Monday, February 21, 2011

Jesus the Unicorn

My homegirl My brought along a sock unicorn to an advertising awards show this weekend. It was the Dog and Pony show. Unicorns are part pony, part magic. (My is part alien, part robot and part magic) Obviously, he was a welcome guest! He made all kinds of friends.

I'd like to introduce you all to Jesus the Unicorn. I witnessed the naming of Jesus the Unicorn.
My asked Scott what she should name him. He panicked and said, "Oh Jesus! Oh. Name him, Jesus." My and I learned from Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. that naming something is the most important and powerful thing a person can do. Jesus the Unicorn was born. No one man should have all that POWER.

 Jesus drank. A lot. He got thrown on the ground, but that didn't stop him from partying. He's a champ!
 Peace and ponies. 
 Jesus the Unicorn was a special guest star on a HIGHLY POPULAR internet show. The Me and My Show
 I bit his little unicorn nose! (Not in a mean way.)
 He hung out with all the cool kids.
 One of those cool kids being THE LEGENDARY CHAMPAGNE SHOWERS! AMAZING. Jesus is such a little charmer. 
And of course he spent a bit of time with Me and My star Jim!

I had the pleasure of having an e-interview with My, friend of Jesus, about Jesus.

Rev: I think I need to interview Jesus the Unicorn for my blog!

My: Yes please XD

Rev: I will think of some questions to send you. Hmm. Give me a few minutes. Jesus the Unicorn is a star.

My: I feel so popular for him—he is at work tho, I forgot him =[

Rev: That's okay! We have plenty of pics. He's probably doing our jobs for us. That leads to a good question. What does Jesus the Unicorn do when you sleep?

My: I hope so, on top of that, I hope he's poopin' rainbows all over SA right now!

Rev: I bet that's what he does when you sleep. He poops rainbows on things.

My: No wonder I'm full of rainbow #beingpoopeonby3unicorns =]

Rev: This interview is going great. Good stuff. Funz. How did you meet Jesus the Unicorn? (I guess this is more an interview about Jesus and you, not just Jesus) 3 unicorns turn you into a rainbow on graphs. That much we know.

My: I helped a friend doing some design work and I got pay by unicorns—sock monkey unicorns! No, don't even dare to steal my job #knowthat! =]

Rev: That's better than money. If Jesus could eat what do you think his favorite food would be?

My: Candy and bacon and more candy and bacon!!!


This is as close to talking about religion as I'll ever get. Know that! Now be friends with My. It'll do you good to get to know her. Unless you're a bad person. If you're a bad person don't mess with My. She'll kill you with laser beams. 


Melissa Miller said...

"Oh Jesus. Name him Jesus." I DIE! Haahhaha someday can I meet Scott? And Jesus? And My? Kthanksbye.

Elizabeth said...

India has major Jesus envy...Know that!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

she got paid in unicorns, WOWIE!

Liz said...

and how come no one pays me in unicorns?!!!! I mean, I get organic Goat cheese and baked goods, but never unicorns, le sigh.

k.a. barnes said...

My sounds like super-cool awesomesauce. Please warn her that I will friend her.

George and Maureen Johnson said...

I really love this Unicorn, he is magical alright! Loved the photo they were so fun. Loads of smiles, laughs, and Pink Unicorn, now that is special.

sweetzombieducky said...

There are so many things right with the name "Jesus The Unicorn" alone.

Reverend Awesome said...

My seriously lives on candy and bacon. She has eaten a pound and a half in one sitting.

Heather Reese said...

Jesus and Champagne Showers. Something I never thought would be said in the same sentence.

Anonymous said...
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