Friday, July 15, 2011

Errand Running and Camping

I had a few days off last week. As you can see I didn't spend those days off blogging. I was cleaning, running errands, going camping and being great. The errand running and cleaning probably isn't worth going into any detail about. So, let's talk camping.

There was our home. It's Will's tent. We borrowed it. I'll have to get it back to him soon because sometimes him and the girls have camp-outs in the basement. My baby brother is a fun Dad.

Okay, so we get to our campsite. Set up our home and sit at the picnic table. Oh look! It's a beetle orgy on our table! Great. Oh and Scott has a picture of beetle penis. I've seen it.
After we watched beetles have sex we made a pilgrimage to the Biel Plantation. He greeted us with wooden swords. He has made 100 wooden swords. Their purpose is yet to be determined, but for awhile, they were walking sticks. Scott customized his wooden sword. I want to do so as well. Any sword customization ideas for me? 
For amber waves of grain. Or grass and grass. Whatever, it's still majestic. 
After our journey we went to the workshop. Luke created stackable blocks of the universe. He's got the whole universe in his hands...
And a man hanging from the wall. 
This got stuck in Scott's hair and I removed it without him noticing I removed it so I put it back. Then I took a picture. Guess what? He didn't notice me doing that either. Ninja? No. He and Luke were conversing and he was that into it. 
I kept calling Luke's dog a girl, but he's a boy. He didn't seem to mind me confusing his gender too much. He has his own little kiddie pool! 
Some of the blocks can see everything you do. Luke gave Scott the seeing eye block. We brought it home and Scott had it in a photoshoot on the balcony. During the first take the block (along with a tiny wooden man made by Luke) fell off the edge of the balcony. 15 stories down to the ground. If you look closely you can see me waving from the balcony.

Here are a couple bad ass pictures Scott took during the 2nd shoot, post-accident.
We made the mistake of initially only buying 1 bundle of wood. Duh. Fires are fun! I had to go on a wood trek when we realized we were about to run out of fire fun.

So, that was last weekend. Pretty dang fun. If I were an inanimate object this is how I'd express how much fun I had last weekend.
Again, sword decorating suggestions welcome! 


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Oh gosh, I love the pic of the wooden guys on the edge of the balcony and the camping pics (I wanna live in Iowa again!) but:
a) I am glad the falling wooden stuff DID NOT KILL ANYBODY down there, or even seem to harm the items themselves and
b) shoot, the wooden guy and the swords were lucky they didn't find themselves in the campfire!

Reverend Awesome said...

Yes, I'm grateful no one died as well...

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Zounds, what a great camping trip, and so surrealistic and this is an awesome blog...we enjoyed it tremendously.
Yeah, dogs are way cool that is why we love them, call them anything but late for blocks, cool sculptures, awesome! :)

Capital M said...

You need at least one eye on your sword so it can see everything. We need to know what you're up to--maybe install a tiny camera in it too, as long as you don't leave it where beetles might find it and get ideas.

k.a. barnes said...

How much fun! I love the little wooden guys.
I think you should work further with your ninja camera skills. Could be very interesting ...

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