Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Benjamin, Been Jammin'

Say hello to my friend Ben. Ben doesn't always look like this. I mean, you can't wear tweed EVERYDAY. Can you imagine how hot that would be? 

The man behind the mask, (Sorry, ladies. That is a mask.) is an ordained minister and all around righteous dude. (Read about the Mom behind the man, HERE.) Ben is following his Mom's lead! He's an ordained minister and he recently moved to New York where he'll be making art, making friends and making people married! Now we've established that Ben is a righteous dude, right?  

Ben asked me if I would design his business card. He offered to pay me in ca$h money or art. Ben's an amazing artist, exchanging art is better than exchanging $, I chose art. Not a hard decision. 

May I present my new Ben Marlan original that will stay with me for life! I love it. He even made the frame! 
If you want to be like me and get some Benji art you can email him or go read his blog and get ahold of him through that. Take his quizzes, read his poetry and all that.  

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