Monday, August 22, 2011

F the Fair

We didn't eat funnel cakes, but they were there. So was fried butter on a stick. 
I know I should love the fair. There's a bunch of crappy food and, as people say, the people watching. I don't know. I honestly don't have any trouble finding idiots in my day to day life. I don't need to pay to be surrounded by large numbers of them. We went on EXTREME SUNDAY!  To us that just means 1/2 price admission. Maybe it means something else to other people.

Scott and I aren't fair people. I feel like we declare this every time we go and then by the next year forget about it and attend out of guilt. Why do we feel guilty about not liking the fair? I'll tell you why, society! You've done it, society! This is your fault. Well, not society exactly, but other Iowans. We don't like the fair. Is that okay with you? (I know it's not, but try to come to terms with it.) My Mom has promised to remind me that we don't like the fair next year. Bless her. By the way, my Mom is better than your mom. I didn't want to be the one to break it to you, but she just is. Okay. Alright, that's settled! Moving on.

We went the fair. As with everything I tried to make the most of a not that great time.
My friend Judd that lives in the hell hole that is Newton, IA (my Dad's most hated town.) won Best in Show! I stood around and listened to people love his work. A cowboy explain his art to his cowgirl. This is how it went down, as told to the artist. The cowboy's lady friend was totally impressed. By your art? Yes, but more so listening to her husband talk about it. "OH, it's not a photo?" She said to her cowboy. Then he broke it down for her.
And really what more could Judd hope for? His art won Best in Show AND a cowboy will probably get laid because of it.

There was this one of a kind artist named Anthony Evans. His art was on display too, kinda hidden.
Maybe the state fair wasn't ready for this jelly. I am.

So many dreams just waiting to be caught in mass produced traps. 
A skunk hat. Every girl should have one. They'll be the next big thing.
Don't miss out on this trend!
I took my flip flops off on the Sky Glider this year.
Last year they fell and a stranger and his ladyfriend had to rescue them for me. 

Scott's lunch. I had onion strings as is my wont.
I thought of buying a couple of these for me and my bro.
We could reenact the final scene of Karate Kid 2.
Too bad for us.
We can just stick to reenacting the crane move and noise beeping from the original.
We should have stayed where we were pre-fair. Cuddling with The Dude, baby William. P.S. Not only can he say my name, he also dances and sings along to Single Ladies. He's the best. Way more fun than the fair.
Friday and Saturday will be discussed on another post. They were a mix of fun and awkwardness, as are most of my days on this Earth. Friday brought the awkward, Saturday brought the super fun. 


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Holy crap, I need me a skunk hat BAD. I love the artwork. Glad your friend won, but loved the other piece too! Didja see Mitt fuching Romney or Michelle fuching Batman? You are so funny kasey--next summer I will remind you: hide your wallet! Go to WILL'S! Get out the hose and play with your nieces and nephew, or fly a kite or ride bikes! More fun, fewer freaks! Scott's chips, btw, looked quite tasty....but eek, fried butter on a stick, why not just shoot yourself and get it over with?

George and Maureen Johnson said...

WE HATE, HATE, HATE, the fair. UGH! We had the misfortune of meeting Paul Ryan and his mobile goon mobile....hahhaha! I sat in his Trailer and talked or should I say yelled in his face for a whole hour. People gathered outside the trailer laughing, and he packed up and drove away, when we said, "We will be right back we are going to get something to drink"! Toot, toot, away he went....bwhahahahahha!
My pottery won first place at the fair once. I never went back, and so glad we didn't...wouldn't eat the food there, scary people running it! :)

Reverend Awesome said...

I didn't see any of the political weirdos. They left town pretty quickly after the straw poll. Made their presence known, ate some foot longs and skedaddled.

I wish I could have yelled with you, Maureen! That would be something fun to do at the fair.

Thanks, Gary. You and my Mom can join forces to make sure I don't make that mistake again! Why would I choose to go somewhere with such a high freak ratio?

Gallow said...

Where's the photo of the butter sculpture?

k.a. barnes said...

I definitely need a skunk hat.
And "Maybe the state fair wasn't ready for this jelly" made me choke on my own spit.
But what the hell are the things that were labeled (with their own hand-scrawled sign) "Troll's"??? I fear ...

Reverend Awesome said...

I have no idea what those "trolls" were. They were just creepy little brown creatures kept under glass. Everyone knows trolls belong under bridges! Not under glass. I didn't buy one. I'm not going to condone the capturing of trolls.

StevO, we didn't even go see the butter sculpture. No need to be further underwhelmed with the fair.

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