Monday, December 6, 2010

Hoarders: Welcome To The Dollhouse

Jim Upland, CA Jim is a retired construction worker. 
It sounds like he found out about making money on scrap metal and that's how the hoarding started. Now he takes his granddaughter dumpster diving. They played a game most kids play with their grandparents. I'm obviously talking about the "Lucky trash game." If there's anything that's still good you take it home! You have fun, bond and possibly find dinner at the same time.

They've just all been living at their grandma's house. So that means this dumpster diving granddaughter has to sleep in the bedroom with her two brothers.

Adrian is Jim's step-son. It sounds like Jim's not so nice to Adrian.

Cory Chalmers is the clean-up specialist. He had to break it to Tommy Chong that his house reeks of piss.

This cop seemed so proud of her foot high stack of records on Jim the hoarder.

Adrian had to be invited onto the property. Little boy longs for trash. His dad just hates him. His Dad is a pukebag for unknown reasons. I think he is probably just an asshole that doesn't like Adrian because he's not his son. When are we going to finally hear about this damn incident that Adrian was involved in?! Oh he got drunk and there are lies about a 90 year old woman and swearing. I don't get why people insist on being angry about things for a lifetime. Don't you ever feel like moving on from anything? Find a new thing to be angry about if that's what you need.

POSSUM REMAINS! I bet the Possum Posse is freaking out. Yes. If you aren't already, Possum from Hoarders. Funny stuff.

Jim's acting all reasonable all the sudden. That's pretty weird. You were still a dick to your step-son and his Mom wasn't nice to him either. So, yeah. I don't know. Clean up for him that's fine but he's a jerk. Although it did seem A&E just dropped Adrian on set to create some drama.

Susan, 67 Retired in Rochester, New York

500 dolls on ebay for $50 dollars! Then that's when some clicking noises went off in her head and out her mouth and all hell broke loose. Her husband is 69 and I think they make a lot of jokes about it around the house.

Testicular cancer in the 80's and now he has a colostomy bag from another cancer.

Dolls are not right. I like dolls. I wanted dolls, but I'm scared of dolls. They're only scary at night. It seems like they could come to life and try to kill you, or steal your soul, or whatever other bad thing dolls might think of doing. They only way to stop them is by putting a blanket over their head at night.  Those thoughts may be brought to you by scary movies or just dolls being creepy.

When he got sick they had to cash out their 401K and stay in a hotel because they couldn't stay in their home because it is full of dolls and various other trash.

Looks like they just kind of hang out in the garage. That's where they have the least amount of dolls.

Oh it's Tonya Hoarding! Scott thinks they are going to have to address the fact that she looks soo much  like Tonya Harding on the show. She just needs to deal with it so we can all move on with our lives.

Her daughter's room can not even be seen because it's filled to the brim with dolls! She says that when her daughter was getting married and planning her wedding she was busy stocking up on bride dolls. 

Dolls make Susan feel safer. Open your eyes, Susan! Those bitches want to kill you while you sleep.

Matt Paxton steals America's heart once again. "How awful would it be to die under a pile of a 1000 dolls."

"That doll parade was disturbing, man. it was like a really cheap whorehouse. These things just paraded by." Matt Paxton is quote-a-rific and he knows it! He is all about tough love. He had to break it to Susan that the stuff on the Home Shopping Network is a bunch of crap. That's when you know Matt Paxton sold out, he's selling things on HSN. "No duh," Matt Paxton national treasure. Once again, Matt is making the Dr.'s job obsolete. He's got this.

Look at all those bride dolls!

The house is clean. It just looks like a regular house. Usually they don't actually end up looking like normal houses. They have concrete floors and gross carpet. Not doll lady. 


Gary's third pottery blog said...


Erin from Boston said...

I am legit in love with Matt Paxton. The doll parade whorehouse comment put me over the top in love with him.

Susan didn't want to do drugs or drink alcohol to fill the void in her life. She chose dolls. I'd rather have a raging heroin/coke/meth addiction and drink 4 bottles of absolut a day before i would spend my money on one of those creep ass dolls!

Even if i were a hoarding expert and had seen it all, i know i couldn't pick up possum remains and act like it's normal. or when the rat ran out from behind that thing in the garage, i would have packed it in and said see ya.

Reverend Awesome said...

I think Matt Paxton is aware he's being awesome and good for him! Be awesome, Matt. Just keep being that shining light amidst filth. America needs you. The whorehouse comment was amazing. Matt Paxton says what America is thinking.

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Like I mentioned before...when I was young and we went to Rosemary and Bob's house it took my breath away, literally. I felt like I was smothering the whole time we were there.
I remember when my Aunt had them over for dinner their son stole my Uncle's watch. Naturally, Rosemary and Bob were devastated and returned the watch. When they asked their son why he would do such a thing, his reply was.."I know I have a watch somewhere in the house but I still can't find it"! lol lol :) Somehow I feel his blatant excuse was real. lol :) They probably had at least 500 watches somewhere in the house.
Loved their dog; he was so confused all the time. They would feed him on a paper plate because he probably hadn't seen his dog dish in :) He always had this baffled face like "Just what the hell is it I am suppose to guard"??????? lol :)
As a kid though, secretly I have to admit it was like visiting another planet, and I was so amazed that I actually started to enjoy the mass chaos and confusion. It was just something I never experienced in my life. Both the daughter and son were so way screwed up from the lifestyle. That was sad!

Kacky said...

"These are the wedding crashers" ~ classic Matt Paxton!

Reverend Awesome said...

HAHA! Next episode he's on I'm just going to have to keep a "Matt Paxton Quote" section of the recap. These hoarders need to step up their game if they want to outshine Matt!

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