Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthdays and Bacon

Today, right now, it's my birthday. My birthday celebrations started on Friday though. We had our (becoming regular) Friday lunch at the hospital cafeteria. Heath's husband Michael even drove in from downtown to meet us! I got a pepperoni, flat bread pizza.
My got a high five from the chef on the way out. Another successful hospital lunch. I got all kinds of birthday gifts! Donuts and chocolate milk, bubble stuff and candy, a toy camera, brownies, scotcheroos, a cool poster, cards. I got so much! I have a lot of great people in my life. The theme for Friday would be this:

Except for one thing. My sinuses are trying to ruin my life! It got so bad I did something I never thought I'd do. I used a netipot. I didn't take pictures or anything. Cuz, duh gross. I did it though and it wasn't as bad as I imagined it would be, but it was no swiss picnic. It did seem to help though so that makes all the sickening worth it. So this was all Friday. Pretty huge is it not?

Well the weekend had more in store for me. I was invited to a Rebellion Against Organized Bacon. When you get invited to something like that, I advise you to accept. I don't care if you like bacon or not. Well, if you don't like bacon at least a little bit that may have been weird. There's this even in Iowa called Bacon Fest. Tickets sold out in something like 20 minutes. No bacon for the rest of the people. Then I see that Fran, My and myself had been invited to something amazing. The Rebellion. The invite came with a message from our Rebel Leader. (Yancy)

“Baconfest has taken the spirit of something primal, elemental and savory, and turned it into a vast heresy of yuppie frat whoohoo’s. This rebellion will reclaim the gastronomic purity of pork embedded in a splendid castle of fat and salt. Participants are encouraged to bring the raw product and / or creative derivatives thereof."

I brought raw product and a bottle of wine. Whoa. Bacon Fest in Beaverdale was great. I don't know what else to say about it. It was thrown by Basemint Design. Super talented designers/screen-printers here in Des Moines. There were shirts! There were door prizes. There was bacon. All kinds of bacon. Chocolate covered and everything. Bacon Trivia! Scott named our team just like he named Jesus. Powerful. We were called, the Confined Hogs.

So, there's that! And then today Scott goes and gets me a donut, comes back with my bike all spiffied up by the folks at Ichi Bike! My friend Jill recently took pictures of their shop. So that's extra cool. I have no tires and everything. All ready for spring. They were so cool that they convinced Scott he wanted to get a bike! Something I've been trying to do for years. Thanks, ICHI! They even had someone take my bike back to our apartment for him so he didn't have to take off the wheel. That's way nice.

For those that haven't met my bike, you can here. It's name is Danger. I guess the guys at Ichi called it a beast. My brother will be so jealous. That's what he calls his car!

Here's what danger looks like now.
Thank you to everyone in my life for making this a great birthday! I have the best friends in the world. Know that! Some of them I haven't even met, but thanks to this blog and facebook for expanding my friendship horizons. Peace to everyone! 


Gary's third pottery blog said...

KNOW THIS! Nice bike, nice cat too!

Melissa Miller said...

Aw man I love that bike! Totally fits you. I'm glad you had such a great birthday, and are back to being our clown. (PS - ever since you used that phrase in that last post, the song "Tears of a Clown" has been playing on repeat in my head. Nice to have it be replaced, finally. NOT a great song.)


Reverend Awesome said...

HAHA! Thanks!

Melissa. Also, thanks for your advice. The chip eating and relaxing is all I needed. I was at the "I don't even feel like eating chips" point. That's when I know I'm fucked!

k.a. barnes said...

Sounds like a great birthday! And the phrase "no swiss picnic" is my new favorite.

Melissa Miller said...

OMG this is so embarrassing.

If you can believe it, this is not the first, second, third or even fourth time I've called "Tracks of my tears" - "Tears of a Clown". I want to delete my comment but I'm all about laughing at oneself. stays. And so does my embarrassment.

(PS - I woke up at 5am and sat straight up in bed remembering this and wanting to fix it. Psycho!)

Reverend Awesome said...

Oh Melissa, I do the same thing. That's not psycho. And if it is, I'm a psycho too and I don't care! Let's be psychos. The rest of teh world can learn to deal with it.

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