Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Very Important Update: Hoarders Edition

Monday I woke up to an interesting email. Chris, a star from Hoarders, sent me an email! Oh my gosh. I was excited. Now I don't know if I was even spelling her name correctly, but we press on. Okay so she sends me this nice email. Alerts me to my assholery on the post about her episode. I correct it. We talk so more. She was even kind enough to let me share her update with all of you! So here it is, Chris (The least disgusting hoarder ever)'s update. Thanks, Chris (sp). 

Chris: Revisited

She lives with her two children.  

The older one, Alex, now lives in an apartment with two roommates, works, and attends college.  I am very proud of her.  And, yes, her house is very clean ;-)  (YAY!)

I guess the catalyst to all this hoarding was giving birth to a still born son.  

Ya, that kinda sucked.  Kinda makes you not give a shit about anything for quite a while.  

She kept requesting her son in the hospital. Her mother had to tell the nurses to stop because it (the proper grammatical reference is 'he', not 'it'.  See your previous two sentences when you used the word 'son'.) was decomposing. Jeepers creepers.  

I think that was edited for dramatic effect, as were many shots in the episode.  My mother did request that he not be brought to me any more, but not because he was decomposing, but because she thought it was getting too emotionally traumatic for me to keep seeing and holding him.  Btw, his name is not 'it', his name is/was Aiden.  

Her house is cleanly hoarded.  

Funny you should say that, the crew said mine was the cleanest house they had ever been in.  They wore shorts for the rest of the shoot.  I don't think we're going to run into any shit piles. So let's all take a big sigh of relief for that.  No, usually no shit piles.  Except for last week.  I went out of town for two weeks and had my daughter come over and take care of the animals (3 cats, not quite animal hoarding level).  I purposely purchased several disposable litter boxes so she wouldn't have to clean them.  Ha!!  She kept putting new ones out every couple of days, but failed to throw away the old ones!!  Kids!  What are ya gonna do? :-)  But that was a one time thing.
Mine must have been the most boring episode ever because it didn't cause much of an outrage like the others.  Guess I'm not gross, nasty, or fat enough and I have all my teeth...hehehe. 

There's a dog here. I haven't seen it yet. They said it's a chihuahua.  

We do have a dog, a chihuahua named Cinnamon.  I felt it better not to have her home during the taping..saying she is hyper would be a huge understatement.

OH MAN! She has a spiral staircase, but it's covered in stuff so it's totally going to waste. That's reason enough to clean the place up.  

The spiral stairs are great, but hard to navigate carrying boxes.  I do love the way they look, though. (My friend's parents have this sort of 1/2 spiral going down to their basement. RAD!)

Honestly, nothing gross yet. The other houses we could just shovel out the houses. This stuff is reasonable stuff. They could have the garage sale of the century! 

Yes, you are correct..I did have tons of nice stuff.  I was really disappointed in the editing of my episode.  The show brought two storage pods into the parking lot; I filled them both with mostly brand new items.  The contents were donated to the Sojourner's Center and another local domestic abuse center.  The crew filmed the charities, in their big trucks, picking up everything.  They even filmed me meeting them, etc.  Then, to not air the footage, was a let down.
I felt it was an important message to convey to the public, but especially to other hoarders.  An important factor regarding hoarders getting rid of objects has to do with where the objects go after they leave the hoarder's possession.  Most hoarders have no problem giving up an item if they know it is going to someone who really needs it or wants it.


Her mom is a pretty nice lady.  

Yes, my  mom is a pretty nice lady :-) Thank you for saying that, it will make her day.

Whoa. Success!  Not totally, but it keeps getting better :-)

Oh wow. Thanks for the update! So glad everything is going good! Is it okay if I blog your update? Totally up to you.  

Of course.  If you want to know anything else, just ask.

Also, sorry for using the word "it" I write my posts as I'm watching the episode and sometimes I'm not as thoughtful about my word choices.  I apologize.  

I understand, thank you for the apology :-)  

If you don't want me to blog your update at the very least I'll update my post and offer my sincere apologies.  

Blog away :-)  Just a warning tho, people really aren't interested in my episode.  Sad to say, the last two seasons have really gone downhill.  Seems like Hoarders is just going for the 'shock and awe'...but, in their defense, ratings are what pays the bills.

I'm glad things are going so well! Totally jealous of your spiral staircase! I've always wanted one.  

Ya, they're great until 3am when you have to go to the bathroom...and it's totally dark....and the bathroom is downstairs...hehehe. 

Yeah, your hoard was just kinda having a lot of not gross stuff. Which, I guess is hoarding but when you see the other episodes you just think, "Oh this is fine! Leave them alone." Your episode was a welcome break. A reprieve from the piles of poop and dead animals they kept showing us week after week. 

What the show failed to include was the fact that when I divorced, I moved from a three bedroom house with a double garage to a one bedroom, 735 sq foot condo.  That alone filled up the whole condo with stuff.  Then the whole thing with Aiden happened, so it just got worse.  Quite honestly, the people that have piles of feces and dead animals are NOT true hoarders.  They are, in fact, mentally ill.  There's a whole lot going on there besides just the accumulation of things.  
I have been chatting with the daughter of the old lady who strapped herself to the portable toilet at night in her kitchen.  Remember that one?  Seriously, she is not a hoarder.  She is an old lady who is physically and mentally not able to care for herself.  It's hard enough managing a household when you are able to move around, can you imagine how hard it would be if you couldn't walk?  I live upstairs and it is hard for me to carry bags of garbage down the stairs, across the parking lot, and heave them up into a dumpster....imagine how impossible that would be if you were in a wheelchair.

You definitely aren't nasty enough to cause an outrage, but you've got a great story right here! 
I'm glad you made donations.  

I love to donate to places where it actually helps.  I donated 5 huge boxes of brand new toys to my work for Christmas.  I teach at a college and most of our students are really poor.  We were collecting toys and clothes for the student's kids for Christmas.  THAT I don't have a problem with.  I really dislike places like Goodwill and the Salvation Army.  First, they sell the donations.  Second, most of that money goes to overhead.  The charities I choose are local and they give (for free) the actual donated items to families in need.  Meaning, if you donate a set of dishes or furniture, the actual plates and bowls or the actual chair go directly into a family's home for them to use, for FREE!!  In my opinion, THAT is what charity should be...not like Goodwill, who turned charity into a profit business.  Ok, that's my rant for today.

And I was glad to hear you had a dog, but they found no poop. Seriously, considering the other episodes you deserve some kind of Hoarder Special Award for that!  

How crazy is that?  That NOT having piles of shit in your house deserves special recognition?  lol!!!

Thanks for the email and for letting me update every, Chris. You aren't a "boring" recovering  hoarder. And, of course, big ups on being shit free!!!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

gosh, no poooooop?

George and Maureen Johnson said...

This is so interesting Kasey, OMG I remember those days working with these people, indirectly. Like I said, I just couldn't work with them.
I always had tremendous amounts of sympathy, and compassion, but it just overwhelmed my senses. Always amazed at how they did have some order to total chaos. I always look at the Mental Health issues in a different way than most. I see them as trying to cope with a world of unloving, indifferent, people.
I could make a giant blog just about my feelings in working with all these people.
Myself being always a square peg, and proud of it, and never, ever, looking for the round hole to fit into.

miss.e.motional said...

Wow......VERY interesting. Love the update :)

Fran said...

Nice Kase!

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