Friday, August 5, 2011

I Love My Friends

Pimp of the Millennium, Kris Jenner made this video to brag about in honor of her friends. I'm sorry I don't have something so tasteful to offer you guys, but this post will have to do.

A few weeks back I received the most amazing present in the history of time. My friend Maureen wrote me, Heath and Scott a book! It's so totally brilliant. With Maureen you come to expect nothing less than brilliance. Oh, she'll downplay it, then she's BLOW YOUR MIND WITH GREATNESS! You remember the rat bowl, right? Her book had me laughing and crying and just jumping out of my skin with delight. Here's the cover.
About a year ago I had the honor of meeting the ever-amazing, Maude Rith. She was even more delightful than you would ever imagine her to be. This year has just flown by! Well, of course, regular readers will also know of my pal Gary. Also, a gem of a human being. I checked the mailbox the other day and a treasure was awaiting me. I didn't even know I had a treasure on the way!
Chill. This is something I must constantly remind myself. Anyone that thinks I seem calm doesn't know what's going on inside my crazy brain. Gary knows! So, this is my neat-o reminder.

I also got a super nice thank you note from my friend Melissa.

My mailbox is a treasure trove of warm fuzzies! Thank you all! I love you more than Kris Jenner loves fame-whoring!


Gary's third pottery blog said...


miss.e.motional said...

A measly thank you card? I'm gonna have to up my ante! ;) xoxoxoo

Gary's third pottery blog said...

you are the absolute nicest person, hope your weekend kicks ass :)

George and Maureen Johnson said...

OMG Do I love you? Thank you so much for your loving words, gosh, you are totally awesome Kasey! I love you so much and am so honored you love me! Gosh, love is totally grand when it comes from the heart and is real.
Bwhaaa love the video, perfect! hahahaha! We so enjoyed it, and thank you for the wonderful world of "Chirpy" he is my hero! :) lol lol and all his friends.

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