Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kasey the Conquerer!

For those reading this that don't know me, I'm a picky eater. A really picky eater. It goes beyond the ketchup. (A lady on TV just said "Germs can and will kill you." I love that statement. She's just stating the facts.) Sometimes I'll try new things, usually they don't work out, sometimes they do. (MEAT POCKETS!) 

I'm just not food adventuresome. I know the things I like and I stick with them. Modern society frowns on this kind of living. I'm supposed to love trying new things and ordering different things from a menu. No, I'd just like to order the thing I ordered last time. That thing that worked out really well for me? Yeah, I'd like that again. It's hard for non-weirdos to understand this kind of living. Please just accept us (There are others like me. I know them!) and our eating habits. Don't become a food pusher or a picky-eating shamer. We don't need it! We already feel enough shame for how society has treated us. We live with that everyday so let us live without weird food. The look on someone's face when I don't love a food that they love is too much for me to bear. 

My friend My is not a food pusher. She accepts that I don't like foods and don't really try new things. Fun fact about My: She can eat over a pound of bacon in one sitting. She said Hoshi was a good place to try sushi for the first time in Des Moines because it's super great there. She would know, she's a sushi eater and maker! She had a certificate from Living Social for a platter of sushi. She invited me and our friend Jim. Family reunion!

My friends are all really great about understanding my food aversion. Like Heath, he knows I don't like eating outside. You know what else? He doesn't like it either! Sometimes we talk about all the things we don't like about it. We know it's not how the world wants us to feel, but we feel it anyways. The wind (or the "breeze" as people that eat outside call it) bothers us.  There are bugs. None of the condiments are handy. You have to move things from inside to outside just to take them back inside. It's kinda stressful and we prefer inside eating. Alright? Okay. Moving on. I'm glad we got that settled. 

We sat right behind the sushi counter so I could watch him make all sorts of fancy sushi creations. It is pretty! I saw them make one sushi roll look like an adorable edible caterpillar! And everyone there was so nice and friendly.

 Jim and My are divorced and I'm My's Grandma. No, I'm not going to explain it.
Yes! I really was in a sushi restaurant! You see those plates behind me? Those are sushi plate and there is also a cup of chopsticks. I really did it!
And here is our giant platter of sushi! Oh my gosh. Isn't it pretty? The first thing I ate was some of the sea weed. It was really bright green. I chewed it and ate it! OH that was another part of the deal I made with myself in my head, don't just swallow pieces whole. Chew it and eat it like a normal person. Did it! I didn't eat those pieces with the gigantic fish on top. No way. (I'm not THAT brave.) My and Jim ate it though!
 That green stuff is wasabi and My is a wasabi champ! Here is a comparison of our soy sauces:

Here is my little plate and chopsticks after I was done eating sushi! Thanks for the adventure, My and Jim!

Oh and world, I kicked your ass again. Know that! 


Jill Brown said...

Whooo HOOOO!!! Congrats Kasey!!! :)

k.a. barnes said...

Wow! Good for you trying new things! And good for speaking up for us picky eaters! My chef-friend is always on me because I hate pork chops and brussels sprouts. He thinks I just haven't had them the right way. News flash: there is no right way. My friend LB is even pickier than me, but I'm so proud of her when she tries new things. She's hated avocados all her life but recently tried guacamole and fell in love with it. She also sings to herself when she eats, which I think is adorable. And YOU are adorable with your apprehension and then clean plate!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I ate the raw fish years ago when I was 19, NEVER again, of course, but I must admit I am addicted to the WASABI. Just plain clears out the sinuses and looks so pretty! A little HAWT bomb right down the nasal passages :)
BTW, I am with you and Heath, who the fuch would eat outside when you can eat INSIDE?????
Go Kasey the brave :)

Fran said...

I am so proud of you! You were super brave and went all out for sushi. I don't eat that Nigiri either. Fish tastes gross alone.

Reverend Awesome said...

Thanks for your support, everybody. As my Mom said: I READ THAT THIS MORNING AND STILL CANT BELIEVE YOU ATE IT (Yes, she said it in all caps, step off.)

I can't believe it either but I'm way proud of myself. I'll be on a pride high for the rest of the week. Probably well into the weekend.

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