Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

I hope all you awesome Dad's out there had a wonderful Father's Day, including mine. We had my parents over for BBQ and hang out time today. It was fun. Scott and my Dad watched boring things on TV (sports) and talked about them. Me and my mom left for awhile to look for a cat tower. I thought I would share a special Dad moment with all of the internet.

My parents had a HUGE record collection. I loved going through them all, checking out the covers and waiting to get scared about this cover:

My parent's both love music, but my Dad LOVES it. He doesn't just listen to a band's music, he learns everything he can about the band. When he played me music he'd give me all kinds of band facts or told me about a time he went to go see them. He's seen A LOT of bands. (Maybe when my Mom reads this she can ask him all the concerts he's been to and leave a comment?) 

Someone gave my Dad tickets to Pink Floyd. I can't remember who gave them to him, but guess who he took with him to the concert? Me! It was the Division Bell tour. Since the internet is great I even know what day he took me, June 16, 1994. So it was around this time of year. I didn't really know all that much about Pink Floyd. I was about to learn. Dad put me through the Bill Baker crash course. 

The concert was great. I felt like I was soo super cool, hanging with Dad at a concert with grown ups. At one point Dad said, "Someone is smoking weed." WOW! Even cooler. I'm in the presence of drugs so I'm a total badass. 
There was a plane flying around with a banner, "Comfortably numb? Don't drive home." Clever! Dad bought us shirts and I wore mine all the time. It was my favorite. (I've always worn the same clothes all the time.)

I rarely ever felt cool growing up, but this concert was one of those few times I actually felt cool. I must admit, being cool felt pretty great. Thanks for the concert and memories that will last forever, Dad! Fathers, go forth and give your children happy things to remember forever! Happy Dad Day! I love you.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

The absolutely most totally COOlest father EVER :)

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Yep, your Dad rocks Kasey. Love this blog. Your Dad reminds me of George as a Dad. He too was seriously into rock music, anytime, all the time.
Yep, great Dad role model, teaching you that it's much better to be cool, and way more fun! :)
Happy Father's Day, cool Dad! :)

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