Sunday, August 7, 2011

48 Hour Film Project

The most important part of any project is to have a dry erase board.

Last weekend we made a movie. Watch the movie and view the credits to see who the "we" that made a movie includes. We did it for the 48 Hour Film Project. This was our first time taking on such a project. It was fun! Sometimes it wasn't fun, but with a few exceptions it was a lot of fun.

Friday we had to go to the Art Center and draw our genre, learn the line of dialogue we had to use and props and characters and stuff. If we didn't like our genre we could throw it back for a wildcard genre. We decided on the way there that we'd stick with whatever we got. It all had the potential to be awful. Our main goal was to not be embarrassingly awful. I've seen how easily that can happen. Not wanting that shame to occur was a huge motivator for me. I really didn't need much else. I certainly did not need someone counting down the hours/minutes while we were trying to write and pull an idea from thin air. That didn't stop it from happening though. Nor did my requests that it not happen. Oh well. As no one says, she survived.

Despite having to take time out from writing to be annoyed, we got everything pretty great by the end of the evening on Friday. I went to sleep happy and nervous because I agreed (mid-evening on Friday) to act in this film. I've acted zero times so I didn't know what was going to happen when I tried. On the way home I told Scott if I'm doing things super weird just tell me and I'll try not to be weird.

Patrick, our last minute leading man and last minute writer, was to be my love interest. He was playing a newly sightless man, Albert. Saturday morning we went shopping for our pickles, flowers and sticks and things. One thing we didn't need to buy, fit-overs. My friend Heath gave me a pair of fit-overs a year or so ago. I think he found the at the softball fields. We didn't have blinds at work and the sun shined in my eyes all day. Before I built myself walls made of black mounting board, I had my fit-overs. Now they are the star of a film! They've had quite a life. Some guy, mid-chaos Saturday morning, was taking a nap on the couch. No one that made the film, another guy. A nice addition to the hysteria.

Mike bought us pizza. Or, as he likes to say, 'za.
Scott has a cat friend. 
Adam mid-mugger discussion.  
Looks like it's all figured out. We didn't work in Bob Ross coming back from war turning gentle.  Might have to incorporate that into a future film. 
According to Billy's religion, photographs steal souls. That's a typical soul-protection gesture. 
This is a typical let's-be-idiots-for-fun behavior. Notice the judging looks we received.   
Don't do it! Eat this licorice instead. 
Things went pretty smoothly once we finally got filming. Scott and Adam knew what they wanted to do. We knew how we wanted the story to go along. It went good! After a day of things going smoothly I wasn't satisfied. I was about to laugh hysterically through many, many, many takes of the final scene. I wondered if I'd ever be able to get through it. I did! Success!

Sunday only had one minor freak-out. It was short lived. We were ready! Off to the theater we go. We detoured. We made it to the theater in time! I checked in on foursquare so everyone would know we were on time. Then, I checked to make sure our arrival was tweeted. Super important stuff!

Anyways, here's what we made last weekend. Enjoy. Or don't, but I hope you do!

Update! We (Scott and myself) were going through footage last night to create a blooper reel. I got scolded more than I even realized! (Just one person, continuous scolding...) These times I didn't notice cuz I was mid-acting and focused on not making a fool of myself. Weee! My 48 hour scold tally has officially been updated. 


Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH KASEY and Scott, wowie! You did such a brilliant job! In the first minute, when he walks into the door, BRILLIANTLY staged and filmed, and when kasey first meets him and he throws the cane at the mugger? Brilliant comic moment. Kasey had a lot of costume changes, hmm? And isn't his cane tip on fire at the end? Awesome :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH, and I can tell its your plate with the pizza: KETCHUP!

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