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Hoarders: Gary and Hanna and Future Nightmares

so, i'm apologizing in advance for anything that might be offensive on tonights #hoarders. I do not know what they will or won't show.

Matt Paxton thanks monica. i just have know idea what they edited out of this one. i've never been in just pure shock before. this is the episode i've been waiting to talk about all season.
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Matt Paxton just wrote that on facebook. Oh isn't he a marketing genius!? One more reason to worship at the alter of the Paxton. His email address is the kicker. If you are his facebook friend please check out his email address. If that doesn't just say it all. I think that's the best email address I've ever seen.

What in the hell is going on here?! Craziest episode ever and it's just in the opening preview. Whatever you said Matt, you had to. I already know this.

Hanna lives in Vienna, IL
"Cotton picking, ridge runner, stock jumper and damn proud of it." Whatever the freak that means. She "raises" chickens and goats. She also kills them in hoard and poop.

Basically Hanna doesn't believe in throwing things away. So much so that she's choosing to live in a single-wide trailer full of chickens, dead and alive.

They are just referring to her house as the "Single Wide" one of my friend's relatives named her home. She thinks houses without names are boring. (I feel like clarifying that my friend does not share her belief) I've never thought so, but maybe. Homeowners, do you have a name for your home?

Oh these poor chickens! They are being tortured! She has half a dozen chickens in a tiny little cage. This bitch is seriously torturing animals. Her goats are so sick their feet seem to have fallen off. Oh she is just a vile, VILE woman! She is even shaped creepy.

"I have 16 kids and 10 of them are still living." Did they die in the hoard too?

You know when an animal won't "go where they damn well please" when you have them in tiny, fucking cages you pile of garbage. This woman is a human pile of trash. Even her neck is disgusting!

I think Hanna wrote "No Smoking" on her door in crayon or something. I can't tell what it says about smoking. She's getting all cagey with our beloved Tonya Hoarding. For once Tonya has her hair in a ponytail, a t-shirt and some jeans and looks like she's ready to get down to business. Good on you, Zasio!

What the fuck is she drinking from that mason jar? Poop water. That's all I can imagine it to be.

Only Paxton and Zasio have the guts to venture into this ladies house. God bless you both.

"This is a dead chicken that was underneath about a foot of feces. It got crushed under the weight of the feces and it was in a cage so it couldn't get out."  You could never play a drinking game while watching Hoarders. 1. Cuz there's no way you can ingest anything while watching this. 2. You would go to the hospital.

Her bladder or whatever that is there is hanging down to her knees. Bitch better stop yelling at Matt. Animal Control just showed up, everyone feigned surprise.

so much is not getting aired on this one. too much for one episode. looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on this one.

She has all these nasty red neck kids that showed up and now a fist fight broke out. I feel like Hanna is loving this reunion.

Matt Paxton's face is priceless! I believe Zasio when she says this is the worst hoarder she's ever worked with.

Hanna refused aftercare (shocker), her chickens were released from their cages, she was fined and she's still a hoarder.

Kathy and Gary 
Streetsboro, Ohio
"I'm Gary and I'm unemployed. Yeah I got too many bunnies." There you go. That says it all. He has a bunny named Studly that he seems to really admire. He got all the girl bunnies pregnant. "I've been trying to get rid of these bunnies for at least, close to two years." No you haven't, Gary. NO YOU HAVE NOT! "I have bunnies. That's what I did wrong."

You guys these rabbits are just loose throughout the house. They are everywhere. I can't even believe this episode is happening. Where is Matt Paxton!???!

Kathy is on disability/social security.

Gary would like to see how we live. You know, I may not be living in a mansion but I'm not living amongst bunnies and their excrement. 

Gary is scary. He's retreated to the den. His wife is trying to talk to the crew. Gary is on his strangely nice computer. I bet Gary still goes to aol chatrooms. Yeah he may have a new computer but he uses it like it's '97.

Alright, I feel bad even asking, but what's wrong with Kathy's butt? I know she has disability. Kathy and Gary use their phones as an intercom system so they don't have to walk the hoard. Gary is an asshole, an unbelievable asshole.

Gary is hoarding control! Gary is just in his room, rocking out to some death metal. The usual hoarder shit. AND PLAYING JEWEL QUEST! He's a 12 year old.

WHOA! There is poop soaking up the walls about a foot and a half from the floor. 

Gary is manically scraping frost off his car windows when APL approaches him to sign off to have his bunnies taken away. 

The floor is literally a pile of poop. The homeowners (SERIOUSLY THEY POOPED OUT SOMEONE ELSE'S HOUSE?!) are here to see the house for the first time in 2 years. I think they made a bad investment. They don't seem as mad as they should be. 
Gary the pussy comes back after the landlords return. Now he's flipping off the cameras, the therapist. What an a-hole. And now Gary is blaming the APL for his bunny problem and spitting on the ground. He thinks the APL discriminates against bunnies. Gary is throwing water at his wife. He's stormed off again. 

This episode is really stressful to watch. 

"Less bullshit more work." Gary the a-hole to the therapist. There are mice crawling all over the clean-up crew. It was so disgusting they started laughing about it? Gary is afraid of men so he bosses around any woman he comes in contact with. You truly are a piece of shit, Gary.

They thought they had all the rabbits out and a few just crawled out of the wall. 

I bet Gary INSISTED they include Kathy's name at the beginning of the segment. Sorry. It's not her, Gary. 

The landlord said if there's not improvement he'll have to start thinking about eviction. What's there to think about? Stop being so nice.


Anonymous said...

this is so funny

Anonymous said...

I watched most of this episode with my mouth covered by my turtleneck as if the excrement would somehow leak out of my tv and infect my home. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Omg. Tell me Hannah's toothless "family" wouldn't make for the best reality show of all time. I might buy the lot next door and put up some big ass metal stadium bleachers. And I'm guessing the local Walgreens isn't thriving from toothpaste sales. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I am originally from Vienna and want to attest to the fact that people like Hanna and her family are the exception and not the norm for even this rural community. Hanna obviously is suffering from some mental illness and we should keep that in mind but her family would be doing her and those poor animals a favor if they would only commit her to a phsyc. ward for a 72 hour observation while the state confiscates the animals still remaining on her property. I say this knowing that the majority of those animals would be euthanized humanely but that beats a slow death by illness and starvation.

Gary and his wife need to be evicted. This home is obviously unsafe due to the electrical issues plus I believe Gary will revert back to his old habits at his earliest opportunity just to show everyone, landlord included, that he can do what he wants. His wife would be much better off in public housing and if Gary isn't a sex-offender that's where he belongs also.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I am kinda wishing the dude had a different name. Let's just call him GREG, OK?
I am not a hoarder but I read this and I start vacuuming and scrubbing and drag those unwanted Christmas gifts down to the thrift store... GAWD.

Reverend Awesome said...

I truly think this was the grossest Hoarders yet. That's saying a lot because we had a hoarder with a poop slide down her stairs and another one with a 6 foot pile of her own feces. These were definitely the least likable Hoarders. I know it's a mental problem, but holy hell!

If you put up a stadium next door you'd have sell out crowds. Hanna's family could be modern day gladiators or at least like a human demolition derby.

Don't worry. I don't think all people in Vienna hoard. We've had hoarders in Iowa as well. They're infecting the entire nation!

Jyl said...

"Who ever heard of hoarding an animal?"
Well um... that show "Confessions: Animal Hoarding" did. She should find some friends there.

This episode really hurts me. I hate seeing any kind of animal in any pain.

I really wanna know what happened to the other 6 kids. And why she doesn't seem to even care!

Erin from Boston said...

this was by far the most stressful episide of hoarders ever. i was screaming LEAVE HIM KATHY! LEAVE HIM KATHY! at my tv like a crazy person for the whole hour.

Hanna is just a vile human being who did not deserve the honor of having matt paxton and tonya hoarding on her property. she's messed up and so are all 10 of her remaining redneck kids. the only one who sorta seemed normal was the daughter who initiated the clean up. the one with no teeth is hanna 20 years ago. i kinda wished the brother who looks like mickey rourke in the wrestler would just pop her in the mouth. all these people were way too nice to hanna.

gary is a piece of shit. you're a grown man gary who didn't have the time to build a bunny cage. lazy piece of shit. you know they sell rabbit cages, right gary? gary doesn't deserve a second chance. kathy does but she need to leave his ass first.

the mice running out of the walls was like a damn video game. gary could have used his jewel quest skills to round them up.

i could go on and on about this episode. man it was bad. next week looks like the icing on the hoarder cake.

Erin from Boston said...

when hanna drank out of the jar, i almost got sick on my living room rug. i don't think it was a mason jar. hanna doesn't have that much class. it looked like an unwashed old mayonnaise jar. that's more hanna's style. how she rolls.

Reverend Awesome said...

HAHA! You're right. She's not classy enough for a mason jar. I don't know what I was thinking. I wasn't deep enough into the hoarder psyche.

This episode was stressful!

Didn't Hanna say something like, "I was here before they were born and I'll be here after they die" about her kids. Or something like that. I didn't/don't get it. And who is having sex with her?! God. That's the biggest mystery of all.

Erin from Boston said...

omg i never thought of that. someone had sex with hanna a minimum of 16 times! mind boggling. clearly it was a dude/dudes with the lowest standards in the universe. wonder if any kids were conceived in the hoard. move over chickens and goats! hanna's getting lucky tonight! god, i just threw up in my mouth as i typed that.

Anonymous said...

Really all of you need to keep quiet im not proud of it but that is my aunt not all of us are like that and her kids died at birth

Anonymous said...

Okay..I seriously thought that was Bunny poop residue that Gary was scraping off his car window. Thanks for clarifying that.

Reverend Awesome said...

@anonymous the niece
People will talk about what's on TV and your aunt volunteered herself for the TV, it's the nature of the beast. As Matt Paxton keeps reminding us she has mental problems and people that abuse have suffered abuse. As regular Hoarder viewers we are all aware. Hopefully the cycle of abuse will end.

I would NEVER assume that everyone is like that. I'm happy to say that I believe most people are NOT like that.


There was bunny poop everywhere else so I could see why you were confused. It's weird I was trying to bunny poop deny. "Oh that sink is really dirty... That's not bunny poop it's just dirt...Oh. Yeah, that's bunny poop."

Melissa Miller said...

I still can't get over this one. I went to the A&E website to read more about what Tonya Hoarding & Matt had to say about still doesn't even begin to answer all the questions I have. The main one (?) I guess being....16 kids???? Ughhhh blech.

And do we really think that's the niece? Or a lovely internet troll? Intrigued nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Found the house with the bunnies:

Reverend Awesome said...

Holy hell. It was sold for $108,500 in 2003?!
Don't rent to Hoarders.

Fran said...

This was the most gruesome "Hoarders" episode I've seen. I could not believe it the first time, so I watched it again. Both times left me feeling very stressful. Hoarders truly is a wakeup call for all of us who hold on to unnecessary baggage in our lives and allow it to ruin our health. Thanks for the constant reminder to clean my house often.

Anonymous said...

best hoarders episode ever. EVER! These two needed the whole hour to themselves, this really should have been a special two hour episode.

Not much more to say about Gary, other than it would be entertaining to see the internet history on his sweet PC.

Hanna needs her own reality show. What happend to the six that didn't live?

Go Hanna!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or did anyone else hear "dueling banjos" everytime Hanna and her family were on?

As for who was getting it on with Hanna, it seems like she is around a circle of people who would know how to make VERY VERY VERY strong moonshine. I'm guessing that would account for all 16 conceptions.....

Reverend Awesome said...

I think Hanna and Gary should date. They could both just demean each other to their tiny hearts content.

Good call on the moonshine.

Anonymous said...

I don't give a flying fuck if Hanna's aunt or family are reading these comments or not. She is vile, retarded, disgraceful individual. She's bottom-feeder redneck with not one ounce of clue in her infected inbred brain of hers that what she is doing is beyond evil and disgusting. Her kids, except Linda, are inbred white trash at best who have no social class whatsoever.

Hanna's best fate would come by way of an F-5 tornado to come blow her house and her "farm" away for good.

Anonymous said...

This was truly one of the most disturbing episodes I've ever seen. They should have taken Hanna to a mental institution immediately, got the chickens out and just bulldozed the place. And Gary needs serious help, as well.

God, what messed up "people."

Anonymous said...

I don't know about anyone else but the whole entire episode I just wanted to hop into the television and punch Gary in the face! He blames everyone else for his problems because he couldn't possibly be the reason his house it a complete piece and infested with bunnies. As for Hanna, she just needs her ass thrown in jail and let the other inmates who is really in charge. I would have just taken all of the animals away from her junk pile she called a house whether she liked it or not! After watching this show last night with my mom she has no reason to get upset at my "messy" room

Anonymous said...

Laughing/feeling so nauseous right now.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
george said...

Many if not most of the people on Hoarders are nice people who just have issues. Hanna and Gary are not. They are complete garbage. They are subhuman. I can't imagine what sort of fate would even be bad enough for them to deserve it. I truly hope both of them step in front of a freight train.


Well when you make babies with your brother not all of them come out very good.


Omg!!! You made me pee myself! Her teeth the three that she had left were just jagged broken pieces. Hope whoever nailed her wasn't in French kissing or oral lol

Anonymous said...

Todd and Levana had to foreclose/sell to a bank the home in 2012 for $57k which means they lost half its value. It was then bought by some guy for $32k and he flipped it and sold it for $95k in 2015.

I wonder where Gary and Kathy ended up.

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