the show is a huge squirrel fan. They read his story! He heard it at work so when I got home we were going to listen together. Before he started the podcast he told me about a guy on it named Jamie Flam. He said that Jamie reminded him of me. His thoughts on life and such. He told me Jamie has this thing called Immaculata, said I should check it out. We listened. It was great. I checked out Immaculata. I FREAKED OUT cuz it was/is so awesome! An exciting night in our household. That's for sure. Scott got to hear people he thinks are great read his story, I found out about Immaculatizing. What a wonderful evening! That was July, this is Sep-TIMMMBER.

September is the anniversary of Jamie's first Immaculata. (You can read about it HERE.) So, he's doing it again! The 30 day plan. 

I've set myself some goals for Sep-TIMMMMBER to Immaculatize myself. They are as follows:
• I'm going to order items from menus that I wouldn't normally order all month long. It sounds like an idiotic goal, but it will be hard for me as people that read this blog regularly are well aware of. I'm a weirdo about trying new foods. I never do it. I forced myself to learn to like green vegetables in my 20's. The world is passing me by with all it's new foods and I don't want to have to worry when I go to a new restaurant that I won't find anything I want to eat on the menu.  I'm going to be food brave this month and hopefully that bravery will follow me to future months. 

• Blog more. When I say, "I should blog about this." I am going to follow through and blog about it. (Look, I'm blogging about this!) My goal is more posts this month than last month. 

• Start meditating every night. Right now I'm inconsistent with it. Everyday for Sep-Timmber to get my mind right. 

• Write in my journal/grown-person diary 2-3 times a week. 

• Make a conscience effort to worry less about being a social weirdo. I'm going to not be shy and immaculatize. If I say something idiotic no one will dwell on it as much as I dwell on it. (Reminder to myself.)

• Download and listen to Jamie on this Potato Salad thing. That should be completed this evening, before Sep-TIMMBER even gets here!

• Seek out more joy in life. On it, see above. 

• Reread RuPaul's Guide for life, Workin' It. (I think everyone should read it.)

• And let's all reach nirvana together! SEP-TIMMMMBER!

 (Side note: My friend Jill's daughter has rescued a baby squirrel! His name is Chance.)
Chance the Squirrel
Be excellent to each other.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

go KASEY :) its like, a new school year, a new Kasey!

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Awesome Kasey. I am so glad for your post, and you go for it. You will see how everyone, and everybody loves you, just because they do!
I made George memorize what you wrote, and I will have it tattooed on his arms if necessary, or like George just said, 'How about on the inside of my eyelids"! bwhahahhaha! Be brave, eat that broccoli, show it who's their Momma! You are so imperfectly perfect, I adore, adore, adore you. Laugh, smile, and have a blast!

Gallow said...

He's my favorite squirrel story. Fast forward to 20 minutes into the show for Act II.

miss.e.motional said...

Love love love it! More posts!! Wooo!

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