Friday, March 11, 2011

Adventures with Mom

My baby sister has moved into her very first apartment! She lived in an apartment-esque dorm (doesn't count), but never and apartment. Well she has one! It's in Ft. Dodge. I know, I know why would someone move to Ft. Dodge? Well why would someone live anywhere? Because your family is there, you've always wanted to live there, you were born there, you work there. We all land different places for different reasons. Tara moved to Ft. Dodge because her boyfriend works there. He drives a train. He comes from a long line of train drivers. Conductor? Is that the conductor? I don't know. I should have asked.

My family has officially scattered about. My parents are in Dallas Center. Will and his family used to live in Des Moines, but moved to Dallas Center a few years ago. He lives 5 blocks from my parents. Will and his friends built his house! I helped, when I could. I painted the same wall the wrong color twice. I blame Will. Why wouldn't I? It's his fault. Kyle is . . . well he's everywhere, but his base is in San Diego. I live in Des Moines and now my sister is up in Ft. Dodge. We've scattered. (Another reason the internet is the best thing EVER.)

Tara is 10 years younger than me. An entire decade. So it's exciting to see her starting her adult life. She's an RN. When my Mom and I were heading into Ft. Dodge I laughed because the first thing I noticed was a prison and then a little further down the road was this place called Friendship Haven. I said, "Well at least they have Friendship Haven! That looks fun." My Mom laughed and said, "That's where Tara is going to be working!" Good for you, Tara!

Her apartment was cute. The building was old and a bit strange, but that makes it interesting. There was a Ladies Exercise Room filled with zero exercise equipment. (That's my kind of exercise room.) There's a creepy killer tunnel in the laundry room. Signs on the bulletin board from God. These are all things that make for interesting living and I support that.

Also, if you want to have fun no matter where you're going I recommend taking my Mom along. She makes everything more fun ALSO she loves to get out and explore if we see something cool along the way. We laughed the entire day.

Anyone that knows me knows I'm obsessed with abandoned places. I think about all the life they once contained. What made someone just leave a house behind? Or the last person to walk out. Did they lock the door knowing no one was going to come back? Well other than teens and weirdos like me. My Mom was all for walking through a field and trespassing with me. She's the best.

Here's a slideshow of the day. Oh my gosh. I'm that person in movies that bores people by showing them slides. Oh well. That's me.


miss.e.motional said...

It's official. I wanna road-trip with you. If that's not possible, I might do some exploring in Minny and then share. You've inspired me. Also, I say again: The Midwest totally rocks.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

drug free community sign in the window means METH LAB inside!
her BF drives a train??? Dang! M is like 'we gotta go visit!!!'

George and Maureen Johnson said...

I am so glad you had a great time with your Mom and Tara. Your Mom sounds just like mine, I miss my Mom so much, so many laughs, hugs, and every minute of life with her so much fun!

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