Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kite Flying

Ever since I saw Gary post pictures of him and his skull kite, I've been itching to get a kite in the sky. This itching led to where most itching leads, google. I just wanted to see what kinds of kites are out there these days. I was thinking a giant dragon kite would be pretty cool. 

I found some cool kites, but I'm not at a point in my life where I think dropping $200 on a kite is reasonable. Maybe after Kanye and I become friends I'll get an expensive kite. I think he would support that decision. Then he could get an expensive kite and we could fly kites together! I hope to one day say, "I've flown a kite with Kanye." 

This bald eagle kite that has the most amazing review ever!
First off, I didn't buy the Eagle from ITW-didn't carry it at the time-and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. A realistic Bald Eagle kite? Sweet! Having flown it for a while now there are a few things I'll share with you folks out there. Main thing, this is a beautiful kite, very lifelike, whereas all the other eagle kites I've seen are cartoons of the real thing. Trust me-I'm a birder and I live not far from Sauk City, Wisconsin, where the real deal gathers each winter. The flying action is very realistic too, so much so that I'll never fly it where eagles are present-ever seen video of eagle courtship? I would rate it at 5 just for looks! There's the roses, here's the thorns-construction could be better on the head, the wire that forms the bow of the beak is covered with a single layer of nylon, and when it it hits concrete it'll wear through(mine has). Fly far from pavement, you'll be okay, but if there's a sidewalk nearby this bird will find it when it comes down. There is a vinyl tubing spar join in the leading edge that can slide and separate if not kept an eye on, I check mine before each flight. It's a natural glider like the real bird, so if you see it nose on it's time to haul in line fast! Don't let this all scare you off, it's worth it, people from nearby highways have come over to see if it's real!

The man is a birder so clearly he knows what he's talking about. That's why he keeps his kites away from eagles during mating season. They will try to have surprise sex with his kite! A common fear in the kiting world. 

Anyways, enough of this kite molestation talk. That's not what kite flying is about. 

Scott and I bought some kites today. When we were checking out the cop at the front of the store told me she was thinking about buying a kite. I encouraged her to, "DO IT!!" Ahhh, yes. Back to that whole cop thing. Why is there a cop standing on guard near the registers at the Hobby Lobby on the South-Side of Des Moines? If someone could tell me I'd love to know, or even if you just have an educated guess. Again, I've lost my train of thought. Back to kiting, Kasey!

Scott's kite was a dud. Or we are duds. We couldn't get the damn thing in the air. We'll be looking into the problem this evening. We may have a solution. Here's my kite soaring! 

The park was busy. It was a nice day today.
There were teens at the "beach", someone was getting married at the end of the beach and they had rented a band and there was me and Scott flying our kites. 

The bat kite refused to fly so Scott flew my kite for a bit. 
So that was our Saturday fun. I hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day. 

Special message for my Mom: I love you, bean Mom! 


k.a. barnes said...

"The flying action is very realistic too, so much so that I'll never fly it where eagles are present-ever seen video of eagle courtship?"

If that's this guy's review of a kite, can you imagine what he does for books, movies or tv shows????

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH NOOOooooo! Teh fuching DUD KITE!!! Its true, they are not all created equal. My new badass skull and crossbones wants to soar to the moon, and my shark kite which looks SUPER badass sorta, you know, looks cool, and kinda prefers to um, stay close to the ground. LOOKS GREAT on the wall. You can tell that to Scott. And kasey, yours is a rainbow? UNICORNS AND TEH gays will all be wanting to have kite sex with it!!!!!!!!!!

Fran said...

This makes me want to get a kite, but I am a dud at flying them too. I'm sad to say that in the all of 3 times I have ever tried to fly a kite, it was a failure. Never once did it soar. Can we set up a kite date? Maybe with your help I can actually fly it.

That's right, Gary, everyone will want to have sex with that rainbow kite. I know I do.

Knight said...

Damn, now I want a kite.
Gary forget to warn you about the Leprechauns that will try to hump your kite. Definitly watch out for them!

Reverend Awesome said...

The line for having sex with my kite forms to the left, just look for all the leprechauns.

Sure, Fran! My suggestion is, buy a 2 dollar kite. They are built to fly, but not to last.

miss.e.motional said...

I forgot about how awesome kites are!!! Good work, Kasey and Scott :)

PS - I bet if Kanye ever bought a kite it would be covered in gold and therefore would also be a dud at flying. Just my guess.

PPS - Oh and as for the cop in front of the Hobby Lobby? I got nothing. Perhaps there has been a rash of "crafty" thieves in the area lately or something.

Reverend Awesome said...

Kanye would get a guilded kite! Totally flyable!

As Kanye says, "To use is necessary. And if you can't be used, then you're useless." Kanye wouldn't stand for a useless kite.

When is someone going to stage a Kanye intervention? I know it's coming...I promise you I will relapse.

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