Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Me+Matt Paxton=BFF

I'm sure you all remember how I started hoarding Matt Paxton tweets? Of course you remember. Why wouldn't you remember something like that? So far that's the only tweet I've hoarded so I have plenty of space for more treasures. 

Well turns out that we're besties! Not only are we besties we're both bloggers. Matt Paxton has a blog! It's really good. Of course I knew it would be, It's Matt. But really, it's good. Read it. Oh and I've taken a screen shot of me and my bestie telling the internet how we're such good friends. 

Side note: Do you guys know any bad Matt's? I know I don't. All the Matts I know are pretty great.


Gail said...


Gary's third pottery blog said...

no WHAY?

Gallow said...

All Matts are cool, including Matt's Brewing Company.


The Matt's Beer Ball bring many memories of interesting weekends of my youth.

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