Monday, July 4, 2011

Hoarders: Season 2–Where Are They Now?

This 4th of July we're getting a special treat from A&E to wind down from the long weekend and into a short work week. That's right, it's the Hoarders: Season 2 Follow Up Episode! Who do you think has relapsed? We're about to find out. Oh, and our beloved Matt Paxton will be making his first appearance of the season! YAY! Paxtonator! Mad Pax!

Gretna, Louisiana 
2 years later and they're back to check on her. Her assessment of herself, she could try harder. I guess I didn't recap Augustine's original episode. What could I have been doing? Something more interesting than recapping episodes of Hoarders? No way, José! 

Augustine calls chest of drawers, "chester drawers", just like my mom. She was one of those dead cat having hoarders. You know the type.

Well, her son has said that she immediately starting hoarding again after the hoarders crew got her cleaned up. Yeah, she's working her way back up to total filth and dead cats. She is clearly not capable of living on her own, put her in some sort of home. 

Her mole is staring at me. It follows me around the room. Augustine has a rotten pear sitting on top of her medicine pile. Yes, her medicine is in a pile. 

Her bitch of a daughter threw away her hoarder mom's silk flowers. Just kidding, her daughter is sweet. Augustine is one nasty ass bitch. I'd like to meet her so I could tell her to get ahold of her life. That would show her!

They used to be living in their yard in a tent due to bed bugs. We'll see if they are back indoors...

Bob has been working on fixing up the place! They haven't just kept it clean, they've improved on their former hoarded house! Kudos to them. 

He and his wife didn't accept mental counseling, but have kept working to improve things in their lives. 

The Possom Posse makes a good point, Geraldine, the certified professional organizer is so fancy pants!

It's America's sweethearts! Dennis and Nadine! Perfect for this great American holiday. They are affectionately known as, the Pickle Couple. For the famous quote, "I can't bring you a pickle. I'm in a pickle." 

Snotty daughter voice! I can't deal. Could I deal with this voice before? I'll check my old recap, but I sure as hell can't now. It appears I did have a problem with it: "Fuck this kid and her accent. I'm not amused anymore. She seems to think she's also a hoarding expert. Your fake accent doesn't make you an expert, keeping a recap of Hoarders does."

This was truly one of the all time best episodes of hoarders. We've been warned that they refused mental care, but they did agree to work with an organizing expert. 

Nadine looks like she wants to be a nicer person. Her clothes lead me to believe she's hopeful, but her house is still a messy. Zasio is not pleased. There are dirty dishes everywhere,  "Dishes are not my bag." is Nadine's reason for not doing dishes. DISHES ARE NO ONE'S BAG! We all hate it. You just have to do them because part of life is doing dishes and not everything during the day will be fun! Okay, got that out of my system. 

Zasio spotted a bag of hamburger meat on the floor! This is what hoarders do, they don't keep track of meat bags and they spoil into a stinky puddle on the floor, never to be cleaned up. 
"I bought that to make something. Due to the stress and everything."Nadine's excuse for the meat bag on the floor. 

Dennis has lost some weight. A lot of weight according to Zasio. It's not a happy weight loss story though, he was depressed and didn't want to live or eat. 

"I'm on mood elevator medication." That's Dennis on his current state. So I guess he's doing good!

Her hoarding started when she had kids and let everything else go. 
Ron is her husband and he couldn't stand the hoard anymore or life. He tried to kill himself. She came home and found him on the floor with a suicide note. 

They are moving to Florida! 

Ron lost his job and they are moving to Florida. So, the house is filled with boxes. The kids have vouched for their parents and said they threw out a lot of trash and they'd be proud. 

Ron is smiling and talking about positive attitudes! So, things are better. He's been sober for a year and they're working on their relationship. This is all amidst job loss and foreclosure. Good for Ron and Deb!

Matt Paxton calls this, "The Original Poop House"

This is the episode where the lady strapped herself to a toilet in the middle of a pile of filth. So, know that. 

MATT PAXTON! Of course he's the closer. Save the best for last. He was on The View today. He did fantastic. That show is SO WEIRD. I haven't ever really watched, other than on The Soup when they show clips. It's all totally crazy! The entire episode is ladies talking over each other. It's really weird. I guess people love it though, not me, but people. 

Someone bought the house?! What the hell? So it wasn't torn down. How does someone buy a house after seeing what went on in there? Wow. They are pretty brave and pretty gross. I hope they don't sell it to someone without disclosing what happened there.

Judi is living in an assisted living facility. She looks so happy! She has friends. Wow. See, some of these other people need to realize they just aren't fit to live on their own. Look how much fun Judi is having! She sings down the hallway! "She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes." 

Judi has replaced her hoarding with grand children and happiness.  

Dear internet, your negative comments wounded Ceci. Ceci is Judi's daughter. Well, shortly after filming the update Judi, for the very first time, tearfully apologized and thanked Ceci for all her help. So, internet. There you have it. Ceci is not the devil. 

See you next week! USA!!!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

bags of meat on the floor, disintegrating into puddles of rotten filth, wow.....

BSOB said...

Jesus, these pictures give me the shivers

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rev, I'm Dennis & Nadene's 'snotty daughter." Obviously I'm not awesome like you, so I'm in no position to judge other people. I was just doing my best for my parents by submitting their story to Hoarders as I live on a low income and am not able to provide financial help for them to sort out their situation. I was not interviewed again for the follow up episode so all of the footage of me was from before. I've been living abroad for over 10 years so I am sorry if the way I speak is not pleasing to you, I am just glad that I am in good health and able to see, hear and speak at all.

Reverend Awesome said...

It's okay, Snotty Daughter. Not everyone can be as awesome as me. If I may ask, where did you get your valley girl accent? Surely not in Cleveland. Maybe you got it living abroad sort of like Madonna and her newly acquired English accent.

Reverend Awesome said...

And please don't hit yourself upside the head over this.

Anonymous said...

The Deborah and Ron episode was shown recently in the UK with an update that they had divorced. I felt sorry for their children. There was a lot of sadness in that house.

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