Monday, August 15, 2011

Hoarders: Super Roi and Stacey

This is blogging, experimental edition. Our internet is down at home. My life is in ruins! But I'm going to try to do this by typing up all my important Hoarders stuff in text edit and then seek out internet elsewhere. Hopefully there's some internet floating around in this building somewhere. 

Denham Springs, Louisiana, animal hoarder 

Nearly 50 cats and dogs are trapped inside her house. Her mom hasn't visited her for 11 years because Stacey's house is too disguising to visit. 
Dante is Stacey's son. He moved back to try to help his mom That didn't really work out for him She's not interested in it. So I guess he just hangs around waiting for her to decide to not be a hoarder.

Why are some dogs loose and some in cages with other dogs? I'm pretty sure a few more dogs running around the house isn't going to cause more damage than is already done. 

Her daughter Taylor was forced out by her mom's animals. 

"Take 'em to Wal-Mart." is what she says people have been telling her to do. Wal-Mart shoppers don't want your dogs! Even they have standards.

Stacey put out rat poison because she had a roach infestation. She was killing off her cats with it. Or just the general filth they are living in was killing off her cats. Who can say? She can't. She refuses to believe she had anything to do with the dying off of her cats.

She brought home some dogs and they had puppies, and they had puppies and so on and so on. Inbred puppies afoot!  

She thinks she's a great Mom. I mean, she texts her daughters and she SAYS she always puts her kids first. Except her daughter had to move out because she had too many dogs and keeps kitty litter on the stove. Other than that, she's always put her kids first.

First things first, remove the animals. This is too much to even take in. None of the dogs are doing well, obviously. 

She's keeping the cats' litter on the stovetop. If you do that it's a sure sign that you're on the path of decision making that leads to shitting in a bucket. In fact, that may be the equivalent of skipping a couple decisions. Stacey is almost there.

Janice, Stacey's mom (like the song, she's got it going on), says her daughter's house tells her to "Run like hell!" 

Taylor is having trouble telling her mom how much she hurt her by caring for animals more than her. She is holding back and just told her mom, "It is what it is." That is the holding back mantra! I've used the phrase myself. Sometimes you don't have the energy to spend.

Stacey kept 10 animals. I don't think she should be allowed to have any animals. She says she isn't herself without them. 

Roi, Dayton, Ohio
His job is being on disability. OH! It's a black hoarder! I know someone who's super excited (besides me), Leslie! Bring on the ratchetness! (Her word, not mine, but let's all use it.) 
"When you're overwhelmed and know not what to do. You often do nothing" 
Roi trying to charm us all. It's working, but only cuz of his multicolored patched leather jacket with a cape he wore in an old picture. I am just not sure on the cape part. That could have been a fashion illusion. 

I bet Roi was the coolest cat back in the day. He still has his old furs amongst the hoard. Matt Paxton and him are going to have a whale of a time!! He is a guy that is worthy of Paxton's time and tough love. We can all see that Roi is a cool dude. Paxitron will bring Roi's sexy back. HE'S GOT THE POWER!

Roi has been arrested for hoarding twice. Do they arrest white people for hoarding!? Or do they just give them tickets. 

40 years ago there was a fire in Roi's house. That made him hoard treasures. There's a gas leak somewhere in the house. Extra danger for everyone. 

It's Dr. Kutz again. Two weeks in a row. They're trying to get us used to him. Maybe he'll earn his wings on this hoard. Scott has declared him a combination of Paul Rudd and Demitri Martin.

He's hoarding himself from being able to get to his fridge, so he went and got a mini-fridge. Obvious solution! His daughter, Tamara, has never seen his house, now she's here to help him clean his hoard. This will be a wonderful bonding experience for them...

Roi's house sits on a soil foundation of treasures and a foot of water.

And he is dressed like Paddington Bear for I don't know what reason. 

The city inspector had to come out when they saw the support beams were broken. He had to condemn the house. Roi knows he had to declare it so. 

He's going to his sister's house and "try not to be in the way". Roi has had a yard sale, he's trying to fix his house and he's accepted after-care funds. He still has trouble parting with things. 

Matt Paxton One Liner Hoard:
"Hear up. You need to hear it."
"If I died crawling across that trash in the water, he would pick out the good boxes underneath me and save them."
"I have never been in a hoard so dangerous."
"I always say people could die in a hoard. Man, we all could die in this hoard."
"If you look at physical, we failed. If you look at hoping to save this man's life, then we succeeded.


Leslie said...

Let's have a big huzzah for black hoarders and rachetness!!!! There is another girl on twitter equally as excited as me, because there are black people on intervention. I think we need help LMAO.

Heather Reese said...

I saw that one last night where the guys house was on fire too.... the first thing I thought of was 'Oh man.... wait til Kasey gets ahold of THIS guy...."

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I just cannot read about pets mistreated like that, F#CK.

Erin from Boston said...

Roi's patched leather jacket/cape photo with his daughter is the COOLEST dad/daughter photo ever!!!! I just about screamed DYNO-MITE! when i saw it.

Stacy. i just couldn't deal with it. at first i was worried because she's in Louisiana and they have so many kill shelters there. they said all the dogs went to no-kill shelters thankfully. I think second in bad-assness to Paxton is Dorothy Breninger. She comes across all sweet and such but then here go hell come when the light doesn't come on over your head that hoarding is bad and people are trying to help you. Dorothy will yell at you in the kindest way possible. they should have let stacy keep one cat and that's it. if i were the daughter, i still wouldn't want to move into that mess.

miss.e.motional said...

Erin from Boston, Dorothy is totally here go hell come hard ass. Hilarious.

I hate Stacey. Those puppies (ok fine and even the cats) shattered my heart.

Scott is so right. I was thinking poor man's Paul Rudd but Scott is more right (righter? more correct? smarter?) than me :)

Jyl, Kasey's ketchup soul-sister said...

Seeing the dogs in the beginning killed me. It was like watching a Humane Society commercial, but longer and without the Sarah Mclachlan music. I can't deal with dogs being sad.

Does she even read the poison thing? I can almost guarantee you it says don't use around animals. I seriously hate this bitch and I hope someone exposes her to poison and puts her in a cage with her own feces and see how she likes it.

Anonymous said...

That waste of a women stacey should be locked up for several years. I can't believe the state is stupid enough to let her have any animals.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this episode on TV. Stacy's living in the state of Denial not Louisiana! "Oh, I couldn't find one cat, I was wondering where he went..." and out comes poor dead kitty. Had better looking dead cats in my anatomy lab.

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