Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Holidays

I was looking through my blogs from last Christmas. Everyone is doing end of the year/start of the new year recaps and I was curious what I was up to last year. That's how fascinating I find myself. That's one reason it's super great to have a blog. I would have never remembered any of this crap. 

I complained about how stupid it is to be an adult and figure out scheduling Christmas. I lived in my old apartment and I got snowed in all the time. Now I park in a lot and it's right next door! There was a sex offender Santa. I got engaged last Christmas and for some reason that never even crossed my mind until reading that. Oops! I am bad at dates, okay? Celebrating anniversaries of things just is not for me. That's fine. Baby William was just a bun in the oven last year and Tori was brother denying. Someone said "It's the resurrection of the penis." And as a lovely end to a lovely year a stranger shouted, "FUCK YOU!" to me. 

I'd say just from looking at December I had a huge year. God only knows what sorts of shenanigans I was up to in November. (I'll read up on myself after I finish this post.)

This past weekend was the end of the holiday season for the most part. My work is having their holiday party this weekend and that's keeping the holiday season from officially ending in my mind. Sunday was my brother's last day in town. It has to be hard leaving California to visit Iowa in December. I'm glad he did it though. It was fun. 

We went to see Scott do open mic comedy and we ate fried pickles. We sat around being stupid. Listened to some Kanye, watched some Netflix. On his last night in town we had him and my parents over for dinner. We made loads of food and I made some giant freaking bread. You know what else I made? A bundt cake. That's right. I was all set to make brownies and I was looking in the cupboard for a pan the bundt cake pan caught my eye and didn't let go. I made a bundt cake! Look at it, bask in it's glory. I pulled it out for a photo shoot while dinner was cooking.  
 I didn't know everyone else was making serious picture face.  That shirt is my el chupacabra shirt. For some reason I feel like clarifying that I'm not just a fan of Arizona for no good reason.
So my holidays were pretty great. I hope yours were too. If they were or weren't you should tell me about it because I love hearing stories. Okay, now let's all go kick 2011's ass before the apocalypse comes.


George and Maureen Johnson said...

Wow, bundt cake, and absolutely adore awesome Chupacabra T...lol :) Our Holidays were great, great family times, great gifts, great students (gave us great gifts) all went well.
Now that George is 60, and I am 58 we tend to ignore disappointments and focus on just having a darn good time. It's weird, ever since I went through Menopause, and George went through his second childhood we somehow settled down to a "What the Heck" attitude, and decided to just relax, not aspire to anything, do as little as possible, except having fun. We look back on our lives and wonder just what the hell we were so serious about? What a waste of time. Our daughter is 40, our granddaughter 20, so we no longer have to be an example to anyone. If they haven't learned by now, they never will.
So let's all have a Reverend Awesome year in 2011, and just resign ourselves to the specks in the Universe we are, and be lively, creative, frolicking specks! lol lol lol :) GOSH WE LOVE YOU!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

that bundt cake f**king kicks ASS you lucky duckies, yikes! And once again, you have on your million dollar Hollywood smile and Kyle looks like he might be planning a sneaky joke :)

Anonymous said...

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