Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend is Over

I'm sad it's over. It was glorious. Sunday has a whole different feel when you don't work the next day.

Saturday Will took Tori and Alyssa fishing. Alyssa insisted on using the biggest pole they have. 
 Tori was fishing in a tiara using a Hannah Montana pole. 
 Tori caught a fish! Thumbs up to that. 
I tried fancying up our teeny little patio for the Summertime. It was mildly successful. I still have some work to do. I put some solar lights in the plants to seem more actual garden-esque. 
Oh and that's an app making my pictures seem super dramatic and neat.

Here's the hibiscus my parent's got me!
This is an orchid I got at Lowe's last year. Well, it's a part of it that was growing off the flower stem. I repotted it and I'm attempting to not kill it. I kill plants sometimes and I hate that. I feel so guilty buying plants because I know I could kill them. They have a chance to go home with some nice, caring family where they would thrive...or they could come to my apartment and probably die. I am not giving plants the lives they would dream of as seeds and I can't stand that. 

So, repotting this orchid was a big decision for me. I asked Scott for advice. He told me I could not try and it would die for sure or I could try and maybe it would die or maybe it would live. Okay, I'm trying to make it live. I'll keep you posted against your will. Wish me luck. 
And on Sunday I made a bundt cake because deep down I'm 80 years old. That's why I'm a Grandma. 


Gary's third pottery blog said...

shoot, a BUNDT cake? dang :)

George and Maureen Johnson said...

What a glorious Memorial Day you had, love the fishing photos..darling! Wowie that Bundt cakes looks fantastic. My Mom used to make one called a 7 Up Bundt cake. We made her make a million of those...hahahahahaha! Also her "Harvey Wall-banger" Bundt cake was so fabulous. We had a glorious day also...:)

miss.e.motional said...

Omg I've been craving a bundt cake for months now. Did you use any special recipe? Why are we getting all bake-y and crafty lately? What's wrong with us? Or...is it, what's RIGHT with us? Good work. And good luck keeping the plant alive. I love Scott's advice :)

Fran said...

Your bundt cake looks fabulous!

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