Monday, August 29, 2011

Hoarders Follow Up Special: One Year Later

Matt Paxton tells us this is not the season finale. Don't worry. More Hoarders to come. Where are they now? Let's find out.

Vula and her pile of sadness. 

"I guess everybody is entitled to 15 minutes of fame. I've had my 15 minutes. Maybe I'll get 15 more. We'll see." And here's the thing with that, 15 minutes of fame isn't something we're all entitled to. It's not one of life's promises and living in crap and dead cats isn't the way to go about getting famous. Do you see what you did to America, Andy Warhol?!

Vula said the crew stole from her. So, of course, she had to go to Good Will and restock on crap.

Vula has never been fond of housework as we all know. Hers was the first hoard that necessitated a decontamination station. Paxton took on her case. I've never seen him have to get so tough. He's always tough, but this was Mad Pax at his most bad ass. 

"Vula! How are ya, baby?" Matt Paxton returns! Holy hell. SHE CLEANED! Not just clean. It's spotless. 

Matt Paxton is speechless. "That corner is the infamous corner where we found 2' of poop." And do you know what is in that corner now? A hutch filled with sparkly fanciness. 

Her son has had a lot to do with the clean-up. 98% according to Matt. 

OHHH, Vula wants more cats and she continues to deny being a hoarder. She thinks she's just messy. Messy people don't live with piles of poop in the corner and dead cats that you don't even know about. That's not messy. That's vile. 

Bless her son's heart he comes over once a week to clean up for his mom and keep her from going hoarder. 

Al the level/stage 5 hoarder, hat wearer. 

He's been recognized from Hoarders and he too seems kinda proud of it. 

Chamlers was on the Al case. If you don't recall, Al hates rules. Policies suck, man!

Al feels violated by hoarders. He feels it should be called Losers Looters instead of Hoarders. I don't really think that name is going to stick. 

Al has acquired more treasures since the team left. The house is filling up again. Al did get a haircut! So, there's that. Cory is trying tough love on Al. It doesn't appear to having any sort of effect. 

Al pled with the camera for his son to come home. And then he refused aftercare funds. His son hasn't returned.

Jim, inventor of the "Lucky Trash Game"
"When you're presented with a problem. Try and do as much as you can for yourself. If somebody else does it, it's goig to be double the pain." Jim

WHOA! I didn't even recognize him! I figured that was his son. I'd say that bodes well for Jim. 

When Hoarders left Jim's home wasn't up to code. Eventually he was able to move back home. 

His wife is crying tears of joy! Their house used to smell like piss, now it smells like cookies.

"I still read the menu. I'm just not ordering." Jim's description of his feelings about dumpster diving. Good for him. 

Jim has qualified for a loan to make major renovations on his home and his grandchildren are happy. (They live with Jim and Dawn)

Arline the Hawaiian hoarder. 

As you may recall Arline considered herself a perfectionist. She had hoarded the house to the point where her husband had to sleep in the car. 

Alrine was another Paxton case. I wonder if he enjoyed his time in Hawaii or if it was mostly cleaning up messes. I hope he got to hit a few beaches, do a little sightseeing.

Arline had a nervous breakdown after the crew left and she refused aftercare funds. 

Will Arline have kept the home livable? We're about to find out, so are her kids . . . NOPE! 

Richard set a hoarding limit. The limit really could be lowered. His only request is that he has a bed and doesn't have to sleep in his truck.

"The idiot that came out to repair our sink once. He had a hard time fitting in the area to work on the sink drains." So, it's his fault you're a hoarder? He's the idiot. Okay. Arline, you're not a very nice person. You should work on that. 

And now Arline is motivated to clean! Well...maybe she's working on that whole being a nicer person thing.

Also, I see Paxton didn't get to take a trip back to Hawaii to check on Arline. That's not fair. Unless he didn't feel like it. That flight is FOREVER. 

Glen the ratman that charmed us all and inspired the amazing Glen bowl by Maureen! 

Evidently the program is a lot more popular than I anticipated. "You walk in the postoffice...Are you...the ratman?" 
Glen had 2,500 rats in his home. He misses his rats, but he's come to terms with it. His friend said, "Don't let him fool you. He misses those rats. Tears don't lie."

I'm happy to report that Glen hasn't gone back to hoarding rats. "It was like the house would come alive when I walked in, because they knew they were going to be fed." The sound was soothing to Glen. He's dealing. He's staying strong.

He's opening up to Zasio. He broke down about his father.

Glen kept two rats, Commander Whitehead and Captain Brown Bottom. Of course Glen names his rats the greatest names EVER!

So far they have placed 1,000 rats in homes. Glen thinks it's pretty cool that his little homeys could be all over the nation. That is actually pretty cool.

Zasio got a couple pet rats from Glen's house! Awww. That is great. That nice voice is attached to a nice woman.

Glen has been meeting with a therapist every week and is doing much better. There are 500 Glen rats still up for adoption. 


Jyl, Kasey's ketchup soul-sister said...

Very well done Kasey! Now, since I STILL don't have power, would you also mind recapping the Kardashians, Intervention, Chelsea Lately, and all the other shows I've been missing due to stupid Irene? =(

Random Visitor said...

Al was pretty unbelievable. I loved that Chalmers was calling him on his behavior, too. Like when Chalmers asked if there was anything on his cluttered kitchen table that was worth more than Al's son and Al had to actually look at the table contemplatively. I know that hoarding is a disease, but you would think that concern for one's children would inspire a person to take steps toward controlling it.

Also, I think he said the show should be called "Looters" not "Losers." Because they took away all his stuff, y'see.

Did Zasio name her rats Laurel and HOARDY? If so, that's kind of awesome. It was sorta sweet how obviously happy she was to see Glen. I'm glad the Rat Man's doing okay.

Reverend Awesome said...

Looters! Thank you! Fixed. That makes more sense.

She did name her rats Laurel and Hoardy. That's pretty great. First she toned down the highlights, now she's taking in pet rats. She's really growing on me.

Thinking of what the children have to go through is what kills me. They are never put first. In fact, their parents would rather keep junk than them. It's hard to fathom and infuriating to watch. I love seeing kids that have gotten out from under their parents mess and made a good life for themselves.

@Jyl That sucks! I was without internet for 3 days and about lost my mind. Hang in there! You can do it!

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Good post Kasey, and of course awesome. The Hoarders are merely outsiders, and loving it. I think that is what doesn't sit well with society. We right away assume all kinds of things, as humans. It's just our natural way of thinking. We all think that everyone's family is like ours, we grow up and realize, Holy Rats, we are are truly different in unique! There are those in society who think that that is wonderful to be unique, and those that hate it, and can't even fathom that idea.

Random Visitor said...

Well, I don't think it's universally true of all hoarders everywhere that they're consciously putting junk ahead of their kids. There have been a lot of hoarders featured who wanted help getting rid of their stuff for the sake of their kids, and even though they struggled with it and were obviously undergoing some conflict they managed to pull it together and get things under control. I think in a lot of cases they don't realize just how bad things are getting and how much it upsets their kids to be in that situation until something clues them in - the kids say something or CPS comes knocking at their door, and once they realize their children are at stake, they suck it up and do what they have to.

It's the ones like Al who seem to genuinely value their stuff over their own children - who return to hoarding and seem unwilling to change even after being on the show - that inspire all that indignation. Though I guess it's not the stuff they value so much as the psychological comfort it brings them, they're still putting their needs before their kids', and that's something that most people find pretty inexcusable.

Jyl said...

It's On Demand now! I can watch it! HOORAYYYYYYYYYYYYY

miss.e.motional said...

Tears don't lie. HAAHHAHAHA. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Glen is very admirable..

amcken3 said...

I wish there were more hoarder updates. Thanks for posting!

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